January 14, 2020

I am giving you the gift of time! There will be no Learn to Earn tonight. We'll meet again at our normal time next week on January 21.

A BIG thank you to everybody who participated in last night's LIVE event with Linda . We had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people! If you were one of our many viewers, I have an important "assignment" for you.

I want you to take your gift of time tonight and spend that time starting conversations with the people you personally invited to the Facebook event.

Remember, following up is about holding conversations, leading to the point where you ask if they would enjoy trying L'BRI products, hosting a get-together or earning an income with L'BRI.
If you missed last night's LIVE event, I have an "assignment" for you too!

I strongly encourage you to set aside some time to watch it , check out the comments and see what people are talking about.
Then, use that as a starting point for your conversations so you can connect with people who want to try the product, host a Show or start the New Year as a new Consultant!

Plus, anybody can benefit from Linda's insight on skin care, or take advantage of the incredible offer we extended during the event.
You have the gift of time to use any way you desire. Embrace the New Year and take a giant leap in the direction of a New You!

I can't wait to hear more success stories soon!