Volume 7; Issue: #9 6/8/17
Equine News
Taking the Reins
Training Luna
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Cari Swanson specializes in teaching children, adults and actors (who need to look like experts). 

Cari riding with Suzanne-Claire Guard in Sienna, Italy 
Cari is available for select clinics in your areaclick here for details.

¬©Header Photo of  Alarik owned by Caraleigh Wilson at Windrock Farm by Cari Swanson 
Talented Andalusian
Offered For Sale

Stunning Young Andalusian Gelding

    Find your special horse for Dressage, Eventing, Jumping or Trail Riding.  Cari will help fine the perfect match for your ability and talents.
¬©Header Photo of  Cari competing with Mashantum at Millbrook Horse Trials 
Quarter Horse Gelding
Offered For Sale

2003 Gelding 
Perfect Trail Horse
Kind, easy, safe to ride

    Find your special horse for Dressage, Eventing, Jumping or Trail Riding.  Cari will help find the perfect match for your ability and talents.

Horses in Fashion by Donna Demari

Swanson Productions is in high demand to provide horses for commercials, videos (click here for Ralph Lauren windows), magazines (click here for Gigi Hadid fashion shoot), music videos, and film. (click here for The Knick).  Luna is a Hanoverian filly  (2016) bred by Don Kapper and  thus far trained in liberty.   She is a natural on set for film, TV and commercials.   Contact Cari Swanson to book Luna for your next production.  Photo by Donna Demari.

Equine Essential Oils 101
Free Seminar at Windrock Farm  
Thursday June 15

Develop a Connection in Mind, Body and Spirit with Your Horse 

Order Anti Tick Oil for yourself, horse and dog

 J oin us for the next session    
Thursday afternoon, 
 June 15, 4:00-6:00pm 
 at Windrock Farm. 
Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. Learn how lavender, peppermint, lemon, frankincense tea tree oil, and others oils can fight infection, calm anxiety and balance the immune system.  

Did you know that rubbing the oils on the bottom of your feet affects all of the body's systems?  This includes the  endocrine, circulatory,  respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, immune, skeletal, muscular, reproductive and integumentary (I had to look this one up! This is the organ system that protects the body from various kinds of damage, such as loss of water or abrasion from the outside.  The system comprises the skin, hair, scales, feathers, hooves and nails.)

 to reserve your space  a nd learn how to make a natural fly spray and numerous healing ointments. 

"This comment is a bit overdue, but needs to be said: 
What a great time it was!!!wonderful group of people, Cari's amazing horses, lots of valuable information. AND....Cari was the ultimate gracious host....bringing out tray after tray of succulent min
t juleps and sumptuous food...all seemingly effortlessly... while we lounged in her charmingly comfortable living room, surrounded by delightful dogs while watching the Derby! It does not get much better that that. My personal highlight: Frejya, an Icelandic Sheepdog,  entrusted me with her beloved stuffed hedgehog!!!"

"You never know what Cari will teach us!  Another fun seminar learning the benefits of Lavender  and other oils.  The highlight was  meeting the adorable 3 week old Icelandic chickens in the basement!"

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Did You Know Moose Owned by Ashley Waller Plays in a Rock Band?

Palomino Stallion In a Rock Band Real Estate
Palomino Stallion In The Rock Band "Real Estate"

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Luna's fan club is growing!   Follow her on Like us on Facebook for the latest news on her adventures and for training tips.   Luna is on set with me playing on a back drop at liberty for the amazing photographer Donna Demari.  We took a break to reward her for her natural performance and ease in front of the camera.
True connection is harmony between you and your horse in mind, body and spirit.

Cari Swanson
Windrock Farm
Millbrook, New York

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photo credit Donna Demari taken on set at Windrock Farm