March 29, 2020

#SupportNonprofits Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness and Support for Frontline Heroes During Coronavirus Pandemic
We know all too well about the struggles nonprofits face in responding to COVID-19.  Human services and healthcare nonprofits are on the front lines delivering in-person services and supports to vulnerable populations; cultural and youth serving nonprofits are restructuring to provide educational and entertaining programming direct to people's homes; business and membership nonprofits are working in overdrive to support their businesses and members; and so much more.

We are also keenly aware that today's challenges will be followed by funding shortfall. Foundations, corporations and governments are starting to step up, but regular people can also help.  

That's why - MONDAY MORNING - we are launching the #SupportNonprofits campaign to encourage everyone to do what they can to help ensure our amazing nonprofit sector gets through this crisis.  Together, we can help.

#SupportNonprofits NOW!

Anat Gerstein, Inc., which specializes in promoting nonprofits, today launched the  #SupportNonprofits campaign to aid those that are struggling to survive amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The campaign is designed to encourage contributions to nonprofits during the pandemic crisis. Individuals are urged to provide financial gifts, donate goods (such as food to pantries), or volunteer with their local nonprofits or those whose missions they support.
"Nonprofits and their employees are on the front lines of helping respond to the pandemic, keep people safe and secure, and provide relief through the crisis. They are working in overdrive to fulfill their missions under increasingly stressful conditions. This campaign is designed to show support for all that nonprofits do for us -- our families, neighbors, communities, and society," said Anat Gerstein, Founder and President of Anat Gerstein, Inc.
Information about the campaign can be found at 
And you can also keep up with the campaign  on  Anat Gerstein, Inc.'s social media platforms:   FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn Tumblr
In the weeks ahead, the campaign will feature stories about nonprofits, reminders to support nonprofits, and posts about ways to support them, including how to:
      Make a financial donation. No amount is too small or too big!
      Donate supplies, such as food, to pantries.
      Volunteer by checking on isolated seniors.
During this uncertain time, many youth-serving, health and wellness, cultural, and other organizations have shifted their operations to provide emotionally uplifting, entertaining, or enriching online content for people stuck at home.
Human services nonprofits, which are often inconspicuous to the general public, are continuing to provide services. These organizations serve people who are homeless or hungry; children in foster care; low-income people with chronic illnesses or serious mental health concerns; and the poor who struggle to access benefits, job training, and more. They are now working on the front lines to protect people from the impacts of the pandemic. Employees of these nonprofits are considered essential personnel  and are expected to go to work to provide services to individuals and families.
"The unfolding fiscal crisis is likely to have a huge negative impact on nonprofits," Anat Gerstein said. "Organizations are likely to face substantial funding cuts and many have already cancelled their spring gala fundraisers. Government support, which many nonprofits rely on, will be stretched thin. The economic repercussions likely will impact support from foundations, corporations, and individual donors that make up other sources of nonprofit funding. For many organizations, these funding losses will come at a time when the demand for their services grows."
"The #SupportNonprofits campaign aims to remind everyone of the important work nonprofits do, not only in times of crisis but every day, and to encourage people to support their favorite nonprofit, local organization, or cause that is close to their hearts," she said.