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  The mission and ministries of First Christian Church are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by being instruments of God’s unconditional love and grace for all people. We live and practice Jesus’ command to “love one another as you would love yourself.” We are a dynamic and diverse congregation and would like to invite you to become a part of our church family.
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Wednesday night Bible Study
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6-7:30 pm

By Rev. Donn Brammer

School is over but summer is a great time for us to try new things, to continue to learn. We can learn how to swim, how to square dance, how to play guitar, how to paint or learn a foreign language. Some years ago I heard about a woman in California named Florence Detler who decided she needed a new challenge so she went on Facebook. She was 101 years old!

Sometimes in school there is so much pressure to pass and succeed that we can lose our joy of learning. Summer is a great time for us to recover that. Do you remember how excited you felt when you learned to ride a bike or drive a car? There is an adventuresome quality that can both excite us and, if we are honest, also cause us a bit of fear. We are excited to go off the high dive, but we are also a little scared. One of my favorite lines from the movie, “Armageddon” is when the oil-rig crew is being strapped into the shuttle and Oscar says, “I’m 98% excited, 2% scared, or maybe I’m 98% scared and 2% excited.” Sometimes learning will involve both.

So many times we get tied up in fear, we worry about trying new things or learning new things because we worry about failure. We forget that failure is a part of life and fear is a part of growth. Fear and growth go together like peanut butter and jelly because the decision to grow means making a choice between risk and comfort. Wayne Gretzgy the Hall of Fame Hockey Player said, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ Now I’m not advocating taking your lifetime savings and playing the lottery, but I am saying as Christians, we are called to take risks. God doesn’t call us to be successful, God calls us to be faithful, and living a life of faith is always going to involve risk.

Most of us try to construct lives of comfort, convenience, and security to help us maintain an illusion that we are in control. But staying as we are, where we are, isn’t going to take us anywhere, isn’t going to help us grow or develop. Jesus calls us to follow, invites us on a path of discipleship and spiritual growth.

School may be over but the excitement of following Jesus never ends.

Everyone is welcome 
Come as you are, we a re a friendly bunch of loving Christians who invite you to worship with us!

Please stay a while after the service for a little snack and fellowship.

You're welcome here!!!

(Seventh Sunday of Easter)

*Acts 16:16-34 (Sermon Text: “Circumstances, Celebrations, and Conversions)
Psalm 97
Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21
John 17:20-26

*Acts 2:1-21 (Sermon Text: “Pentecost”)
Psalm 104:24-34, 35b
Romans 8:14-17
John 14:8-17, (25-27)
(Father’s Day)

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31
Psalm 8
Romans 5:1-5 (Sermon Text: “Suffering”)
John 16:12-15

1 Kings 19:1-4, (5-7), 8-15a (Sermon Text: “Running Scared”)
Psalms 42 and 43
Galatians 3:23-29
Luke 8:26-39

2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20
Galatians 5:1, 13-25
Luke 9:51-62 (Sermon Text: “Road Trip”)
*In the 7 week period following the celebration of Easter, the church uses this time to reflect on the impact of Jesus’ death and resurrection, so the first lesson Scripture Readings are from the Book of Acts, giving us a renewed sense of how Easter relates to the church’s mission, moving out into the world as faithful witnesses.


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Fellowship Table If you would like to host our Fellowship Table that we enjoy after the worship services on Sundays, please sign up on the sheet provided in the Fellowship Hall.

Gift Cards: Gift cards are still being sold for all kinds of occasions! You can buy some cards today or if you want a card we don’t have on hand (there are over 1,000 retailers to choose from), you can order the card today and it will be ready for you to pick up the next Sunday. See Ellen or Janice at the table and they will help you fill out forms and answer questions. Each card gives First Christian a certain percentage, but you get the full value! Thanks for your support!

Prayer Chain Warriors: We have a dedicated group of people who pray every day not only for the church and its ministries, but also for friends and families who are in need of healing, comfort, guidance, and strength. Members are notified through email and are given daily (sometimes more) updates and each week a Prayer List with all of our concerns are listed. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please give Donn your email address and let him know. Thank you.

Remember! Our Temple Bells Newsletter is now online. For those who do not have internet access a few printed copies are available in the foyer.

Change for Change: Put your loose change to good use! Bring it to church and place it in the
“Change for a Change” container located in the Narthex. This money will be used for the re-roofing and remodeling projects of the church.

C.R.O.S. (Christians Reaching Out to Society) Ministries: Thank you for your faithful contributions to the food pantry. Please remember food can be placed in the designated area in the Narthex. Many of you make good use of the BOGO (Buy One Get One free) offers. Thank you.

Van Drivers are needed for Sunday mornings to pick up worshipers at the Fountainview (next door to the Christian Manor) and the Christian Manor and take them back after worship. You do not need a special license, but you do need a driver’s license. Drivers serve 1 month at a time. Please see Donn if you can help with this ministry.


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from around the country and around the world gather every 2 years for what we call our General Assembly for worship, workshops, fellowship and fun! This Assembly’s theme is “Abide In Me” based on John 15:1-5, and will meet July 20-24, 2019 in Des Moines, IA. Registration is now open and if you are interested in attending please see Donn.


2019 Camp Forms Now Available!
For more information, visit: www.theretreatatsilversprings.org

God's Love Made Known

It has been an intense week across the Midwest with tornadoes, severe storms and subsequent flooding causing serious damage in many communities. Some Disciples congregations such as Community Christian in Jefferson City, MO sustained significant damage to their facilities. Other congregations are ministering to members who have lost their homes or been displaced. Week of Compassion has been working with these communities to support individuals and families who have been impacted by the storms.
In cases where Disciple buildings have been unharmed and their members have not sustained loss, they are stepping up to serve their neighbors in a variety of ways.
First Christian Church of Jefferson City, Missouri already had a food bank ministry on-site; but they knew that the needs would be even greater following the storm. “A number of people have been involved on the ground and helping in the affected areas, doing everything from clearing brush to feeding workers,” said elder and food pantry coordinator Cindy Leveron. “Today we had our food pantry open and we served about 115 families; a number of them had been affected by the tornado. I had put a call out to the congregation to come and support the pantry today, knowing that there would be a bigger crowd. We had a great response, you could tell that the people coming in knew that they were cared for.”
Other churches in Oklahoma such as FCC of Broken Arrow and FCC of Hominy have reached out to their neighbors in meaningful ways as well. And in El Reno, First Christian Church is helping families to find new apartments, as well as putting together beds and linens in the church to host families who have been displaced.
Still other congregations are reaching out to support first responders, who are working overtime to meet overwhelming demands.
In this weeks’ lectionary text, (John 17:23) Jesus prays that God will bind the disciples together in unity, “so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” As Disciples across the country answer the call to care for those in need, it is clear that God’s love is made known through the unity of these powerful partnerships. We are grateful for the ways our congregations offer a presence of strength, love and compassion in their local communities. With your support, Week of Compassion works with these congregations so that they may respond even more effectively and compassionately when needs arise.
We will share more updates as we continue to connect with local communities and assess the damage from more recent storms in Ohio and Indiana. In the meantime, we are mindful that covenant relationships have always been central to the identity of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. In that spirit, Week of Compassion remains committed to supporting a strong network of care and solidarity. Whether we combine our resources to support sister congregations or partner with ecumenical and interfaith counterparts, unity and partnership mean that our resources go even farther. When we work together, God’s love is made known in us.

Congratulations to Carlos Gomez who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. His wife Denise and daughter Gia, share in this great achievement.
Congratulations to Tyler Groelle who passed his BAR exam and also to his father Bob Groelle who (because he too is an attorney) was able to administer the Oath of Office at Tyler’s swearing in ceremony.
There are a tremendous amount of events happening this month, please click below to see our list of important dates and events

New Member
We welcome Beryl Hill who joined our congregation on Sunday, May 5.

Beryl address is 325 Executive Center Dr. Apt. D-301, WPB, FL 33401 .

her phone number is (561) 891-0259.
Stay in Touch with Rev. Cindy

Cinthia James
Calle Batalla de Salado 34
Esq izq 1 A
28045 Madrid Spain

Email her at 


 Text or call her on WhatsApp

and look for her soon on Facebook!

Disciples Women are on the move!!!
Working together as women of faith


By Candy Hansen

As a girl, nothing pleased me more than the latest Nancy Drew mystery novel. I admired her independent spirit, her sense of adventure, her cleverness. I still harbor a love for mysteries and puzzles. As I grew into adulthood, I shelved Nancy and followed the perceived path of the culture: kids, picket fence and eventual glide into comfortable retirement. Well, I kept the kids, have a picket fence, and thought I had left those other mindsets in the dust. Until circumstance showed me one remained: why was I surprised to find life offered no guaranteed ‘glides’?
This past year and a half has held the nail-biting process of selling my mother’s house and administering her estate; the sudden loss of a 24-year job and adjusting to another (blessing though this new opportunity has proven to be); a plethora of joys and sorrows, large and small. Then one day, it hit me. Instead of thinking, “why was this happening at this stage of my life,” I shifted to “why not”? Life is mercurial and to be fully met at any age – the key to peace: seeking to be at the center of God’s will. Our Fine Clay ladies’ group has assigned itself some homework over the summer. To prayerfully consider, and submit, two personally relevant discussion points. Come Fall, reminiscent of a raffle drawing, each meeting will center around a pulled point of discussion. Our hope is to be drawn closer, individually and as a group, to that center of God’s will. And personally to, perhaps, take Nancy down off that shelf!             
Every generation should surpass the last. My son and sons-in-law continue to make me proud of the fine men and fathers they have proven to be. My son was nine when I divorced. This year’s Mother’s Day card expressed the hope he would be as good a father to his little girl as the “mother/father” I had been to him. To all the fathers, father figures and father/mothers out there, a thought for the month: toss the baseball; read the bedtime story; embrace the mess and bake the cookies; be generous with the praise. Children will remember the gift of your time – it only takes a moment to make a moment. HAPPY ALL FATHERS DAY !!!  

Fine Clay / led by Candy Hansen
Meets 3rd Thursday at 6:30 pm in Fellowship Hall

Grace / led by Beth Gillespie - Meeting Times Vary

Sojourner Sisters / led by Claudia Schwenk and Norma Ann Chattin
Meets 2nd Thursday of the Month at 2:00 pm in Fellowship Hall

If you are interested in joining a Disciples Women Group, please contact any of the above group leaders or
DW President Gloria Hambright
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At times, we all could use someone walking along beside us, praying for us, supporting and encouraging us. We want to provide the opportunity for you to do just that! We would love for you to feel free to post your requests on the wall or if you feel more comfortable, you can keep your request confidential and our staff will pray for you.

 It is privilege for us to support one another during difficult times, and we want to thank those of you who are faithfully praying for others!

Remember to share those praises as well!

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17     Debby and Paul Horne
21     Teddi and Stacey Sofoul
25     Beth and Jim Gillespie
26     Kathy and Bob Groelle


17     Carol Capanna and Amy Young
22     Denise and Carolos Gomez

Note from the Scholarship Committee 
The Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the first series of scholarships given to members of our congregation who are pursuing educational goals beyond the high school diploma.
We are pleased that our church has made this possible and would like to thank those of you who have donated for your donations to the scholarship fund.
For those who would like to donate, please include your donation amount along with your weekly tithe and designate the amount on your check/envelope. As always, we support our congregation in love.

   Every Monday at First Christian Church 
( rooms 1-2)

7:00 pm- NA Courage to change group (open discussion)
8:30m - AA-Twelve & Twelve Group (closed discussion)


Be a movie Star!!!

As a part of our upcoming Facebook strategy to reach over 1,500 people , we will be accumulating video testimonials for sharing from members, visitors and from Donn and Cindy.

 Please let Stacey know if you would like to share you story of how Jesus has changed your life, what our Church means to you , or any other interesting and compelling story that you think would be helpful to others.

Go ahead, share your story...It just might change someones life!!
Be a Prayer Warrior
Every day a faithful group from our congregation pray for those who request and are in need of prayers