Volume 2 | February 2021
"The Baseline"
Hello CVTC members,

Let us start by saying WOW!...thanks for phenomenal feedback on our inaugural edition of The Baseline!

At the time of sending this communication, 79% of you had opened our first newsletter. That open rate is considered exceptional and speaks to the strong community we have at CVTC. What great fun we had receiving your taglines. That said, due to a faulty link, some of you couldn't get in your submission, so we're doing it again. Further thanks to those who submitted pictures, provided feedback on the newsletter and brought forward suggestions for the club.

This month, it's time to have your voice heard and to vote - democracy is alive and well at our club! We ask you to start by voting for your favourite logo concept. Why not compliment the logo you've chosen by submitting a tagline to go with it?! Finally we ask that you take a few minutes to answer our club survey. In doing so we hope to use the information to bolster our beloved CVTC community. Your help with these endeavors will help us shape the look and future of CVTC!

Until next month, we wish you and your family health and stability during these challenging times, and remember...tennis is coming!


Your CVTC Executive Team
News & Events

2021 Budget Update

On January 21st the Executive Committee presented their proposed budget to the Board of Directors which was approved in it's entirety. Highlights include:

  • all 8 courts will be laser-graded, scarified and furnished with new lines prior to club open
  • the net posts on court's 4-6 will be replaced
  • a refrigerated and filtered water bottle station will be installed
  • additional deck furniture
  • a new 2021 membership price schedule with an "early bird" option (details in next month's newsletter)

It's shaping up to be a great year!
We're considering a makeover! Vote for your favourite logo.
A HUGE thanks to Tomasz (Tom) Borowicz, CVTC member and President & Creative Director at Engage Marketing for volunteering his time and effort to create these logos!

The rest is up to you. Please click the link below to vote for your favourite logo.
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

Club "Tagline" Contest

We need to do it again. Due to a submission link that wasn't working in the last newsletter, we're accepting submissions for another month. If you managed to get your tagline in by other means last month, you don't need to resend.

Many companies and organizations have taglines. Famous examples include Nike..."Just do It" and M&M's..."Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands". We want your help coming up with a club tagline. Use your imagination and have fun!

An example for our club might be CVTC..."we're on the ball" (but I know we can do better!).

In the next issue, you'll be able to vote for your favorite. The winner will receive bragging rights and $100 off their 2021 membership.

Executive Committee Opportunity

We're looking to fill the role of Vice-President. Basic roles and responsibilities for the position can be found by clicking here. To submit your candidacy or if you have questions you can contact Richard Iwaszkiewicz, President, CVTC. Submissions due by February 7th, 2021.
Member Survey

We are pleased to introduce our 2021 CVTC Member Survey. The survey's goal is to allow your Executive Team to establish a benchmark, find out what the club is doing well, determine where we can improve, and, create a better member experience.
Petya's Place
Tip of the Month:

Building off of last month's tip....get your racket back early. This allows you more time to prepare your shot and will help you to feel less rushed, especially against big hitters. This also also helps you to adjust for those challenging clay bounces and exaggerated spins.

Training and Development:

A cardio workout to get you moving during the lockdown and prepared for tennis season!
Community Corner

Shout Out:

Apologies for my 'fault' in not recognizing in last month's newsletter:

  • Michael Senn for his 5 year term served as VP Membership
  • Sue Black for her service on the board and significant contributions to our constitution and bylaws


Who needs a bubble!? Congrats to winter warriors Petya, Selin, Ivan, Cindy, Randy, Lindsay, Marek and Dan who are keeping CVTC tennis and friendships warm playing at Port Credit Highschool in January!

Photos and Fun:

We want to hear from you! Send us your favorite picture or recognize a member by submitting below.
Players Past & Present
Yvonne Goolagong Crawley

Did you know?
As the third of eight children and of Australian aboriginal decent, Yvonne overcame significant barriers and prejudice to win 7 Grand Slam singles titles.


Whenever a car would come down the road, my mum would tell us to hide 'or else the welfare man would take you away'.