Where Should You Contact Your Customers Right Now?
Hey there,

I spent Sunday night recording a couple of webinars for this week. One of them discussing how to market during COVID-19 emphasized the importance of reaching out on your channels.

Here's a key point that we forget sometimes: Don't assume your customers know what you're doing - that you're open or closed, that you have revised your services or doing something new.

People are dealing with a lot. Nothing is simple, whether getting groceries, figuring out how to manage a team remotely, or taking care of their health. Assume your audience has a shorter attention span than usual - because they likely do.

So, make sure all of your channels are up to date:
  • Update your website.
  • Email your customers/stakeholders.
  • Post to social channels and pin those posts to the top of your feed if possible.
  • Update your details on your Google My Business profile and any other sites where you have a listing.
  • Think about hanging signage in your windows and around the store.

Make sure they know how they can support you. And if your work can be tied into helping your community, people are paying attention.
I'm Here to Help
All of Frizz Marketing's services are available on a virtual basis with video, screen share, and phone options. This includes:

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...and more.

I'm here to help and always willing to talk shop. If you need help determining what efforts can best be leveraged for your business, let's chat.
Have a good week!

Tracy Jensen