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"You will never demonstrate [abundance] until behind your mental attitude is the belief that you have received before you have received that thing which is sought".


"Clear out all the suggestion of limitation, and the belief in poverty and lack, and the belief that "I have to work for a living". These things hypnotize people and bind them. The whole thing is impersonal... Don't acknowledge bondage. If you meet a successful man, you will find that this man has a consciousness of success. He never talks about poverty and limitation. If you meet a man who is not a success, he is always talking about failure. Don't let people talk to you about failure. If a man wants to be sick and poverty stricken, that's his own business."


- Ernest Holmes, was an American writer and spiritual teacher.

My name is Mastin Kipp & I am the Founder of The Daily Love.
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Mastin Kipp

"I am who I am, that is that. I am who I am thank God, I am". - Guru Singh

Nobody can "make you feel" anything. What you feel about life and the people and situations of your life are the perceptions, decisions and interpretations that YOU BRING to life.

Now, as a child, we don't know this. And so we grow up and assume that mom, dad, brother, sister, bully, world, government, boss, etc. have control over our thoughts and feelings. We are not taught that we are outsourcing our power. And then we step into blame and lose even more power.

Our thoughts and emotions are an internal thing. Nothing "out there" can make you feel something "in here" without your consent.

So, when it comes to people who we say have "made us" feel a certain way, it's time to stop saying that, feeling that and believing that. Right now, in this moment, it's time to take our power back.

Whoever used to "make you feel" a certain way, their days in your head and controlling your emotions are over. Let's stop and see what decisions we made in the past about how we would let other people effect us. Let us talk to that younger version of ourselves and tell our younger self that we love it, and that we are now in control. Let us apply an empowering meaning to the past and take back our power. Let us recognize how we have decided to outsource our power and blame others. Let us take back the blame of others and take responsibility for our actions. Let us forgive ourselves for doing so and then forgive everyone else for their role in the trauma of our past.

They didn't do anything "to us". They have simply acted and we have applied a meaning to their actions. We do not need to make extreme cases of abuse and violence right... That is not what I am saying. 

What I am saying is that what happened, happened and it's time for a new meaning, so we can be free. If we let the traumas of our past dictate how we feel now, then they are still winning. No more. Let's let go. Let's take our power back, let's forgive ourselves, them and move on to living the joyful, abundant and beautiful life The Uni-verse has in store for us.

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I celebrate admitting when I'm wrong for I come one step closer to Love.
I focus on being Love, not making other people wrong.
I am always learning and getting better.

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