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December/January 18/19

As we wrap up the Holidays and ease into the New Year we reflect on who we were this last year and plan for who we intend to be in the New Year. There is so much enthusiasm to seize opportunities for reinvention, prompted by the new year. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the channels of possibilities in assisting and guiding our desired changes. Consider our PI-YO-CO bootcamp beginning Monday, January 7th to kickstart positive growth and improvement in your health!
Who takes care of, encourages and loves you? Who are you living and loving for? Who requires your care more than you do? Why should you care? You already know the answers to these questions, though you may be ignoring the importance of kindness and self-care.

Maila Rider is campaigning for self-care and would love for you to join her in creating your own self-improvement journey with her! There are only 8 spots available for this challenge which will begin Monday January 7th. Please call or text directly (970)231-2505.

Class Description : This bootcamp will have elements of Pilates, Yoga, Suspension and cardiovascular. Our goal is to feel good working our heart and lungs and moving our bodies with intention and efficiency. You will be challenged at your own working level.
COST: $495
*5 Pilates bootcamp classes offered a week
for up to 45 classes if all are attended in 2 months. Dietary suggestions and recipes in the Paleo way, self-care guidance and encouragement, and 3 guest speaking events on health and nutrition. This challenge is non-competitive but there will be achievement awards at the end.

Monday 11am
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday 8am
Thursday 4pm
Friday 6:30am
Private and semi-private sessions and packages
Single session- from $60/$30 to $65/$32.50
5 session package- from $275 to $300
10 session package- from $525 to $575
Senior/teacher/nurse equipment class package
will be changing from 10 sessions for $150 to $160
Meet PI-YO-CO's
new intern
Rebecca Tatman
In 1997, I graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelors of science in human nutrition. I went on to get my high school teaching license and, after a short stint teaching high school in Fort Collins, I left teaching to raise my two wonderful kids.

When I first began Pilates, I was drawn to the mind-body connection, uniformly developing the body, and engaging often neglected muscles. Some years later, I committed stronger to the Pilates method for my own personal wellness and to avoid injuries I experienced from playing tennis and HIIT workouts. I love that Pilates is for all bodies and all abilities!

My Pilates training is through the Pilates Sports Center under the direction of the fabulous Lee Cooper. I am now thrilled with the opportunity to work with Maila Rider at The Pilates Yoga Company. I have always had a fascination with the ability to create health and wellness within our own bodies. When we move better, we feel better, and we live better!

Our intern taught classes will be offered at a reduced rate. Intern taught
Pilates equipment classes- $15 per class
Pilates mat classes- $8 per class
Private/semi-private sessions- $40/$20


Monday's 5:30-6:30pm
Saturday's 7:30-8:30am


Wednesday's 5:30-6:30pm
Saturday's 8:30-9:30pm
Your body is your gift,
move and fuel it kindly!
We didn't ask for these bodies we call ours. Yet, here we are, sensing, feeling, thinking, moving. Gifts are given to be opened, and well used. Received as a gift, we can orient ourselves towards our bodies with appreciation, even if the gift is not "exactly what you wanted!" There seems always to be something a bit "off" with them, right?! Demanding "perfection" of an ever-changing form is an imposition our bodies resist in every way, at every life stage. And this gift, your body, has been selected for you with astonishing specificity, one among billions, just for you! Acceptance may be the more gracious strategy with which to open up, fully enjoy, and share the gift at hand. -Gil Headly
We are so grateful for your business and your commitment to your better health. This New Year we plan to change our point of contact on the website to telephone only. If your submissions got misplaced or overlooked, we are so sorry and appreciate your understanding, feedback and reviews. Message recovery was challenged by all the submissions coming through in the same format as our appointment confirmations and purchases. You will now be directed to call or text the studio as the best source of communication! Cheers, to a Happy and healthy New Year!!!


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