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We’re treating our monthly newsletter to a make-over — the full spa package! The new year is the perfect time to take a fresh look at things! 
You will at least look at  Cuba  differently after you read how three of our TTNers traveled there recently. And if you think a real make-over means a face-lift, tell us what you think after reading this month’s “Opinions Please”
Speaking of appearances , don’t miss our full workshop on that​ very ​ topic. And making its debut, our new “Highly Recommended” column with suggestions from a few of our savvy special interest groups. Enjoy​ & Happy New Year​! 
   MaryLou Floyd,
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three travel mates visit an island that assaults the senses
Phyllis Meissel, 9 Year Member

Months in the planning, people in and out of the group, lots of discussions and then agreeing on how we’d like to travel – budget, must haves, energy level, interests, etc. – first deciding on our specific ideas and locations and then looking for an agency to cover the logistics, three well-traveled women who never traveled together, government warnings under a new POTUS, mysterious audio attacks on the U.S. Embassy, and other uncertainties More

opinions please...
to plastic surgery or not? 
Nancy Gold, 4 year Member

Can we talk honestly here? Some of the women in our group “do” plastic surgery on a regular basis. Others are on the fence, making a decision if they really want to alter their appearance. Please offer your anonymous advice... More 
responses: things you would say to the younger generation
Nancy Gold, 4 year Member

The responses are in from the November 2017 article! Women responded as they thought about their lives, their daughters, nieces, granddaughters. The wisdom out there has been encapsulated in... More
want to make your voice heard?
 TTN-NYC Marketing & Communication Committee
As women of the TTN generation, we became experts at navigating through a rapidly changing world --- from “The Feminist Mystique” to anti-war protests to the recent Women's March. We have a unique perspective on .... More
in case you missed it!
Some of TTN’s recent Holiday events
Sally Dougan, 15 year Member

Holiday Shopping Party – Nov 27,
This merry annual event was as festive and fun as ever, offering reasonably priced jewelry, accessories, scarves and more for gift-giving (and ourselves!) A wonderful opportunity .... More
“Highly Recommended”
Ellen Freed, TTN 2 Years

 Suggestions from TTNers for educational, cultural, and culinary experiences
In this new Newsletter feature, specific SIG member groups will share their endorsements of worthy restaurants, books, films, theater, opera, and dance etc. Also included will be links to interesting and relevant articles from NYCityWoman and other noteworthy sources. 

ARTICLE: “The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg”, by Suzanne Charlé
As the Supreme Court considers some of the decade’s most controversial cases, Justice Ginsburg Read More

BOOK: Sisters in Law
by Linda Hirshman
How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World ... Read More
The Biography and Memoir Group

RESTAURANT: Tao (Asian Fusion)
42 East 58 th St. (between Madison & Park)
24 for food in Zagat; has a great fixed price three-course lunch for $31.50
Let’s Lunch

PLAY: “Once on This Island”
Fable about an island girl from a poor family who falls in love with a rich boy; excellent Broadway musical revival
Circle in the Square Theater  235 West 50th Street (listed frequently at TKTS)
Culture Mavens

the year of self-worth

Start out the New Year with a conversation about appearance and how we’ve come to confuse what we look like with our self-worth, disentangling our value from our appearance... More
our annual holiday luncheon kicks off 2018

Join us for our Annual Holiday Luncheon-in January this year! Added plus: lively musical entertainment -- experienced and fun singer with keyboard accompaniment. More

a warm welcome to our new members

Ellen Berger, Rosanne Braun, Karen Feld,
Linda Herman, Ronnie Jacobs, Roni Kersey,
Mary McCaffrey, Anat Ofer