June Newsletter 2017
   Stress Free Payroll Taxes
Advanced Bookkeeping Solutions provides a full range
of payroll services to 
keep your business
running smoothly throughout the year.

  No worries when managing your payroll tax responsibilities!

We take STRESS out of your business! 
Run Payroll
  • ​Payroll Runs – Weekly, Bi Weekly, Bi Monthly, or Monthly
  • Print checks for payroll and/or use our direct deposit feature 
  • No direct deposit fees! 
  • Print out your payroll summary and use it to book entries into your accounting software
  • ​​Time Sheet Entry and Tracking
  • Telephone Support as Needed

Payroll Tax Preparation
  • Pay Federal taxes through EFTPS.gov (secure government database) 
  • Pay  State Withholding taxes 
  • No more tax penalties for late filing! 
  • Record of all your payments in a secure location​
  • Payroll Tax Returns processed timely and accurately
  • Telephone Support as Needed

File Payroll Forms
  • ​File Form 941 – Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return 
  • File DR – 1094 – Monthly/Quarterly W2 State Withholding Return 
  • File UITR-1 – Employer’s Quarterly State Unemployment Return 
  • File W2/W3 – Annual Tax forms 
  • File 940 – Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return 

Having trouble keeping up with
Payroll Tax Filing?  
Get help now!​

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