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EDITION: March 2, 2022

Take Your Damn PTO!

Paid Time Off, or paid vacation, is the most requested benefit by employees and candidates. The average business now provides 15 paid days off for 1st year employees.

So how come no one is taking PTO, and – how do you get employees to take that time?

Eric offers his thoughts in his latest blog.

Getting Employees To Take Their (Damn) Time Off

Title Creep

The old saw about every employee at a bank is a Vice President? Well, old saws start with a kernel of truth.

It’s especially pervasive today in HR. Be careful when you’re looking at hiring an HR professional. DON’T look at the title – we recently saw a resume from a Vice President of Human Resources. Upon further investigation, she was VP of HR at… a retail store with 7 employees.

Instead of title, look (and ask about) certifications, skills, knowledge – anything but job title.

In this quick video (1:18), Eric discusses what he sees as a big scam in hiring today.

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Introducing SymmetryHIRETM

Do you have the time to properly recruit, interview, hire, update your careers page and hire? Not a lot of businesses do.

So, we’ve created SymmetryHIRE to support your recruiting and hiring function. We’re not headhunters. Instead, we’ve developed a unique process that takes the mundane parts of posting jobs, reviewing resumes, and screening applicants.

All at a fraction of the cost of that headhunter.

Find out more about how SymmetryHIRE can help you save time, money and stress.

After all, hiring is the most important thing any leader can do.

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