100 days since the new management take over, and we're finally hitting our stride and settling into our roles here at the Flying U. Hard to believe it's only been three months since we took over from the Fremlin's. We are so excited to steward this historic land, and hope to do it justice in the coming decades.

The horses were moved into winter pasture and are getting daily care and feeding. Big thanks to Robert for staying on and helping us transition with the herd. So many lovelies to get to know, we certainly couldn't do it without him.

We have our new property managers, Theode and Jeanette, on site, and plans for renovations are underway. 16 new staff members have been hired, 5 new horses adopted, and a handful of boats are getting refurbished just for us! We are all excited for our season to begin!

However, could horses anticipate, I'm sure my two would be the most excited of all to get up there. Hiro and Nathan, both Arab crosses, are accompanying me up to the U, and Hiro might be carrying one more! She was out with a stud all summer, and as the season progresses, the more I think she may be with foal! In preparation for their integration with the Flying U herd, Hiro and Nathan are getting a round of vaccinations, so I plan to probe my vet and see if he thinks an ultra sound is in order.


We had a productive weekend at the ranch on all fronts. We are excited to announce 5 new members of our equine family:

Pepper is a 15 year old Standardbred gelding and Grady is a 14 year old Quarter Horse gelding.

These two gentle giants are coming to us as ex pack horses. These geldings have seen it all, and sure know their stuff! They will make great additions to our herd, and we expect them to be taking guests out on our trails right away. These boys will do just about anything for a peppermint, so stock your pockets and you'll be sure to make a couple fast friends. 

Brigit is a 7 year old Quarter Horse mare. 

Brigit is a bright young mare with a ton of potential. Unfortunately, her previous owners have not worked with her to realize her full potential. She's level headed (especially for a Chestnut Mare!), and although she's a little head shy, our wranglers are confident they can bring out the best in this little girl. She has great composition, and a kind demeanour. Brigit will begin her training schedule in March, when she arrives at the Flying U. She may not be ready for the trail this year, but we are so confident in her potential we're happy to work with her over the summer to get her going for seasons to come. 

Albright is a 15 year old Halflinger gelding. 

Albright is a stocky little guy with a varied history. Uncommon for a Halflinger, he was started as a dressage horse, and has done some light jumping. Although he was started English, he's so sensitive with his leg cues, Taylor had him reigning just on a neck lead bareback in his corral within moments. Albright is an enthusiastic boy who loves having a job, and doing it well. Like many horses, he likes a routine, and we think he'll just shine on the trails; bonus is that he's as smooth in a trot as a Cadillac! Albright had gotten into a bur patch prior to our visit, so excuse his mop.  

Twisty is a Weanling Miniature filly. 

Twisty foaled last spring, and is growing quickly into a feisty little thing, typical of her breed. On the smaller side of mini's she is about 30 cm, and won't grow much taller. She will be weaned from her dam when we pick her up so she'll be looking to bond with someone. Luckily we will have Jeanette on site who is super excited to play foster mom while Twisty gets settled. After her quarantine (to make sure she doesn't contaminate our herd with a bug), we will be pulling a few horses from the herd to start teaching Twisty about herd dynamics, and the general ins and outs of being a horse. This is a great time to start socializing her so she's calm and happy and ready to meet all our wonderful guests.

In the coming months we will be focusing on strengthening our community relations around the Green and Watch Lake areas specifically, but extending throughout the Cariboo region as well. The Flying U not only wants to offer unique ranching experiences to its extended family, but our immediate community as well. We will be launching several local initiatives such as open houses with games, bbq and pony rides; equine class discounts for residents of Green Lake and local guides; ride-a-thon fundraisers; heritage restoration projects; and much more: all in hopes of strengthening a sense of community between The Flying U and it's neighbours. Stay tuned as we announce the details and dates of these great events.

The Flying U is looking forward to offering an appreciation workshop for local Emergency Response professionals. Dates and details to be announced.

For more information on these types of services please visit our website or give us a call at 1.250.456.7717

We are in the planning stages of implementing a rescue program at the Flying U. As we looked at options for bringing farmyard animals onto the property, we realized the amount of neglected, abused and seized animals needing re-homing and rehabilitation. Over the next few months John and Taylor will be attending auctions, where animals are often abandoned by their owners. Our capable wranglers, and experienced guests will have the chance to work with these animals to re-home, and rehabilitate them: everyone deserves a second chance!

Given our varied levels of animal maintenance expertise, and our extensive property and resources, we feel that because we are in a position to make a difference, we should thus try to. It is still in it's early stages, but we are also in contact with a number of organizations who support equines and other animals in the re-homing process.


The Flying U  would like to welcome brides and grooms to attend the 8th annual wedding show "A Wedding Affair" at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC!

The Flying U team will be there with amazing creative ideas for upcoming brides. This intimate event will allow brides to really get an insight on wedding exhibition.

Exciting prizes will be given out, expert knowledge from a wide selection of local wedding suppliers, and great visual ideas will be given to the brides to help them envision the wedding of their dreams. Guests will get to enjoy the fine cuisine & wine of the River Rock.

GRAND PRIZE: "A Wedding Affair" will award 2 Grand Prizes valued over $3,000 & $10,000 at the end of the show to 2 lucky brides!
The brides must be present to win.


Corporate Development Retreats designed specifically to reach professional goals, create company unity, and encourage inter-personal relations among colleagues.

Equine Assisted Corporate Development EACD Facilitators work with companies, agencies, organizations or government departments to determine what type of session would meet their needs. Sessions can be geared to the needs of the client, i.e. mergers, downsizing, team building, communication, etc. It can also be a fun Staff Day without any preconceived agenda.

The Flying U has a number of professionals on staff to work with clients to tailor custom programs. A healthy mix of professional development targeting and relaxation at Canada's oldest and best love guest ranch will leave your company refreshed, with a renewed sense of vigour and professional commitment.

Contact reservations@flyingu.com for more information on our company retreats. 

JOCELYN LEE - Admin., I.T., Marketing

Jocelyn brings her talents to our creative team behind the Flying U Website, marketing material, social media and helps out with administrative duties. She also practices Reiki & Crystal Healing and will be offering her services at the Ranch this summer!

She is excited to immerse herself in the natural beauty of the Cariboo while at The Flying U Ranch, and to share her love of holistic healing.
RYAN BROOKS - Wrangler

Ryan currently living in a self-built cabin in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, has made his career as an avid outdoorsman. His list of accreditation is seemingly endless: he has worked all over the country in many capacities; often with horses, but always outdoors. We have him pegged to spearhead our overnight camping excursions, and set up the line camps to facilitate this initiative. Ryan is currently developing our outfitter experience. Included in this development is the installation of an authentic Flying U line camp, overnight riding and camping options, pack trip, and potential hunting expeditions and cattle drives.

We are still looking for:
  • Marketing & Administrations Assistant
  • Wellness Professional
  • Prep Cook

Please see our website for details HERE. 


Next Month:

Stay tuned for details involving our outfitter operations:
overnight rides, camping under the stars, pack trips, cattle drives and more!

Also, look for us in The March/April Issue of Horse Journal.


Thank you for your continued support!

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