Jan. 2019

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In addition to our popular Press in a Box small punching stations Multicyl also has larger cylinders and  punching solutions to offer - our powerful DL series line of Multicyl products. 

Like all standard Multicyl cylinders these units are powered by shop air - but can deliver forces of up to 30 tons, so are ideal for heavier die set or unitized tooling applications. 

DL cylinders are available for sale as individual units for
use with your own design or tooling, or you can contact Multicyl to inquire about using a DL (or any Multicyl cylinder) as part of a complete punching solution including tooling, controls, and a frame designed to suit your application.
Shown above are a variety of 20 and 30 ton DL Multicyls with various cages and tools.

Our line of standard DL series Multcyls includes the following 3 models, and a variety of cages and controls are available as well:
  • DL 40-8-12: delivers up to 20 tons of power, 1" of overall stroke, and 3/8" of power stroke
  • DL 40-28-16: delivers up to 20 tons of power, 3.5" of overall stroke, and ½" of power stroke
  • DL 60-28-16: delivers up to 30 tons of power, 3.5" of overall stroke, and ½" of power stroke
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