As 2019, and This Decade, Come to a Close...
We want express our gratitude to the men and women, and their families, who selflessly serve to protect our country and our American way of life.
While looking back over the course of 2019, we can't help but be proud. Proud of our team, of our candidates, and of our donors and supporters. Not only for joining in our mission, but also entrusting us with the mission and dream they so tirelessly believe in.

With the closing of 2019 I’m thankful for the privilege to serve you. It's an honor to work within a dedicated and driven community who believes in our mission and our services, the way that Dan and I do.  

As we celebrate the holidays and prepare for another successful year to come, we wish each of you the chance to be near those you love, giving you sustenance and purpose. We are looking forward to another powerful and successful year in 2020.

God Bless and Happy Holidays!

Following Up Through the Application Process
To find out when to follow-up and when not to follow-up, check out the full article here .
”How do I know when to follow up”? To be honest, it all really depends. It depends on the company and position, the stage of the process that you’re in, and even what time of year it is. There are generally three stages where follow-up could happen. 

It’s important to recognize that it all really depends on the type of position: is it civilian or government, is it a large corporation or small local business? And don’t forget to think about what is going on around you. Is it the holiday season, spring break, summer break, did your entire town just go through a massive storm? Chances are, if you are dealing with out-of-the-ordinary circumstances, the interviewer and HR team are as well.
Congratulations, Jonathan!
Jonathan worked one-on-one with his CASY Employment Specialist for 3 months on understanding the job search process, tailoring his resume, as well as enhancing his interview skills, helping him land a job where he makes $20k over his expected income!

"I thought that I had mastered resume writing and targeting because I had successfully landed dozens of interviews. In the 10 months prior to linking up with CASY, I had been through more than 40 interviews, each with multiple rounds of interviews, and I had only received one, (below market average) offer!"
Staying Positive in the Face of Rejection
For more information on how to handle rejection, and course correct, check out the full article here.
“They are all about the best candidate experience until you aren’t the candidate”. “Fair sentiment,” I thought, I empathized with her frustrations,“ they don’t even tell you why, just that they are going another direction.”
Ugh, it's true. In a world where feedback matters so much in our lives, and is often a key skill listed in any job description, "the candidate must be able to take constructive feedback and/or give feedback", the employer doesn’t offer the same. You are simply not their choice. In fairness, most employers opt out mainly on legalities, but it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s hard to know how to course-correct if you don’t know where you went off the path.
Social Networking and Your Job Search
Have you been wondering how social media can impact your job search, and what you can do to understand your own social media footprint? Social Networking and Your Job Search will help you to understand why social networking matters to your job search and how it can impact how employers see you. You’ll review your own social media presence and learn about how to use it to network in order to identify and land a job.

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