April 25, 2020
Dear Island Community,

I'd personally like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the phone, in emails, and when you come pick up your orders.

Know that we love seeing you when you come by - and we are smiling under our masks. They say you can see a real smile by looking into someone's eyes.

Our focus right now is on feeding as many families as we can, as safely as we can.

As our local farmers ramp up more, know that we will have more and more local produce at the Co-op - and almost all our meat is from the Island.

We are so lucky to be in this beautiful place, with so many talented, hard-working farmers around us. Our job is to help support them. And by shopping at the Co-op, you are doing just that.

Be well,

Photo courtesy of Zach Chan from New Hannah Farms
Local Farms & Ranchers
We Love You

Barn Owl Bakery, Lopez: Deliveries late Tuesday and Friday (due to new ferry schedule) - fresh heirloom breads and amazing crackers

Blue Moon Farm, Waldron: Purple sprouting broccoli, kale, rhubarb, cauliflower - restocked on Thursdays!

Dog Island, Guemes: Shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushroom logs - logs only ordered by request

Federico Farms, SJI: Microgreens - Sunflower/Pea - restocked on Mondays!

Mama Bird Farm, SJI: Greens

Mitchell Bay Farms, SJI: Homemade soap & shampoo bars; lambskin, hot Italian sausage and KIWIS

New Hannah Farm, SJI: Leeks, bok choy

Setsunai Noodles, Lopez: Homemade ramen, tonkatsu broth, meat and/or veggie dumplings

Snowberry Farm, SJI: Ground goat

Sunnyfield Farm, Lopez: Yogurt; chèvre - plain, garlic and chive

Sweet Earth Farm, SJI: Kunekune hocks, loin chops; pea shoots

Sweet Grass Farm, Lopez: Wagyu ground beef

Talking Horse Ranch, SJI: Ground beef and lamb - thank you, Rob!
photo courtesy of Barn Owl Bakery
Reserve - Barn Owl Bread
Reserve your Barn Owl Bread every Sunday by 4pm!

We will order accordingly - and have your Barn Owl Bread ready for you when it arrives.

Note: the WSF system is a bit wonky right now; sometimes the Lopez arrivals arrive much later in the day on Tuesdays and Fridays. By reserving your loaf (or crackers, which are to die for) we can be sure to get it to you - and will call you when your bread arrives at the Co-op!

Send us an email with your bread preference and phone number, and we'll do the rest!

Country Bread
Midnight Rye
Gluten-Free Sourdough
Pizza Dough
Pumpkin Seed Polenta
Sourdough Spelt Crackers
Toasted Sesame
Yeast...the magic ingredient
We wanted to let you know that we have yeast - and plenty of it for all you bakers out there! We have larger bags, and are also creating smaller bags so that everyone gets a chance to take some of this magical ingredient home.

Let us know if you need any yeast...and yes, we have all different kinds of flour:

Gluten Free flours:
1:1 Baking Flour
Almond - regular & blanched
Flaxseed Meal - in chilled section
Sweet Sorghum
White Rice

Other flours:
Blue Cornmeal
Masa Harina
WW White Flour (unbleached all-purpose)
WW Bread Flour (fine ground)

Archipelago: 100% delicious. 100% fun.
Some of you may remember the remarkable sparkling Siegerrebe from Chris and Marti at Archipelago Beverage Company we had last summer.

Well, right before things started locking down they brought over their two newest releases, a pet. nat. gruner veltliner and a pet. nat. rose of pinot noir. Both are lightly cloudy from the bottle fermentation, relatively low in alcohol, crisp, dry and refreshing. They differ greatly in character though.

The Gruner Veltliner has a wonderful and slightly surprisingly creamy mouthfeel, with lemon zest, subtle earthiness and a hint of floral notes on top of bone-dry, refreshing bubbles.

The Sparkling Pinot Noir Rose is hyper-expressive, with raspberry candy and strawberry aromas, with vibrant acidity to balance the fruit.

While the rose is the live-wire showstopper, over the course of the two days I spent with them I found myself increasingly drawn to the Gruner Veltliner.

The bottles say “100% delicious. 100% fun.” They are 100% right, which is important right now.
Produce List
Apples - Fuji, Jazz and Honeycrisp
Arugula - Dancing Seeds Farm and baby arugula in clamshell
Avocados - plenty...get as many as you like :)
Bananas - available Wednesday
Bell Peppers - Red
Bok Choy - New Hannah Farm - divine
Cauliflower - Blue Moon Farm
Cabbage - green, red and napa
Beets - red and golden
Brussel Sprouts
Burdock root
Carrots - bunched
Chard, Rainbow
Cilantro - lots!
Cucumber - available Wednesday
Ginger root
Green onions
Horseradish root
Kiwis - Mitchell Bay Farms - now carrying local kiwis ONLY!
Leeks - regular and New Hannah Farm leeks
Lemons - regular and Meyer
Lettuces - Romaine, green leaf
Mama Bird greens
Microgreens - Federico Farms, Sunflower and Pea mix - available Tuesday
Mushrooms - Dog Island Shiitake, Crimini; Dog Island mushroom logs - by request
Onions - Yellow and Red
Oranges - Navel, Cara Cara
Gold nugget mandarins
Parsley - Italian
Parsnips - more arriving Tuesday
Pea Vines - Sweet Earth Farm
Pears - Red
Potatoes - french fingerling, russet. yellow
Purple sprouting broccoli - Blue Moon Farm
Radishes - Red
Radishes - French from Dancing Seeds Farm
Rapini, Blue Moon Farm
Rhubarb - Blue Moon Farm
Spinach - bunches
Spring tips - Blue Moon Farm
Sweet potatoes - regular and Japanese
Tomatoes on the Vine - available Wednesday
Turmeric root
Yams - garnet
SJI Food Co-op Mission

We strive to provide our community with local and regional food and goods that are organic, sustainable and fairly produced with the smallest carbon footprint.
The Co-op encourages conscientious consumption and nurtures community connections.