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  The mission and ministries of First Christian Church are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by being instruments of God’s unconditional love and grace for all people. We strive to live and practice Jesus’ command to “love one another as you would love yourself.” We are a dynamic and diverse congregation and would like to invite you to become a part of our church family.
215 South Congress Ave. West Palm Beach Fl. 33409
    Phone 561-683-881
At this time there are No Sunday School Classes, No Bible Study Classes, or Disciples Women’s Meetings are being held at the church, but we plan to offer In Person Worship At the church on Sunday, Sept. 20 at 10:15. Safety Protocols will be in place.

AA & NA Meetings continue:
7:00 pm NA Courage to Change
8:30 pm AA Twelve and Twelve
Both groups meet in classrooms 1,2

By Rev. Donn Brammer

All of us are tired of this pandemic. The changes that have been required in our personal lives, professional lives, and trying to do such a simple thing as shopping has been challenging. Not being able to see family and friends has been painful and for some of us, heartbreaking.

Some of us have been blessed these last several months to be able to read the newsletter online, worship online, listen to Bible Studies online, watch the Fireside Chats online, to be able to give our offerings online and to receive a stand-alone communion worship online during this pandemic.

But not all of our members have been so blessed. Many of our members lack the technology to be able to make use of these online opportunities. Many of our members have not had any contact except a phone call with their church family. They have not been able to worship or study or receive encouragement. They are not even able to receive the newsletter. They have felt terribly isolated and alone. To not be able to meet socially with friends has been hard and to not be able to sit in the Sanctuary has been difficult. They feel disconnected from God.

We are blessed now with an opportunity to minister to more of our members by offering In Person Worship on Sunday, September 20 at 10:15. Obviously we want to make sure we are opening safely and responsibly. The Elders and I have been examining data and positivity rates to make sure our opening is based on data and not just on a date. Below you will see the Ten Safety Protocol Commandments that we feel can help insure us a safe and responsible opening and we are blessed knowing that anyone who chooses to come to worship will respect them.

But In Person Worship is not for everyone. Some have been following quarantine since the pandemic began. They have kept themselves as much out of risk as possible. If someone is worried about catching the virus, or, if someone is concerned they could give the virus, they should not come to In Person Worship. How could you possibly be fully devoted and focused on God, which is the whole point of worship, if you are pre-occupied with your concerns about the virus?

Finally, I will be out of town Thurs. 9/3 and back in the office on Tues. 9/8. If you have a need please contact your Elder or Deacon.

Thank you and God Bless, Donn

The Ten Safety Protocol Commandments
1.              Masks must be on at all times.
2.              Only the front doors will be unlocked, entry must be made at the front door.
3.              Temperature Check with standard interview questions at the front door:
a.    In the last 14 days have you had a headache or temperature over 100.6?
b.    Have you been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
c.     Have you been tested for COVID-19?
d.    Was the test negative?
4.              Contract Tracing will be in place, you will be asked to confirm best contact phone number.
5.              Proper social distancing of at least 6 feet will be in place. There will be blue tape on the floor of the
center aisle to make sure proper safety distance is kept when coming forward for communion. Pews will
also be appropriately marked to insure proper social distancing.
6.              No handouts of any kind.
7.              No singing, No choir, No Children’s Sermon or Worship and Wonder, and no Fellowship Table.
8.              We will keep the service as brief as possible. The recordings are usually around 30 minutes or less but
in person worship will probably be closer to 45 minutes due to coming forward for communion, etc.
9.              Only one (1) person at a time in the front restrooms.
10.           Communion will be by intinction. Worshippers will be invited to come forward (6 feet apart), the
emblems will only be handled by myself (masked and gloved), I will tear a piece of bread, dip it into the cup, place the emblem on a plate (Styrofoam until we use up the million that we have) and I will hand the plate to the worshiper who will partake at the Table, and then drop the plate in the wastebasket, and then if they have an offering they will place it in the offering plate and then return to their seat.

Due to the fluid nature of events surrounding the Covid-19 virus and the uncertainty of when we will resume ‘In Person Worship,’ the sermon titles and sermon texts have not yet been identified.

Exodus 12:1-12
(Sermon: “The First Step Of Freedom”)
Psalm 9
Romans 13:8-14
Matthew 18:15-30

Exodus 14:19-31
Psalm 114 or Exodus 15:1b-11, 20-21
Romans 14:1-12
Matthew 18:21-35
(Sermon: “Giving Up Keeping Score”)


Exodus 16:2-15
Psalm 105:1-6, 37-45
Philippians 1:21-30
Matthew 20:1-16
(Sermon: “Grace is Not Fair’)


Exodus 17:1-7
Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16
Philippians 2:1-13
Matthew 21:23-32
(Sermon: “Walking The Walk”)

We may not be able to worship AT the church but we are blessed with the opportunity to worship AS a church. The worship service is posted online by 10:15 on Sunday mornings so if you want, you can worship at the regular time, knowing that other members and friends are sharing in the same experience at the same time.

We have also posted a separate Communion Video for those who do not have time for an entire worship service but who want to partake in a communion service.
online bible
Bible Study Lectures have been recorded that you can listen to online. These lectures are currently audio only and range from 12 to 20 minutes, though some have been as short as 7 minutes and some have been so long they required two appendixes, smile! Typically these lectures are designed to go with the coming Sunday’s sermon, but sometimes this may
not be the case. 
Fireside Chats

As Covid-19 continues to have an impact on all of us, we have begun an intermittent series of video Fireside Chats (11 so far) as a way of offering encouragement and support. Stacey has put these online through our website, Facebook, and through our email.
Did you know that our website currently hosts over 150 Sunday Sermons that are just 1 click away and over 50 monthly blog messages from Donn

These powerful and uplifting messages are just a click away and can be sorted and selected through the use of key words. .
So go ahead
"Make Our Day" and click away!
Some Things Do NOT Change

One of the things that has not changed during this Covid-19 impact is the expenses of the church. Please feel free to mail in your offering, smile! Expenses continue and we hope that you will also continue to practice your Christian giving and tithing. We also now have ‘online giving’ available. Simply go to our website, and follow the instructions. Thank you always for your generosity and faithfulness.

 215 S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

We congratulate Selena Paul, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University! Way to Go Selena! We are very proud of you!

Join Us

The Book Club will meet on Tuesday, October 6 at 6:00 to discuss White Fragility. We will meet by Zoom. People will need to let Chris Del Mastro or Ellen St. John know if they are joining so Chris can send them the link.

Regional News


Please keep our Regional Minister, Dr. Rev. Betsy Goehrig and her family in your prayers. Sat. night (7/18) Betsy’s daughter Brittany Steier was murdered. Brittany is the mother of 2 yr. old Carter and 1 yr. old Dallas. The children’s father shot her and is now in custody.

Cards can be sent to Betsy at the Regional Office, 6455 E Silver Springs Blvd., Silver Springs, FL 34488. The family will be establishing a fund for the children. Until then, please pray.

Betsy’s oldest daughter Christy and her husband Jeff are taking care of the 2 babies in addition to their three children. They need to either buy another home or add on rooms to the one they live in. A Go Fund Me link has been set up and any amount will help with 5 kids.
Please see the Go Fund Me link

Your prayers and remembrances will help bring comfort during a time of unbelievable heartbreak and sorrow.


This year’s FLORIDA REGIONAL ASSEMBLY 2020 will be held VIRTUALLY Oct. 8-10, plus a Sunday sermon for congregations on Oct. 11. SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 4:11-16. THEME: GROW UP! IN LOVE.
Join us for worship, fellowship, and workshops--watch for details and registration. Our preachers include:
Fri., Oct. 9 - Rev. Christine Bandy-Helderman, Tropical Sands Christian Church
Sat., Oct. 10 - Rev. Bob Kemp-Baird, Daytona Beach Drive-In Christian Church
Sun., Oct. 11 - Rev. Dr. Betsy Goehrig, Regional Minister, Florida Disciples
An Update On Current Fires In California and Hurricane In the Gulf Coast

Multiple wildfires continue to burn across California, including three major fires surrounding the Bay Area. The SCU Fire, affecting the East Bay Area, has burned over 360k acres and is only 15% contained. The CZU Fire, affecting South Bay and Santa Cruz areas, has burned over 78k acres and is only 17% contained. Meanwhile, the LNU Fire, in Sonoma and Napa Counties, is over 350k acres, with 27% containment. Across the three incidents, more than 1500 structures have been damaged or destroyed.
Week of Compassion is in touch with churches and partners across the state. We have learned of two Disciples churches with members who have been evacuated. With smoke blanketing the Bay Area, Disciples pastors are staying in touch with congregants and some are packed and ready to evacuate at any moment.
Hurricane Laura made landfall as a category 4 storm in the Louisiana and Texas Coast. This storm comes three years to the day after Hurricane Harvey (Aug. 25-30, 2017) devastated the same region of Southeast Texas. Week of Compassion remains in touch with church leaders and partners in the area. Please join us in prayer for those in the path of the storm, those affected by the fires, and those providing leadership and preparation during this time.

She's in lock down!
Stay in Touch with Rev. Cindy

Cynthia James
Calle Batalla del Salado 34
Esq izq 1 A
28045 Madrid Spain

Email her at 


 Text or call her on WhatsApp

and look for her soon on Facebook!

Disciples Women are on the move!!!
Working together as women of faith


By Candy Hansen

Many years ago, a church friend awoke to find that her husband, sleeping beside her, had passed away some time during the night. A cruel shock, as they were the green side of middle aged. Her faith was strong. But, after some time had passed, I remember her honest words, “My pain was so great, I couldn’t even pray.” 
So many people are struggling on so many levels right now: great, small and everything in between. We could all write our own lists. Some mornings I wake feeling so overwhelmed with uncertainty, as well as concrete issues that have no place in this article (: Saying “what next” seems to invite the random and unexpected into being. Like the sibling storms, Laura & Marco. Sometimes I wonder how we can bear anymore. Then I read about the last double storm path in 1933. One went up the west coast of Florida, the other the east. As if that weren’t bad enough, this all unfolded at the end of the Great Depression. Somehow they endured, as will we. But sometimes our flesh overwhelms our faith. I came across something recently which gives me comfort; I hope it will you, too:

Science says that we need at least four basic elements to survive:

1.          water
2.               air
3.            food
4.             light

And look what the Bible tells us about Jesus:

1.   I am the Living Water.
2.   I am the Breath of Life.
3.   I am the Bread of Life.
4.   I am the Light of the World.

Science was finally right; we need Jesus to live.

I think this needs to be laminated and propped against my coffeemaker: a daily reminder that Jesus is with me always, will protect me, will strengthen me, will answer me, will provide for me, will give me peace, and will always love me. Just writing this lightens my mood. The Power of the Word !!!

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At times, we all could use someone walking along beside us, praying for us, supporting and encouraging us. We want to provide the opportunity for you to do just that! We would love for you to feel free to post your requests on the wall or if you feel more comfortable, you can keep your request confidential and our staff will pray for you.

 It is privilege for us to support one another during difficult times, and we want to thank those of you who are faithfully praying for others!

Remember to share those praises as well!

September Birthday's

1       Irene Leffew
1       Camille Philmore (6 in 2020)
1       Shirley Pierre
6       Lynn Branch
10     Iris Chmura
17     Dee Dee Scott
20     Gerry Dabney
20     Chelsea Groelle
20     Susan Ysaguirre
22     Jammie Kamman
22     Frances Tapp
27     Georgia Lynch
29     Karen Amburn


1       Norma Anne Chattin
1       Bob Groelle
3       Eddie Decker
7       Charlotte Scott
9       Dianna Emmans
10     George Ysaguirre
17     Rick Rossano
18     Christy Dixon
18     Candy Hansen
22     Jordan Velasquez (14 in 2020)
24     Efna Fuller
26     Howard Lemon
27     Johnny Joseph
28     Ayden McClane (7 in 2020; Ed’s grandson)
29     Cayleigh and Chet Moore (12 in 2020)
30     Tom Lynch
31     Linda Buchanan
31     Melissa Holmes


3       Ana and Eduardo Del Castillo


7       Happy and Kent Kinnear
20     Marguerite and Anthony Owens
24     Diana and Rev. Donn Brammer
25     Gloria and Bill Hambright

Note from the Scholarship Committee 
The Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the first series of scholarships given to members of our congregation who are pursuing educational goals beyond the high school diploma.
We are pleased that our church has made this possible and would like to thank those of you who have donated for your donations to the scholarship fund.
For those who would like to donate, please include your donation amount along with your weekly tithe and designate the amount on your check/envelope. As always, we support our congregation in love.

  Every Monday at First Christian Church 
( rooms 1-2)

7:00 pm- NA Courage to change group (open discussion)
8:30m - AA-Twelve & Twelve Group (closed discussion)

Be a Prayer Warrior
Every day a faithful group from our congregation pray for those who request and are in need of prayers