March 22, 2020
Hello Everyone!

One thing I love right now is that people who normally have to "hide" their illness no longer have to - and by sharing their information, neighbors and friends are coming to their aid and heeding the call.

Whenever someone has a medical condition, they hide it from the world for the most part - because of stigma. At this moment in time, the opposite is happening. People are raising their hands and saying, "I need assistance" and others are responding with compassion, care, and thoughtfulness.

For everyone that is immunocompromised, this is not an ideal situation - but nothing in their life has been. They live very different realities every single day. And now it is okay, even preferred, to share this knowledge and ask for help.

Strangely, this puts a smile on my face. I like to see neighbor showing up for neighbor. Friend for friend. Employer for employee.

This is really how things can be; we can be open, emphasize what we need help with - and get that help. This is beautiful to me, personally. This builds community in an honest way - and this is new.

Now is the time for stigma-busting. Have an illness? How can we help?

If you have any special needs, please don't hesitate to let me know. I am definitely listening.

Thank you for all your emails of support. The Co-op team appreciates and feels your love. I hope that you feel ours.

Be well,
Local Farms - We Love You
(and we're here for you!)
Blue Moon Farm, Waldron: Kale, On Thursday: Purple sprouting broccoli, rapini, kale

Dog Island, Guemes: Shiitake mushrooms

Federico Farms, SJI: Microgreens - Sunflower/Pea, Mild and Spicy Brassica and "Confetti Mix" which is purple and green radish

Mitchell Bay Farms, SJI: Homemade soap & shampoo bars; fuzzy kiwis - give them a day to ripen (according to Colleen)

New Hannah Farm, SJI: Kalettes- only a few left!

Sunnyfield Farm, Lopez: Finally! Chevre - regular and with herbs

Snowberry Farm, SJI: Ground goat

Sweet Earth Farm, SJI: Kunekune pork belly, hocks, loin chops; chicken and duck eggs; pea shoots

Talking Horse Ranch, SJI: Ground beef, ground lamb - thank you, Rob!
Let's Talk About Soap
My favorite soaps at the Co-op are Colleen's handmade soap bars. I am not biased; I just know a good product when I see it.

Her "Tasmania Wild" soap contains kunzea (similar to tea tree oil), lisea, and eucalyptus. I have one at every sink in my house (there are only 2).

Disclaimer: I am extremely scent-sensitive and have to use almost everything fragrance-free. This soap does not bother me at all. This is part of what makes it so remarkable.

The Staff and Co-op members also love her Shampoo-Baa which comes in two different options: one for oily hair, another for normal/dry.

No packaging, no plastic - just handmade soap made on the Island.

Special Orders

Please Follow New Instructions

Deadlines have changed for special orders.

During this time, there is also a limit to 10 items per order.

Due to the rise in special orders, we are adding a $25 processing fee per order which goes into effect this week.

We are also asking that you email your order to with the subject heading: "Special Order-Your Name-Date-UNFI". If the order is for Azure, put Azure instead of UNFI.

Use item codes, descriptions, amounts and prices.


This is a new development for the Co-op, and we thank you in advance for your patience with us as things are changing rapidly.


The UNFI deadline is Friday, March 27th. This is a weekly order.
The Azure deadline is Friday, March 27th. This is a bi-weekly order.

**Payment options have also changed.

We are only able to accept cash for special orders - this is not intended to be a long-term change. Soon there will be the option to pay by credit card.
Board and Annual Meeting Update

Dear Members,

The Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 25th. The meeting is already capped at 10 attending. I will do my best to issue the agenda beforehand - and our meeting minutes are always at the Co-op for you to read. We are committed to remaining transparent throughout this transition.

Please send any member comments to with the subject heading: "Attn: Board Meeting". I will take your comments with me to the meeting.

Our Annual Meeting now needs to be postponed. We have new by-laws and articles of incorporation to share with you. Stay tuned, friends.

Thank you for your patience and understanding - we will get through this together, as a Community.

Be well,
SJI Food Co-op Mission

We strive to provide our community with local and regional food and goods that are organic, sustainable and fairly produced with the smallest carbon footprint.
The Co-op encourages conscientious consumption and nurtures community connections.