April 12, 2020
Current produce list:
- Asparagus
- Avocados
- Baby arugula
- Baby spinach
- Bananas
- Blue Moon Farm cauliflower
- Blue Moon Farm kale
- Blue Moon Farm purple sprouting broccoli
-Blue Moon Farm rhubarb
- Broccoli
- Brussel sprouts
- Burdock root
- Cara Cara oranges
- Carrots
- Celery
- Crimini mushrooms
-Dandelion greens
- Dog Island Farm shiitake mushrooms & oyster mushroom logs available
- Federico Farm sunflower/pea mix & spicy brassica mix - arriving Monday!
- Fennel
- Fuji apples
- Garlic
- Ginger
- Golden beets
- Granny smith apples - .60 cents per pound!!!
- Grapefruit - 2 for 1!!
- Green onions
- Honeycrisp apples
- Italian parsley
- Jalapenos
- Kale
- Kiwis
- Lemons
- Mandarins
- Mangos
- Meyer lemons
-Mitchell Bay Farm kiwis
- Mt. Hood green mix - microgreens
- Murcotts
- Navel oranges
-New Hannah Farm kale buds - all NHF goods arriving by 11am Monday!
-New Hannah Farm kale
-New Hannah Farm leeks
- Parsnips
- Portobello mushrooms
- Red beets
- Red onions
- Red radishes
- Red shallot
- Romaine lettuce
- Russet potatoes
- Spinach bunches
- Tangerines
- Turmeric root
- Yellow onions
- Zucchini
Here is the process for ordering with us at this time:

Email your orders to  sanjuancoop@gmail.com
1) Subject heading: Order - Name - Date
2) Include your telephone number
3) State whether or not you are open to substitutions
4) Be as specific as possible with amounts
5) Let us know if you are a current member. This is a great time to re-new your membership or join the Co-op!

Emailed orders are printed out throughout the day and filled as they arrive in the system - you will get a call from someone when they are filling your order. They will discuss any possible substitutions with you, as well as get your credit card information - and let you know that your order is ready to be picked up.

Thank you for going on this adventure with us, Co-op Family!
SJI Food Co-op Mission

We strive to provide our community with local and regional food and goods that are organic, sustainable and fairly produced with the smallest carbon footprint.
The Co-op encourages conscientious consumption and nurtures community connections.