March 2022
Take Action for Trans Youth
"As parents, we have an instinctual response to protect our children. Our children are thriving because they are loved and affirmed. In this moment, it is our duty to channel that same instinctual response to protect all transgender children."

Moments That Inspire

Inclusion is a Journey, Not a Destination
Surbhi Srivastava, Sr. Talent Services Partner at ServiceNow, talks about the importance of companies prioritizing inclusion as a foundational piece in every aspect of their work. It's time to stop viewing inclusion as a hopeful destination, but rather, an evolving journey with challenges, shifts, and ultimately, successes.

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Southern States Forum: Bridging the Gap
Join Out & Equal on Thursday, March 10th for the first Southern States Forum of 2022 - Bridging the Gap in the Southern States: Inclusive Policies and Workplace Cultures. The forum will bring together LGBTQ+ and ally professionals to start the conversation around ensuring that their company's workplace culture goes hand-in-hand with their policies.
APAC Forum: Bridging the Gap
Out & Equal is hosting the first installment of the Global Forum Series: Bridging the Gap in APAC: Inclusive Policies and Workplace Culture on Tuesday, March 15th. The forum will equip attendees with a stronger understanding of the relationship between a company's inclusive policies and culture and they will be better prepared in taking steps to close potential gaps.
LATAM Forum: Bridging the Gap
You don't want to miss the first LATAM Forum of the year - Bridging the Gap in Latin America: Inclusive Policies and Workplace Culture on Thursday, March 17th. Join hundreds of LGBTQ+ and ally professionals who are looking to explore the interconnection between their company's policies and cultures and identify next steps in creating more inclusive workplaces.
Trans and Nonbinary Career Accelerator Network Series
Out & Equal is launching a closed networking and professional development series for transgender and/or nonbinary leaders facilitated by Zander Keig, an experienced coach and personal growth facilitator. The series will convene leaders from partner organizations to explore identity disclosure, resource group engagement, internal HR policies vs practices, interest in being “out” at work, and more. Join us for the kick-off meeting, scheduled for March 17th 3:00 - 4:30pm ET.
SAVE THE DATE! 2022 Workplace Summit
Save the date! The 2022 Workplace Summit will be October 17th-20th in Las Vegas! Stay tuned for registration details, key dates, and more information in the coming months!
2022 Executive Forum
Out & Equal is excited to host the annual 2022 Executive Forum (ExFo) March 29th-31st in San Francisco. ExFo brings together global LGBTQ+ and ally senior executives and individual leaders from multi-national corporations and federal agencies for professional development, networking, and peer-to-peer learning.

Toolkits & Guides

Global Toolkit for Change: Assessing LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Your Workplace
Even though there has been significant progress within the business community, forging the path to greater LGBTQI+ inclusion requires a multidimensional route that is often more challenging to navigate. Out & Equal is proud to release this self-evaluation guide on LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion in an attempt to move beyond checklists and evolve to flexible tools of individual empowerment and organizational change, supporting employers to identify gaps between policy and culture.

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