Science, technology, engineering, and math—we have options in every area for this STEM Spotlight! See the companies that bring these technical disciplines into your home through courses, products, and experiences. Animation, robotics, geology, and aviation are some of the subjects you can cover with what’s offered below. Read on and click through to learn more!

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Working toward math excellence, together.

If you’re homeschooling your children, think of us as your partner in their math education.

Mathnasium’s teaching approach is designed to help all students achieve math success. A customized learning plan details the specific concepts they need to meet their learning goals. As they develop their math skills, they also learn how to think critically, solve problems, and work independently—tools that last a lifetime. We’re here to make homeschooling easier for everyone!

We provide: 

  • A comprehensive assessment process that identifies each child’s strengths and skill gaps, allowing us to augment and support your family’s homeschool content
  • Highly skilled instructors who teach face-to-face in a fun and engaging learning environment
  • A learning center space that both individual families and homeschooling groups can take advantage of in the morning and early afternoon before school gets out 

Supplement your child’s education with Mathnasium. Contact us for a free assessment by visiting

Northwest Treasures

NorthwestTreasures_0324 image

When you study geology with Northwest Treasures, you are:

  • Building a solid Biblical worldview
  • Building a good understanding of science
  • Developing critical thinking

We know that geology may not be the first thing on your list of must-study subjects, but if you want to help build your family’s faith, then our geology courses are made just for you!

Study things like:

  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • National Parks
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fossils
  • Gems and Crystals
  • Ocean Geology
  • Earth History
  • Your State Geology
  • Fluorescence
  • Apologetics

But we also have

So get your geology groove on! And build your family’s faith!

Northwest Treasures, Geology

Here’s what people are saying:

“I received my kit and my son is thrilled! Thank you.” ~Kathy

“We were so happy to come across a Biblically based curriculum for geology! . . . It can be incredibly difficult to find educational courses in these areas that support our beliefs.”  ~Trish Burry

“Your knowledge is astounding! So thankful for all your hard work and leading in this amazing (Yellowstone) adventure!” ~R

“You have helped my daughter so much! I want her to be in all of your (online) classes! It is the highlight of her week!” ~Tanya S.

KinderLab Robotics

KinderLab_0324 image

Easily Introduce Robotics, Coding, and STEM Learning to Your Young Homeschooler!

Looking to add coding, robotics, and STEM to your homeschool curriculum without a big up-front investment? Meet KIBO! This hands-on (and screen-free!) playful robot offers a fun way to introduce STEM to young learners, while they explore, create, and discover.

 Why introduce coding and robotics in homeschool?

  • Ignite an interest in STEM learning
  • Bring lessons to life as kids create, design, and decorate their own robot
  • Engage young learners by integrating creativity with coding through arts and crafts


Begin your KIBO Adventure with the Three-Month KIBO Home Robotics Course!

Teaching coding and robotics is a breeze with the affordable rental program, which includes:

  • The screen-free, playful KIBO robot
  • Three-month curriculum to easily integrate STEM into your unit studies, allowing your young learners to tell stories, invent games, and explore their interests
  • Weekly support as you introduce coding, robotics, and engineering to young learners through emails with guidance, suggestions, and activity ideas

KIBO is easy for kids to learn—and easy for you to teach! Bring KIBO home today—!

Planehook Aviation Services

Planehook_0324 image

Hey, Mom and Dad! I have my pilot license!


To a pilot, the sky is no limit—it’s just the beginning.


Aviation ground school is STEM education:


1. Technical Knowledge. Learning pilots cover aviation regulations, airspace, weather, risk analysis, and flight planning. These topics align with technology and engineering.


2. Mathematics and Science. Aviators must learn weight and balance, navigation, and performance calculations. These principles are essential for safe drone operations.


3. Problem-Solving Skills. Flying aircraft of any size requires critical thinking and problem-solving. Ground school learners analyze scenarios, make decisions, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations.


4. Safety and Ethics. Learning pilots consider the implications of responsible drone use, privacy, and the ethics of their actions or inactions.


Our Remote Pilot Ground School is a real ground school, not just videos. Now, don’t get us wrong. We use videos, too. It is a good way to support a self-paced learning program. But our 40-lesson program is much more than the passive activity of just watching videos. Our learning pilots have reading assignments, lesson-supporting activity sheets, lesson quizzes, learning unit quizzes, and a final exam.

When our learners complete the course, they are ready to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote Pilot General Airman’s Knowledge Test and earn their commercial Remote Pilot License.


Take the first step in becoming a professional aviator. Take our Part 107 course at

HUE Animation Studio

Hue_0324 image

HUE Animation Studio is an award-winning and Authenticated™ movie-making starter kit for children aged 7+.

The kit contains everything budding animators need to create stop motion movies like Dawn of the Nugget or Coraline.

What’s in the box?

  • A flexible HUE HD camera with an integrated microphone (available in red, green, blue or black)
  • A 64-page animation book with instructions, tips, and ideas
  • Super easy-to-use animation software for Windows and MacOS
  • Fold-out mini stage.

Curriculum-based activity guides, storyboards, backgrounds, tutorial videos, and music are all available from

Complete beginners can start animating in minutes to bring toys to life, create LEGO® brickfilms with lasers and explosions, reshape reality in claymation movies, capture flowers blooming with time-lapse photography, or make a paper cut-out animation of your favorite Bible stories. It’s perfect for introducing children to digital storytelling.

Recommended by child development expert Dr. Amanda Gummer, this fun, educational kit fosters creativity and twenty-first century skills, such as collaboration and critical thinking, while bringing hours of enjoyment to young film directors as they learn how to make movie magic in a homeschool environment.

The HUE Animation Studio helps build focus and passion to explore by encouraging independent learning and teaching new skills through play.

Perfect for homeschooling, class projects, and family fun. $69.95 from and Amazon.

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