July 31, 2020 • Volume 17 No. 5
Dear chevrei (friends),

This Shabbat is Shabbat Nachamu , "Shabbat of Comfort.” Sounds nice! But actually, it comes from a difficult place. Just a couple days ago the Jewish World observed Tisha b’Av, the lowest day on the Jewish calendar. Without getting in to the specifics of Tisha b’Av and its problematic theology for Reform Jews especially, we certainly can appreciate much of it’s symbolism and power as a national day of mourning. Immediately following this dark day, we get Shabbat Nachamu and seven weeks of comfort and consolation leading to Rosh Hashanah. Taken out of a purely Jewish context, our community and our entire world are at a pretty low point right now. We could certainly use some comfort and consolation!

As a sacred community, that is one of our primary purposes at Temple Israel: to be a source of comfort, understanding and support for our community. Much of what we do as clergy and members of the community serves these ends. With that in mind, I want to share just a few changes in the coming weeks which will help to connect us and be a support to our community.

While the primary Friday evening services will still be shared on Facebook Live at 6 pm, we will provide a Zoom link for all who would like to join at 5:45 pm for a "casual welcome and conversation." We will all share in the candle lighting and Kiddush before continuing with the service on Facebook.

On Saturday mornings when there is no bar/bat mitzvah, we come together for Shabbat Torah Study and Morning Blessings, combining study and abbreviated worship, including Mourners Kaddish. We will join at 8:50 am for Shabbat greetings and begin our worship/study at 9 am.

Finally, while the Rabbi and I have been providing video check-ins throughout the week, Rabbi Hirsch will change her to Wednesday Check-in to a lunch meeting over Zoom (bring your own lunch!) for anyone who would like to participate. 

As we move through the Summer and prepare for the High Holidays to come, we will continue to adapt, keeping the needs of our community as our focus. I look forward to being with you all.

Wishing you a Shabbat of peace and comfort,

Cantor Schloss
Cantor Randall Schloss
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Summer Time at Temple Israel
While you're enjoying the Summer, check in with Temple Israel for Summer programming and Services.
  • NEW! The Clergy Check-In Schedule has changed for Wednesdays. Starting next week Rabbi Hirsch will have a Zoom Check-In called "Wednesday Lunch Check-In With the Rabbi" beginning at 12 Noon for 30 minutes, weekly. Make sure you have your lunch with you also! This is an opportunity to have a one-to-one with Rabbi Hirsch and converse, ask questions, and join in with others for a mini-lunch session! This weekly session is available via Zoom: Meeting ID: 206 879 5603 Passcode: 3GAeKM

(Other Daily Check-Ins continue to be 3 pm for now, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. You can find the check-ins on the Temple Facebook or in Connections on the Temple Website).
  • Kehillah Shirah on Thursday, 10:30 am via Zoom (title will say "Kehillah Shabbat") ON-GOING
  • NEW! The Responsa Class is an opportunity to spend some study time with Rabbi Hirsch on Friday mornings, 9:00 am. The class will be thought-provoking, interesting, but better yet, YOUR class to ask questions and study issues. Connect via Zoom: Meeting ID: 206 879 5603 Passcode: 3GAeKM

  • Kehillah Shabbat on Friday, 10:30 am via Zoom ON-GOING
  • NEW! Shabbat Evening Service on Fridays at 6:00 pm continues to be available via LiveStream. But, join us a little earlier at 5:45 pm every Friday via Zoom, for some "casual welcome and conversation" before the services switch to LiveStream.

  • NEW! Torah Study and Shabbat Morning Services on Saturdays will be combined under a new name: Shabbat Torah Study and Morning Blessings. This will be a combined study and abbreviated worship which will include the Mourners Kaddish, giving you an opportunity for prayer and reflection, available through Zoom with Rabbi Hirsch or Cantor Schloss on alternating weeks. Zoom links will be available through the Temple Website on the LiveStream page, and here in the weekly eblasts.
  • So join us tomorrow Saturday, August 1st for the Shabbat Torah Study and Morning Blessings with Cantor Schloss via Zoom: Meeting ID: 914 4375 6981 Passcode: 2GCYAY, at 9:00 am ... and if you have time to join us a bit earlier at 8:50 am, we'll have quick Shabbat Greetings before the service begins.

Remember, for all services, you can visit the LiveStream page and join through Streaming on Fridays, and/or Zoom on Saturdays. All the zoom links will be listed there.

For all prayer moments, you can use an online version of our siddur (download not available)  Click here. For security reasons, in ALL Zoom meetings, please identify yourself by your first and last name so that the coordinator can securely invite you in from the "waiting room."
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Temple Israel's Oral History Project
Still Taking Interviewers and Interviewees!

One of the oldest human (and Jewish) traditions is story-telling. Now at Temple Israel, we are continuing a project to collect our stories.

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A Taste of Chavaya
Are you a parent of a rising Kindergartener, 1st, or 2nd grader?
Have your child join us for a “Taste of Chavaya! on Sunday, August 2nd .

Join  Rebecca , Chavaya Director and  Cantor Schloss  on Zoom for singing, a story, and special project!
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Community Outreach
Calling Recent Graduates - Send Your Commencement Gown to the COVID-19 Front Line

If you’re looking for a meaningful second life for your commencement gown, you can donate it to serve as protective wear on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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All Adults Here: A Novel  by Emma Straub. Straub’s wisdom, humor and insight combine to bring us an absorbing story about adult siblings, aging parents, high school boyfriends, and middle school mean girls...

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