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  The mission and ministries of First Christian Church are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by being instruments of God’s unconditional love and grace for all people. We live and practice Jesus’ command to “love one another as you would love yourself.” We are a dynamic and diverse congregation and would like to invite you to become a part of our church family.
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By Rev. Donn Brammer

“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God, not because of works, lest any [one] should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9)
As we come into the season of Lent, let me share with you a personal confession. I have an over developed work ethic. Unfortunately we live in a culture that sometimes treats work as if it were a religion, which causes us to overvalue work. A lot of people think that working so hard is a good thing. It is not. It is not good. It is not healthy. And it is not what God wants. Working, yes. Overworking, no.
One of the dangers of an over developed work ethic is that it warps us. Not only is pride a danger, but we begin to think and act like everything depends on us. We can develop Messiah complexes, thinking that if we don’t do this, it won’t get done. The truth of the matter is God already sent a Savior, and we are not it. God does not need for us to save the world or even to save our neighbor. God is in the saving business; we are not. Do we honestly think if we don’t do something that God is going to panic or that the world is going to end?
Another danger of an excessive work ethic is it warps us into thinking we are loved for what we do instead of for who we are. We call ourselves children of God, and it is true. All of us are children of God. Now think about a baby. What do babies do? Eat, sleep, poop, cry (repeat many times). And yet their parents absolutely love them. These babies are not contributing to the household income, not helping mow the lawn, doing the dishes, or any other chores. And yet these babies are loved.
God loves us like we love babies. We don’t have to DO anything. Say it again and change the emphasis. WE don’t have to do anything. We don’t HAVE to do anything. See? Quit trying to earn what God has already given you.
I have tried to ‘work’ less and ‘play’ more and at the risk of making a terrible pun ‘I’m working hard and trying not to work so hard’ but I still have a long way to go. The key of course is remembering grace. I pray that you too may remember God loves you for who you are, not for what you do.


Everyone is welcome 
Come as you are, we a re a friendly bunch of loving Christians who invite you to worship with us!

Please stay a while after the service for a little snack and fellowship.

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Exodus 34:29-35
Psalm 99
2 Corinthians 3:12-4:3
Luke 9:28-36, 37-43a (Sermon Text: “Seeing Jesus”)
Deuteronomy 26:1-11
Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16
Romans 10:8b-13
Luke 4:1-13 (Sermon Text: “Temptations Are Not A Lack Of Faith”)
Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18 (Sermon Text: “Trusting In God”
Psalm 27
Philippians 3:17-4:1
Luke 13:31-35 or Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a) (which is a repeat from 2 weeks ago!)
Isaiah 55:1-9
Psalm 63:1-8
1 Corinthians 10:1-13
Luke 13:1-9 (Sermon Text: “Bearing Fruit”)
Joshua 5:9-12
Psalm 32
2 Corinthians 5:16-21
Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 (Sermon Text: “Letting God, Letting God”)

Fellowship Table If you would like to host our Fellowship Table that we enjoy after the worship services on Sundays, please sign up on the sheet provided in the Fellowship Hall.

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Prayer Chain Warriors: We have a dedicated group of people who pray every day not only for the church and its ministries, but also for friends and families who are in need of healing, comfort, guidance, and strength. Members are notified through email and are given daily (sometimes more) updates and each week a Prayer List with all of our concerns are listed. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please give Donn your email address and let him know. Thank you.

Remember! Our Temple Bells Newsletter is now online. For those who do not have internet access a few printed copies are available in the foyer.

Change for Change: Put your loose change to good use! Bring it to church and place it in the
“Change for a Change” container located in the Narthex. This money will be used for the re-roofing and remodeling projects of the church.

C.R.O.S. (Christians Reaching Out to Society) Ministries: Thank you for your faithful contributions to the food pantry. Please remember food can be placed in the designated area in the Narthex. Many of you make good use of the BOGO (Buy One Get One free) offers. Thank you.

Van Drivers are needed for Sunday mornings to pick up worshipers at the Fountainview (next door to the Christian Manor) and the Christian Manor and take them back after worship. You do not need a special license, but you do need a driver’s license. Drivers serve 1 month at a time. Please see Donn if you can help with this ministry.

Church Directory
A new, updated church directory with corrected addresses, phone numbers, emails, birthdays, etc. will be available for pick up this Sunday, March 3. A large shout-out to Gloria Hambright for all of the time, tedious attention to details and just plain hard work she did in undertaking this huge task.

Thank you Gloria!

Noah's Ark... It's Not Just A Children's Story (Getting Along with Different Folks)
The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from around the country and around the world gather every 2 years for what we call our General Assembly for worship, workshops, fellowship and fun! This Assembly’s theme is “Abide In Me” based on John 15:1-5, and will meet July 20-24, 2019 in Des Moines, IA. Registration is now open and if you are interested in attending please see Donn

After the Fire

Disaster strikes unexpectedly, disrupting daily life and displacing families. Sometimes, a disaster meets a pre-existing social condition; compounding the fall-out, and making an already complicated issue even more difficult. That is exactly what happened with the deadly wildfire--also known as Camp Fire--that recently affected the Butte County area. “I hate that they called it the ‘Camp Fire,” Pastor Kearns notes. “I’ve been involved in outdoor ministry for decades. In my mind, camp fire is a happy place, not a disaster.”According to Pastor Kearns, the community of Chico and the county as a whole were already facing a housing shortage before the fires occurred. In fact, the situation had gotten so bad that the City Council was preparing to declare a housing crisis, due to the lack of affordable, available housing.
Once the wildfires descended on the surrounding area, many more residents were displaced. While the community extended an immediate outpouring of compassion and mercy in the wake of the fire, the matter of housing grew even more complicated. As the early weeks of recovery wore on, tensions rose. “Displacement from the disaster was complicated by the pre-existing housing crisis,” said Pastor Kearns. “It makes something that was already hard a whole lot harder. It’s difficult to not classify people and ascribe worth to them based on whether they were people who lost homes in fire, or whether they were homeless before; or were displaced because of greedy landlords that want to capitalize on disaster. Who are the victims? Everybody. Everyone is feeling the impact of this fire whether they are in the burn zone or not.”
And then the rains came.
Two weeks before Christmas, torrential rains finally extinguished the fires that had done so much damage. But that also meant flooding in areas where displaced people were camping in tents. Those fields had to be cleared leaving many, yet again, with no place to go. First Christian Church, Chico, was prepared. As a designated Red Cross disaster shelter, the congregation had been ready to open their doors to those in need of shelter back when the fires began. While their space was not needed immediately for that purpose, the church was called on to open their door to their neighbors who now needed shelter from rain and flooding.
In spite of the unique challenges present in this disaster, outside relief workers (such as FEMA personnel) have noted that this small town in California seems more resilient than most. Pastor Kearns attributes that resilience to an already close knit community. Churches and other organizations were better prepared to serve neighbors in an emergency, because they already had strong relationships.
First Christian Church received solidarity grants from Week of Compassion to help them in serving their neighbors immediately after the fire. In addition to meeting practical, physical needs, these churches joined efforts to host an interfaith service of hope and healing. And now, with long-term recovery work underway, several of those congregations are preparing to provide grief support groups to those affected by the fire. Week of Compassion is partnering with FCC to help provide this crucial ministry.
Meanwhile, several FCC families are among those displaced by the fires. And their neighbors to the north--First Christian Church, Paradise-- still can’t occupy their building because of damage in the area; and the majority of families from that church have been displaced as well. So First Christian, Chico has opened its doors to provide sanctuary to this neighboring congregation. They recognize the importance of being together with church family in this difficult time, and have made it part of their mission to extend that hospitality.
As with any major disaster, the work of recovery and rebuilding is ongoing. Even with many good efforts underway, funding is critical for these programs to continue. While the community and local partners prepare the infrastructure to receive volunteers for rebuilding, for now the best practice of “Stay, Pray, Give” applies for those who wish to provide meaningful support.
Like Pastor Kearns said: everyone is feeling the impact of this fire, whether they are in the burn zone or not. That is the nature of community--and that is also the nature of the body of Christ. Where one part suffers, all parts suffer; and where one part finds hope and new life, the many parts receive hope and new life. With the wide range of needs resulting from this tragedy-- from the complex housing situation to the ongoing need for emotional and spiritual care-- your gifts to Week of Compassion give hope and new life in more ways than we can imagine. Thank You!

There are a tremendous amount of events happening this month, please click below to see our list of important dates and events

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Congratulations to Cayleigh and Chet Moore’s whose drama group recently won Best Small Group Performance and best Choreography. Cayleigh and her friend also won for Best Poem-Duo. Way to go!
Congratulations to Marilyn Ivory who retired from the South Florida Water Management District on Friday, March 1.

Disciples Women are on the move!!!
Working together as women of faith


By Candy Hansen

Over the last few years, I have developed an affinity for BBC mystery series. I appreciate the, sometimes quirky but always delightful, character development. I am warmed by the simplicity of life and the ever present teatime. Too many Hollywood movies exhaust me with their special effects. Oh, I like an occasional romp through a series of endless explosions and unlikely death defying feats; but they are usually forgotten before the credits finish their run. One particular PBS mini-series came to my mind when I discovered that March is Women’s History Month: a highlighting of the contributions of women to events in history, as well as contemporary society.
Like me, you may have never heard of Bletchley Park, a nineteenth century mansion in the UK. It has become a vibrant tourist attraction. Not because of its admittedly rich heritage but because of the part it played in more recent history. Not until the 1970’s, was Bletchley Park revealed to have been the secret home of World War II codebreakers, many of them brilliant female cryptographers. And not until that information was declassified, some thirty years after the war, were they allowed to speak of their achievements. A sad note for many whose family members had died without ever knowing of their achievements. 
Though we are not all called to make such a dramatic mark on history, who but God really does know the ripple effect of our achievements? I suspect we would be amazed were we privy to that information on this side of heaven. Thank you, Cooks and Diners alike, for the $550.00 Taste of the World proceeds, to be used ‘where most needed’. Our own little piece of history made in our own little corner of the world.
Date to remember: April 28, General Meeting.
MARCH THOUGHT FROM MOTHER TERESA: We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do.

Fine Clay / led by Candy Hansen
Meets 3rd Thursday at 6:30 pm in Fellowship Hall

Grace / led by Beth Gillespie - Meeting Times Vary

Sojourner Sisters / led by Pam Grant
Meets 2nd Thursday of the Month at 2:00 pm in Fellowship Hall

If you are interested in joining a Disciples Women Group, please contact any of the above group leaders or DW
President Gloria Hambright 
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 It is privilege for us to support one another during difficult times, and we want to thank those of you who are faithfully praying for others!

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March Birthdays

1       Eduardo Del Castillo
5       Natalie Horne
6       Carlos Gomez
8       Andrea Brewer
8       Linda Navis
9       Dee Earnest
9       Bryan Kelley
11     Vance Kite
13     Reese Branzell
18     Gloria Butler
19     Jim Gillespie
26     Bessie Klein
28     Lorelei Kelley

April Birthdays

1       Barbara Braswell
3       Gia Gomez
5       Etienne Kinnear
5       Martha Veillard
7       Donn Brammer
7       Judy Pierson
7       Sharon Thompson
10     Kaitlyn Gordon
12     Dee Brammer
15     Eric Kelly
17     Marilyn Ivory
17     Quiana Kelly
18     Eduardo Del Castillor Jr.
18     Max Tucker
20     Franklyn Charles
21     Christopher Jones
21     Teddi Sofoul
28     LaShayla Horne

Note from the Scholarship Committee 
The Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the first series of scholarships given to members of our congregation who are pursuing educational goals beyond the high school diploma.
We are pleased that our church has made this possible and would like to thank those of you who have donated for your donations to the scholarship fund.
For those who would like to donate, please include your donation amount along with your weekly tithe and designate the amount on your check/envelope. As always, we support our congregation in love.

   Every Monday at First Christian Church 
( rooms 1-2)

7:00 pm- NA Courage to change group (open discussion)
8:30m - AA-Twelve & Twelve Group (closed discussion)


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 Please let Stacey know if you would like to share you story of how Jesus has changed your life, what our Church means to you , or any other interesting and compelling story that you think would be helpful to others.

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