TLC Monadnock Update
Year In Review: Checking In & Catching Up

TLC Monadnock, a community-based crowdfunding program, helped four crowdfunding campaign teams raise $32,960 from 285 supporters in 2019, bringing our totals to eighteen teams raising over $126,000 since launching in 2017.

Always looking to reflect on our progress while planning for the future, we reached out to past crowdfunding campaign leaders to check in and catch up.

DUE FRIDAY! Community-Based Crowdfunding Program Seeks Proposals From Social Enterprises
Top Proposal Will Receive Free Crowdfunding Campaign Video

The Local Crowd (TLC) Monadnock, a community-based crowdfunding program serving the entire Monadnock region and state, invites emerging and established social enterprises to submit project proposals to TLC Monadnock.

For this proposal cycle, TLC Monadnock seeks projects focusing on affordable housing, farms & food or living wage jobs & equity. While all for-profits, non-profits and community initiatives are welcome to apply, projects addressing these community needs will receive extra campaign support and resources -- beyond what is currently provided to all TLC Monadnock campaigns.

All crowdfunding campaign teams receive hands-on technical assistance to help them launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. Campaign teams also receive a free crowdfunding assessment to ensure that they receive the coaching and training that best fits each team's needs.

Additionally, TLC Monadnock will award one proposal a free video, produced by 710 Main Films, to support their crowdfunding campaign.  Studies show that crowdfunding campaigns with videos raise four times more funds than campaigns without videos.

TLC Monadnock will select up to six social enterprises to participate in this crowdfunding cohort, based on the potential of each project to positively impact their local economy and community.  Accepted proposals will launch their campaigns this winter or spring.

This request for proposals is available online at proposals are due before 5:00 p.m. on January 17, 2020.
Crowdfunding is the process in which an entrepreneur, business, or organization asks a large number of people (usually through the Internet) to contribute a certain amount of money for a specific project. By leveraging the power of crowdfunding, TLC Monadnock's fundraising platform  offers an innovative way for community members to support the projects they care about.
For more information, visit or contact Jen Risley at 603-283-5401.
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Measuring Economic Growth: Are We There Yet?  

Is our community more prosperous now than it was before?

We're not sure. We'd love to see our region develop a set of Community Economic Development indicators that measure how well our regional economy is working for all people and business types.

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