June 17, 2016 |

In just over two weeks, U.S. Law Shield will begin offering special events called "Surviving an Active Shooter Encounter." These events will begin in Texas and Florida, then expand to other states. Click the photo to see the dates and details, and be sure to let us know if you want this programming made available in your state.
In the accompanying video, U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles discusses state law when it comes to aggressive dogs and firearms. Click the dog to watch Mr. Robles' presentation or read the transcript of his remarks:
A loophole in the state's handgun licensing law that allows Oklahoma residents to bypass more rigorous training and handgun proficiency tests has been blessed by Attorney General Scott Pruitt. Click his photo to read more.  
U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma has a selection of Gun Law Seminars and Workshops scheduled across the state this month. Click to find an event near you.  
Gun-control groups and the media are using the Orlando shootings to demonize AR-15 rifles and other items they deem too scary to be owned by the common citizen. Michele Byington, an attorney at the law firm of Walker & Byington and a Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney, points out where they are wrong.
In Katie Couric's debunked documentary "Under the Gun," some folks have questioned how the firearms transactions were conducted. But were laws broken? Click the photo to get an independent legal analysis of the issues:
The 3rd Circuit has just issued a decision upholding the exclusion of certain weapons from the protection of the Second Amendment. Attorney Edwin Walker analyzes what this decision means:
Does a recent West Coast Court of Appeals ruling that citizens do not have the right to carry a concealed firearm outside the home affect the average gun owner elsewhere? We asked three Independent Program Attorneys in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma to give us a range of analysis about what the ruling means for broader 2nd Amendment rights. 
How could a law-enforcement officer mistake a handgun for a Taser and accidentally shoot and kill someone? Here are some factors to consider for both officers and the public.