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The Beautiful Game Promo
The Beautiful Game Promo
Have you seen the promo for the film? Please take a look. 


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After over four years in the making, we have finally finished "The Beautiful Game".  We believe the film will move and inspire audiences around the globe. 
London kicks off the first of many upcoming screenings.  "The Beautiful Game" will be the closing night film at the Kicking and Screening Film Festival and the film will screen on October 4th at the Everyman Cinema in Maida Vale, London.  There will be a gala reception featuring footballing VIPs.  Director Victor Buhler will also be on hand to mark the first time that the fully completed film screens in public.  Click here for more details. 

Kicking and Screening Film Festival  
"The Beautiful Game" has a new look. 
Poster for 'The Beautiful Game'
We have released our first poster for "The Beautiful Game" - designed by Wanna Camcam.  This poster features Patrick Foaleng, who is one of six main characters in "The Beautiful Game" 
SoccerEx Lagos Nigeria 

Friend of "The Beautiful Game" and head of Storm Nigeria, ObI Asaka, is supporting SoccerEx which has a special edition in Nigeria at the end of September.  Executive Producer Kojo Annan will introduce a five minute preview of "The Beautiful Game".  For more details click here.
Finishing Touches
Director Victor Buhler and Producer Julian Cautherley are putting the finishing touches on the film this month.  Thanks to everyone at Lit Post and at Voodoo Highway, amongst many others, who have made the final stages of the film a great experience.

Victor and Julian online
Producer Julian Cautherley and Director Victor Buhler celebrate the ending of a four-year journey to complete the film.

"The Beautiful Game" is coming to a theatre near you. Please check out our Website, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to be a part of "The Beautiful Game" 


For a $40 donation, you will receive an digital download of the film the moment it is available and you will be listed as one of the film's supporters on our website. 




Thank you!

If you love sport, if you feel a connection to Africa, if you simply believe in community spirit, please show your support by connecting with us.  Visit www.beautifulgamefilm.com for more information.


-Victor and the entire 'The Beautiful Game' team