April 11, 2020
Hello All,

This is just a reminder that we will be closed Easter Sunday.

I will be sending out a Beet showing all our produce soon - and will have an updated (and more efficient) process for everyone this coming week.

Thank you for braving these wild few first days with us!!

Any orders that came in after 5pm on Friday, April 10th will be filled beginning Monday morning, April 13th.

We are ready for you to start submitting your orders again on Monday morning at 10am.

We will call you when we have your order ready - please help us by not calling the Co-op and tying up the phone lines.

Be well, be safe, and as a Community, let's keep each other sane.

Ordering Process
Here is the process for ordering with us at this time:

Email your orders to sanjuancoop@gmail.com
1) Subject heading: Order - Name - Date
2) Include your telephone number
3) State whether or not you are open to substitutions
4) Be as specific as possible with amounts
5) Let us know if you are a current member - note: everyone is able to shop at the Co-op! This is a great time to re-new your membership or join the Co-op!

Emailed orders are printed out throughout the day and filled as they arrive in the system - you will get a call from someone when they are filling your order. They will discuss any possible substitutions with you, as well as get your credit card information - and let you know that your order is ready to be picked up.

10am-12pm - this is for people who do NOT use email to call us with their orders.

Our staff is shopping for you - so they are reaching out to you on their own phones. The number will not be the Co-op's number.

Please expect a 24/hr. turnaround time; sometimes we are faster!

We are doing our best to be nimble and appreciate your patience as things change everyday - and aim to communicate with you as much as possible.

Local Farms - We Love You
(and we're here for you!)
Barn Owl Bakery, Lopez: Deliveries late Tuesday and Fridays - due to ferry schedule; amazing breads and crackers (the crackers are my favorite!)

Blue Moon Farm, Waldron: Purple sprouting broccoli, kale, cauliflower

Dog Island, Guemes: Shiitake mushrooms. Mushroom logs available - Blue Oyster available!

Federico Farms, SJI: Sunflower/Pea mix; Spicy Brassica mix

Mitchell Bay Farms, SJI: Homemade soap & shampoo bars; hot italian sausage

New Hannah Farm, SJI: Kale buds arriving Monday

Setsunai Noodles, Lopez: Tonkatsu broth, fresh ramen, meat dumplings - ordering more veggie dumplings!

Snowberry Farm, SJI: Ground goat

Sunnyfield Farm, Lopez: Yogurt; classic chevre and garlic and chive chevre

Sweet Earth Farm, SJI: Kunekune pork hocks, loin chops

Talking Horse Ranch, SJI: Ground beef, ground lamb - thank you, Rob!
OrcaSong Farm Hand Sanitizer
OrcasSong Farm - just across the water on Orcas Island - has been making Hand Sanitizer. They had all the goodies: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide...and they've put it to great use!

They've also added organic lavender hydrosol, organic filtered whole leaf aloe vera juice, organic vitamin E oil and organic lavender essential oil.

This won't leave your hands dry due to the aloe vera and vitamin E added to it.

We are carrying their 2oz and 8oz spray bottles. Two per customer so that everyone can get some.
Bulk Goods
We have a resupply of much-needed bulk items arriving later this week from our beloved Hummingbird!

Our bulk flour will be back, some brown rice varieties, nutritional yeast, sugar cane, and more.

We do have a large selection of legumes: black, pinto, adzuki, small red, cannellini, garbanzo, black lentils, french green lentils, and split green peas.

Our rices are white basmati, some white jasmine, coming in sprouted medium grain and short brown. 

Nuts are all in supply, cashews to almonds (lots), roasted hazelnuts to CB's roasted peanuts. Walnuts and pecans are a nice treat, but for the bold, try our curry cashews!

We still carry a variety of dried fruit, currants, raisins, prunes, figs, dates, and such.

Spices and other items such as baking chocolate, 45-70-85%, cacao powder, and nibs are always good additions!

Don't forget millet, oats and steel-cut oats, along with buckwheat groats.

We have a good selection of Orcas roasted coffees available ongoing. Don't forget tea if you are not a coffee drinker, lots to choose from. The door is closed, but you still have access to all of our great and organic items, email your orders now!

Jeremy’s Selections

Boccaccio’s Decameron has been on my mind these days. I’m going to admit, I haven’t read it (my Italian is rusty and my classical Italian doesn’t exist and the library closed the day before I was going to go in to get an English copy), but the gist is that a group of folks flee the plague in Florence to a villa in Fiesole, where they wait it out drinking wine, dancing and telling moderately dirty stories. Kind of like the Canterbury Tales, but less traveling and more social isolation.

Boccaccio focuses on the stories, being a writer and all, which the internet likes to think it has covered, and the dancing is pretty well on you, but I thought we could help with the wine part of the equation.

We’re doing a few different prepacked half cases – 6 bottles on a theme around the same price, mostly red but with maybe a white or rose thrown in.

Wednesday Wines – inexpensive, good wines that don’t cost too much and don’t require that one thinks too hard after a hard day. Average bottle price $10-15, mostly on the lower side of that.
Villa in Fiesole - If you are on island right now we’re pretty much living in our societies version of a villa in Fiesole, so let’s celebrate it. Natural-leaning euro-centric wines for enjoying life to the fullest in uncertain times. Bottles in the $15-20 range.

Northwest Wine – celebrating what we do right here, from San Juan through Oregon. Average price $15-25. If we throw in something special that costs a bit more, we’ll keep the prices down on everything else.
Cider – mixed half cases of our local producers and a couple of gems from Oregon and France. $10-20 average.

Also, twice a week I will do hand selected half cases and cases.

Email us, with “Jeremy’s Selections” in the title and give me some idea of things you like or don’t like, red/white/rose/sparkling, and a price range ($15 average, $20 average, $25+).

Same kind of idea for single beers – let me know if you like IPA’s, sours, anything but IPA’s and sours, etc. and I’ll pick out 6 or 12 that should be tried.

We will also have mixed cases of 4 different beers in 6 packs or 4 packs, just write down what you’re feeling like and we will select some good options for you. 

(Michelle wants the case that “makes her feel like a pretty, pretty flower”, in a mix of beer, wine and cider, so that’s what I’ll be doing right after I finish writing this).

“Jeremy’s Selections” orders filled on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Wellness Update
Hello Members -

This is a very tough time to write about health and wellness. In part because people are already being completely overwhelmed with information and misinformation. Trying to sort through the constant influx and determine what is useful and correct is exhausting, to say the least. I would venture to say that the average person is currently experiencing extreme levels of stress within their bodymind. Some of the effects of stress on the bodymind include disrupted sleep, anxiety, depression, memory issues and decreased immunity. According to Dr. Robert Sapolsky in his acclaimed guide to stress physiology,  Why Zebra's Don't Get Ulcers there are several key pieces to coping with increased stress:

1. An outlet for frustration
2. A sense of predictability
3. A feeling of control
4. An optimistic outlook
5. Social support

Yikes! So not only are there an influx of increased stressors, but also our natural instincts to cope with the stress have been dramatically inhibited.
Fortunately, nature has provided us with many supportive plants and fungi to help bring our bodies back to a state of homeostatic equilibrium. With all of the focus on immuno-supportive supplements and herbs, it is important to remember that our bodies are very capable of handling many different types of infection, as long as they are in balance.

If you find yourself experiencing insomnia, anxiety, depression, memory recall issues or any of the other effects of chronic increased stress, your co-op has a number of adaptogenic supplements and herbs that can help support your body and bring you back to balance.

WishGarden Herbs : Deep Stress, Serious Relaxer, Emotion Ally, Sleepy Nights, Liquid Bliss
Host Defense Mushrooms : CordyChi, Reishi, Lions Mane, Brain and Body
Sun Potion : Reishi, Green Adaptogen, Anandamide,Lions Mane, Moringa, Mucuna Pruriens
KAL : Stress B Magnesium, Melatonin
Himalaya Organics:  Stress Care, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil
Natural Vitality : Natural Calm Powder, Calm Plus Calcium, Calmful Sleep
Sun Soil:  CBD Tinctures and Gel Caps

In addition to herbs and supplements, please remember that the World Health Organization has recommended that people limit news intake to no more than 15 minutes a day to preserve mental health.

Lastly, many of you have been asking when certain products will be available again on the HABA shelves of the Co-op, and we are indeed working on it. Most of our suppliers are back logged 2-3 weeks with overwhelmed warehouse and shipping departments. Several things that we usually carry are out of stock with our suppliers. I will do my best to keep you informed of what comes in each week, as well as what is new on the HABA shelves, and products you may find helpful.
Such As:
8 oz Honey Gardens Elderberry Syrup
8 oz Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Syrup
1 oz Living Earth Herbs Elderberry Elixir
2 or 4 oz Living Earth Herbs Osha Cough

~Be Well
SJI Food Co-op Mission

We strive to provide our community with local and regional food and goods that are organic, sustainable and fairly produced with the smallest carbon footprint.
The Co-op encourages conscientious consumption and nurtures community connections.