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Shopping Guide ~ December Edition
Merry Skyer
Merry Skyer is a ceramic artist specializing in functional, whimsical pieces inspired by the animal kingdom. She uses her artwork to make joyful spaces and smiling faces for fellow animal lovers. Her favorite projects of late included llama pots and rainbow chicken mugs!

Merry is also the Founder of Backyard Chicken Project, a place for people to master the area of loving chickens, together. She encourages self-sufficiency and animal advocacy, by teaching the art of keeping backyard chickens, as pets with benefits.

You can find more of her story and products at any of the following places!


Sam's Crafty Creations
My name is Samantha and I am just starting my homesteading journey with my husband on newly purchased land in my home state of Kentucky. My family has been farming in Kentucky for generations and a love of horses is something we all share. I’ve been riding and caring for our horses since I was two years old and hope to one day teach riding lessons on our land.

My dream goal for our homesteading journey is also raising alpacas and processing their wool to use for my crochet in my shop, Sam’s Crafty Creations, where I sell handmade, traditional crochet items, as well as custom sewing. My farmhouse coasters are handmade with cream-colored, 100% USA cotton yarn. They add a cozy touch to any farmhouse or cottage decor.

Visit my Etsy shop for other traditional crochet treasures!

Mitten State Sheep & Wool
Welcome~to Mitten State Sheep & Wool! We are a small family fiber farm and woolen mill in Southern Michigan. 

I knew that I wanted to raise sheep, even before we bought the farm 20 years ago! We had our first four ewes before we even owned the farm for a year. When you have sheep, you have wool. I have learned to love the wool aspects of raising sheep. It is an amazing fiber!

My husband is a machinist/engineer by trade, so it was no surprise when he decided to purchase some antique wool processing equipment in order to process our own wool ~ right here on the farm. It was a dream of ours for many years before it became a reality. His hard work has paid off and the mill is up and running!

We now create products direct-from-our-farm like wool fleeces, wool roving and dryer balls. Have you ever tried using dryer balls? They are sustainable, environmentally friendly and simply last forever with proper care. Visit our Etsy shop to try them out!

Twisted Acres Farm
Lola and Stephen Carter own Twisted Acres Farm, a 45 acre dairy goat farm located in Bristow, Oklahoma. We bought the farm to help Stephen with his PTSD after two years of combat in Afghanistan. We got a couple goats and they became our main focus. Our herd has grown tremendously! Because we were successful in turning their milk into delicious caramel candies, we wanted to help other veterans be successful in their ventures, too. So we started a co-op where we sell their products at farmers markets and craft fairs. We are also online where we help market their items and spread awareness of their products.

Our caramel is hand crafted, in small batches currently in our home kitchen. For 2020, we have secured a commercial kitchen so that we can expand our operations and even offer other products. Help us celebrate all veterans by visiting our website!!!

~ Farm Girl Wisdom ~
Local Flowers ~ Simple Acre Farm
The holiday season can be very hectic and stressful for most of us. One thing I try to do is be very intentional about having set family time with no distractions. Inevitably, our time usually involves crafting together or spending time in the flower field. One of my favorite traditions passed down from my mother is to create wreaths and garlands. I enjoy doing this using items we've foraged on our property. It makes beautiful decor as well as fosters a sense of creativity and appreciation of nature for my littles. You don't need to have a flower farm (although it helps) to make a statement piece of your own. In fact, my favorite Christmas wreath from this year is made with a base of cedar boughs.

In Oklahoma cedar trees are everywhere and make for beautiful, long lasting winter decor (just be sure to wear gloves when harvesting). We then added pinecones, red berry branches, and boxwood branches for more color and texture. We also like to dry celosia and gomphrena in the summer for adding to everlasting wreaths that we sell in the winter. Once you've collected your items, head to your local craft store for a wire wreath form and floral wire. Now you're ready to assemble your own holiday wreath making both beautiful memories and a lovely front door masterpiece. 

Hungry Goats ~ Timber Creek Farm
This is the time of year to ask can goats eat Christmas trees? Many of us will have spent hard earned dollars, purchasing a fresh cut tree from a local tree lot. After the tinsel and ornaments have been removed, using the tree as a food option in the barnyard can add value to the money spent on a fresh cut tree. So can goats eat Christmas trees? What about sheep, cattle, and even the chickens?

Valentine's Day ~ Leaping Lamb Farm
Come for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend at Leaping Lamb Farm! Book either our Cottage or Farmhouse lodgings (both are private and rented to only one party at a time) and receive a romantic gift basket with wine, candles, and something sweet to share with your sweetie!

Leaping Lamb Farm is located in a quiet creek valley of the Coast Range in Alsea, Oregon. Our small family farm was originally homesteaded in 1862. We raise and sell lambs, have a large garden, greenhouses, orchards, chickens for eggs, and lots of other animals around the farm - including Paco, a very affectionate donkey! We offer a retreat from city life with country quiet, trails for hiking, and the gentle Honey Grove Creek running through the property. We are happy to have guests participate with us in our morning and evening farm chores, but staying cozy inside is perfectly okay too!

Place the sausage on a baking pan and roast in the oven for 25-30 minutes, shaking pan occasionally, until the sausage brown and are fully cooked. Remove from the oven, cool, and cut into ¼” thick slices.  Preheat a large pan over high heat and add the olive oil, Swiss chard, and garlic. Season well with salt and pepper and cook quickly while tossing until it has wilted down, approx. 2 minutes. Remove from the heat, cool, and squeeze any liquid from the chard.

Yield: One 9” deep-dish or 10” tart
(about 8 servings)

Single-crust prepared pie dough (see next page for recipe & method)
4 sweet Italian sausage
3 Tbl. extra-virgin olive oil
1 large bunch...
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