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The New A4BC Angels Program
The A4BC Angels Program was created to make a difference in another person's life dealing with the complexities of breast cancer disease, especially MBC. Our aim is to give one on one support, guidance and compassion because we care.

No one should ever feel alone with this disease.

At the same time as volunteer advocates, we have to put our own health first to care for others. This is about balance, because cancer is stress. And it’s hard with this disease to keep the stress out.
Putting one's self care first allows the A4BC Angels to promote their own wellness, while aiding the ability to help caring for others.

We believe in order to focus on staying alive with quality of life we have to heal the healer.

So bear with us, as we continue to define and accomplish our goals. This is a growing movement   evolving from a conscious effort on our part to keep all of us involved in patient advocacy, 

Please meet our newest A4BC Angel Program Volunteer Pamela. As a result of the assistance she received through this program she has joined the A4BC volunteer team.

If you want to get involved please contact us!

Thank you!
The Advocates 4 Breast Cancer (A4BC) Team
Meet our A4BC Angel Pamela

My name is Pamela and I am 47 years old. First and foremost I am a mom to a beautiful little boy named Matthew who is 8 years old. I work as an advocate for children with life threatening food allergies. My little guy and I love spending time playing, going for walks, making puzzles and any adventure that comes up!

Last year in June of 2017 I went for my yearly mammogram, I have never had any issues but have always had ultra sounds due to dense breasts. The radiologist called me in his office and said there was something very “suspicious” and at that moment I just knew that there was something wrong. Within two days I had my biopsy and on June 27, 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I underwent a double mastectomy due to family history and within 3 weeks I was told it had spread to my bones. I was now a stage 4 metastatic breast cancer patient.

My entire world turned upside down, between pain, treatment, multiple surgeries and doctor appointments, I could barely work. During this time my finances plummeted, my home was at risk and I could barely survive. I didn’t even know where to begin for help.

I spent months trying to find resources that could help, however after sending out 50 plus emails with no responses and making phone calls and getting no return calls I felt helpless. That was until Advocates 4 Breast Cancer reached back to me. My situation was very complicated and very difficult financially and legally with my home and bills. A4BC worked hard to find me resources and help me to connect to legal resources. I was also granted financial help toward my situation. The A4BC Angels Program has truly been a blessing and saved me from falling apart. The emotional support was incredible. I finally for the first time didn’t feel alone. I felt I had friends behind me, in my corner, helping through this difficult time and doing all they could to help me resolve my financial situation. All of the financial stress makes healing and focusing on illness 10 times harder and to know you have someone there who cares and wants to help makes all the difference in the world. I can now focus on healing and taking care of my son instead of stressing about my issues. The Angels Program was not just support financially or resourcefully, they have continued to stand by me and build friendships. My son and I will be forever grateful for the help of Advocates 4 Breast Cancer and their A4BC Angels Program.