I'd like you to know about some of the artist friends of mine that I've had the chance to work with over the years so in the coming months I'll highlight some of them just in case you've never met a few of the other touring artists.

This past week I had the chance to finally see a group of guys from Martin Luther College who have been working on writing songs, performing live in concerts and worship, and pouring quite a bit of their hearts into sharing their faith through music. Some of you know that Jonah's uncle is my very good friend John Backus who helped get The Bridge started at St. Paul's in Muskego, and Jonah definitely picked up the musical talents of his family!

Luke, Paul, Jeremy make up The Conquorers and Jonah helps spearhead the vision of their ministry work. It was a real joy to have these guys open up for us at Manitowoc Lutheran this past week. A joy filled, hopeful band that bring a lot of smiles (and some dance moves... Jeremy!) and a very solid musical foundation that they are going to enjoy building on in the years ahead. Jeremy is also a songwriter, and they will all be contributing to a debut CD release later this year that you will want to check out. Some of the tracks are already available online and they did a great job putting a few videos together as well.

I've been a touring artist since 2004 so it is really neat to see the next generation finding a voice that sings from the rock solid hope we have in Christ. I hope you can check them out online at jonahbackusmusiconline.com