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The Agony of New Material Introductions

Now that shrinks of IC feature sizes have begun to reach economic limits, future functionality improvements in ICs are increasingly derived from the use of new materials. The Critical Materials Conference 2016 - to be held May 5-6 in Hillsboro, Oregon ( - will explore best practices in the integration of novel materials into manufacturing. Dr. David Thompson, Senior Director, Center of Excellence in Chemistry, Applied Materials will present on "Agony in New Material Introductions - minimizing and correlating variabilities," which he was willing to discuss in advance with SemiMD.  "We'll review the challenges we run into after the materials system and chemistries are set and have been proven generally viable, but still require significant optimization", said Thompson.  Problems with dual-sourcing will also be revealed, "chemical suppliers protect their knowledge - not simple IP - but also their sub-supply-chains and proprietary methods of production, transport and delivery"..."In most cases the initial batch of any new molecule is made at a scale that would fit in a coffee mug." For the full article, click  here, or attend Session II of the Critical Materials Conference, May 5-6, in Hillsboro, OR, for more details

This year's Critical Materials Conference features speakers from Intel, Micron, Veeco, and Air Liquide; among more than 20 powerful & actionable presentations


A highly differentiated program, with networking opportunities for all attendees. For full agenda details click here.

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