Daily Update for Monday May 18
Reflection Questions for the Week
By Kyle Smethurst

Acts 2:42-47 paints a superb portrait of the Christian church at its best. It's powered and expanded by the Holy Spirit and its members are wholeheartedly devoted to one another and the spiritual habits of the community. What were some of the those habits? Together they were committed to meeting, learning, giving, praying and eating.

Here are some questions for us to consider this week:

1. Do we view the Holy Spirit as being necessary to the life of our community? If so, how does that impact the way we pray?

2. Do we think of our church primarily as a institution, a club, an activity, or perhaps, a family? If we think of ourselves as a family of believers, is that perspective accurately reflected in our actions? How does a family behave at its best?

3. What does it look like to be devoted not only to one another, but to the practices of our community? As you survey your own life and the life of your family, how are you regularly meeting, learning, giving, praying and eating together with our community?

4. And as we consider renewing our vision for the future of community life, what is God is saying to you? How should we re-arrange our priorities to fit His vision, rather than our own?
Quick Links
TCC Remains Open On-line Only This Week
Governor Baker released guidelines for the State's reopening plan today. Houses of Worship are included in Phase One of the plan, but with specific rules and procedures to be put in place. (See check list here) Please be assured that TCC will follow all safety procedures and guidelines. 

TCC will not be making any changes or opening the building this week; the leadership and Facilities Staff need time to discuss and implement the changes.
Celebrating Our Graduates
Please notify the office with the name of your graduate’s high school or college. Please include the name of the school and, if applicable, the degree earned or future plans. Our graduates will be recognized and honored in a future worship service.

508-358-7717 | office@tccwayland.org