February 23, 2020
Hello Members!

Please join your Co-op Board and Staff at this week's Board Meeting - Wednesday, Feb. 26th at 6:30pm . The Co-op closes at 6pm so staff can attend the meeting.

Your voices and opinions matter - this is your Co-op!

Every meeting opens with member comments - which is where we love to hear about opinions and comments from YOU.

See you there!
Local Farms - We Love You!
(and we miss you)
Dog Island, Guemes: Shiitake mushrooms (always in my fridge)

Federico Farms, SJI: Microgreens; jams, jellies, chutneys, and biscotti

Sunnyfield Farm, Lopez: Goats milk yogurt; cheese coming soon!
Bulk Offerings
We've been hearing from a lot of customers that they would like to see us increase our bulk offerings. People are really keen on living a zero-waste lifestyle as much as possible and they look to us to help them to achieve that goal.

We invite you to be part of this conversation with us; we will try our best to seek out and offer products that fit this need for our waste-conscious community. 

Madrone Cider - Follow Up

Several readers had questions about Madrone; it is a partnership between Shaun and Amy Salamida - and they are local San Juan Islanders.

Most exciting is the news that they will be opening a downtown Friday Harbor tasting room this spring on First Street!

Thank you for your questions, and interest in supporting them.

You can follow their journey by clicking here: @madronecellars or visit https://madronecellars.com/
Mutha Butta...our new Coconut Butter
Ingredients: Organic Coconut

The original is simple and sweet. Organic coconut and nothing else - that’s right.

This product is incredibly versatile. Used in sauces, icings, creams, and as a butter substitute. From lattes to smoothies, to dairy-free baked goodies and beyond - this jar will take your recipes to the next level.

New at your Co-op.

Stay Involved

Next meeting date:

Wednesday, Feb. 26th
Heritage Bank Community Room

Co-op will close at 6PM so that staff can attend.

Have something to say? We'd love to hear it.

This is your Co-op.
Be a part of the conversation.
Special Orders

Note: Deadlines have changed for special orders.

The next Azure deadlin e is Thursday, Feb. 27th. Pickup falls on Friday, March 6th. Azure is ordered bi-weekly.

The UNFI deadline is Friday, Feb. 28th. Pickup falls on Tuesday, March 3rd.
UNFI is a weekly order.

Email us your order at sanjuancoop@gmail.com

Thank you - it's a pleasure serving this great community!
SJI Food Co-op Mission

We strive to provide our community with local and regional food and goods that are organic, sustainable and fairly produced with the smallest carbon footprint.
The Co-op encourages conscientious consumption and nurtures community connections.