February 10, 2017
The Head's Heads Up:
The Gift of a Lifetime

A recent National Association of Independent School survey of current independent school parents reflects exactly what earlier surveys have reported when parents are asked, "What is the value added of an independent school education?"

There are five recurring reasons that parents believe in independent school education. Independent schools have:
  • Strong academic programs
  • Teachers who are of the highest quality and are well qualified
  • Effective student-teacher ratios
  • Parents, teachers, and students who partner for the benefit of each child's education
  • A school culture that supports growth and achievement
For those of us who work at Chesapeake Academy, we agree with these findings. We know that what we do matters for our children's futures. We know that how we do it makes a difference in students' achievement. We are passionate about children and committed to excellence and positive character development. What a marvelous gift you give your children by enrolling them at CA. It is a gift that no one can ever take away and a gift that will position them for all future study.

It is that time of the year when we request parents to re-enroll their children for the next academic year. School leadership requires this time to make important budgeting and staffing decisions. Enrollment contract deadlines are rapidly approaching. Knowing that your most precious child will be returning makes our planning more effective and efficient.

Continue to give your child a Chesapeake Academy education. It is a gift of a lifetime.

"You have power over your mind--not outside events.  Realize this and you will find strength. 
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
(Yes, you! All of you....everyone!)

The Cirque du CA team is on fire with excitement! And the heat is spreading! Each parent has been contacted by room parents and asked to engage in procurement efforts for the Auction in May. This year we have an amazing support team of parents and staff to help get everyone involved to make our silent auction and auction catalogue a fund-raising sensation. 

Auction proceeds make so many important programs at CA possible, and it's up to us to keep the train rolling. So without delay, sign up today to do your part. 

Contact your room parent and join the circus!

Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
Kelsey Liner '26 and Sam Parker '26 get ready to take the shuttle for a spin!

Pre-K 3&4 Blasts off to Space
Zoom, zoom, zoom: we're off to the moon in Pre-K 3&4!  Building rockets, learning about orbits, planets, and that ball of burning gas, the sun!  Zero gravity?  No problem!  Pre-K 3&4 has answers for a host of zero gravity problems!
Forget that groundhog!  The ospreys are coming!

Punxsutawney Evan '24 and Punxsutawney Charley '24 improvise when the weather does not cooperate on Groundhog Day!
Kindergarten and First Graders Master Measuring!
On Groundhog Day, Kindergarten and first grade set out to measure shadows and, finding none, they tackled the parking lot and surrounding area using standard and non standard units of measure. Not sure what was up with the groundhog...these intrepid mathemeticians couldn't find their shadows.
Logan constructs a monument or symbol as a culmination of this study. 
First Grade Studies American Symbols and Monuments
Map studies have been the name of the game in first grade, and the focus is on the good old USA! Traditions, symbols, monuments....all those things that give us our national character are topics for first grade inquiry.  The presidential inauguration, symbols such as the bald eagle and Liberty Bell, and monuments such as the Gateway Arch and Washington Monument capture attention and excite curiosity.  
"Hermit Crab" Goes on The Road
The all star cast of "A House for Hermit Crab" shared their show with the students and staff of Little Spats Preschool in Kilmarnock!  What a wonderful audience and a great opportunity to share this show!

Lorry Manetz models the hat he made to celebrate the Chinese New Year!
Making Head Gear for the Chinese New Year in Fourth Grade
Saturday, January 28, marked the start of The Chinese New Year, a festival marking the start of the new year that begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice and lasts until the full moon  fifteen days later. This year is the year of the Rooster.   

Fourth graders celebrated this holiday at the end of a unit on Ancient China by creating headdresses and ma king ice cream in class! Did you know that the origin of ice cream can be traced back all the way to 200 B.C.E., when people in China created a dish of rice mixed with milk that was then frozen by being packed in snow? The headdresses were inspired by ones worn by ancient Chinese Emperors and Empresses. 


Larkin Denton, Class of 2018, going places!
My School Rocks 
by Larkin Denton
I love the unique cheerful environment at Chesapeake Academy, not just in the school but in the broader community. My teachers seem excited to see what I can do and how I will grow. I feel very supported by my teachers.  I have enjoyed opportunities to develop my interests in technology and film: and when coding was an early passion, I was mentored and encouraged by my teachers. I have become a "go to" guy for all sorts of technology at CA, and I love being helpful. Athletics are not a top priority for me, but I have enjoyed them as a fun way to be on a team and be with friends. These have always been positive experiences, and my coaches are always very encouraging. I am so glad I get to be an Osprey!  

Its Re-enrollment Time!  
Don't wait untill the last minute to save your child's seat!
Seacampers are Getting Excited:  Departure, February 20!

"Because of our location on Carter's Creek off the Chesapeake Bay and our focus on the marine science thread of the science curriculum at Chesapeake Academy, you can argue that our seventh and eighth graders have been preparing for their Florida Keys Field Study since they started watching frogs develop from tadpoles in Pre-K 3&4," explains Assistant Head of School, Julie Keesee. "Our youngest students enjoy dip netting in the outdoor classroom, observing creatures, and learning about where and how they live.

Lower schoolers use the habitats around Chesapeake Academy's outdoor classroom as their personal lab as well. Fourth graders begin their work with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation with a marking period unit on the marine science of the Chesapeake Bay and finish the unit with first-hand experiences on the water. Third through fifth grade students study marine systems in the life science curriculum and practice their lab skills annually at the Urbanna Oyster Festival Education Days; while Chesapeake Academy middle schoolers participate in Christchurch School's place-based extensions of academic curriculum (PEAC) experiences that feature comparative analyses of the tributarial estuaries and the greater Rappahannock River.

Sixth graders participate in an integrated water unit in their literature, geography, and science courses, and oyster gardening offers seventh graders hands-on experience with aquaculture. Seventh and eighth graders steward Chesapeake Academy's own wetland nature trail, removing invasive species, and planting native species while identifying and marking key specimens for others to enjoy! Through a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund, Chesapeake Academy sixth graders are working on getting the school's wetlands certified as a Schoolyard Habitat by the National Wildlife Foundation. In a new partnership with the Friends of the Rappahannock and the Master Gardeners, sixth grade students will be taking on a shoreline restoration project this spring that will also use monitoring equipment to collect data on water quality and soil erosion at Windmill Point.

Seventh and eighth graders are busily putting the final touches on preparations for their culminating field study which is a comparison of the marine ecosystems of the Chesapeake Bay with those of the Florida Keys, researching various biomes and ecological factors that impact both regions.

All of the students participating in the trip have taken notes in their Seacamp journals to use as a resource in their work. Travelers will also make "Wetland Wheels" to better identify the marine life of the various regions as students examine the impact of human and natural forces on the ecosystem. Working with staff at Seacamp, students will survey the flora and fauna of the Florida Keys, collecting data to use to compare with the Chesapeake Bay. The field study concludes with a student-driven symposium at Chesapeake Academy that presents findings to the general public, including science teachers from around the region.

Chesapeake Academy Second Marking Period Academic Awards
Head of School List
Ap Pollard '20
Jackson Pyles '20
Calista Nelson '19
Spencer Cammarata '19
Adair Stanley '18
Larkin Denton '18 
Rebecca Meberg '18
Elizabeth Stanley '18
Mary Esten Brown '17
Jordan Abbott '17
Emma Smith '17

Most Improved
Rya Struse '20
Callie Souders '19
Mani Webster '18
Jordan Abbott '17

Teachers' Award
Ap Pollard '20
Spencer Cammarata '19
Rebecca Meberg '18
Mary Esten Brown '17

Mrs. Penny Work, Head of Grymes Memorial School and Chair of our Ten-Year Accreditation team, addresses Virginia Association  of Independent Schools gathered in Charlottesville at the Boar's Head Inn. Honored for her achievements for Chesapeake Academy and for the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, Debbie Cook was presented with a resolution outlining the ways she has lifted Chesapeake Academy and the Association.

Don't Forget President's Weekend!  No school on February 17 through 20!  Enjoy!

The Emery Boys:  An Ourdoorsman's Dream Team!
Ospreys Around Town:  The Emery Boys Contribute to the Family Business!

What could be more fitting than a couple of Ospreys who love the outdoors and help out with their parents' charter hunting and fishing business at Mt. Airy in Westmoreland County. The Emery family runs the family estate as a bed and breakfast and a charter hunting destination.  So its "all hands on deck" during the busy season! 

Both boys help build and brush blinds in the summer in preparation for duck and goose season. Tayloe, Class of 21,  helped guide hunters some this winter, getting up early to put decoys out and get clients to the blinds.

Thomas, Class of 22, has taken guests fishing and he helps with cooking. This fellow is a biscuit making ace! "Helping out is fun because I get to shoot ducks and geese with my dad, and go fishing and help with dinner and hear all the stories," Thomas explains.

Both of the brothers help serve guests and dive into clean-up after meals. Tayloe comments,  "The time you put in you will get back. I love hearing the hunting stories, and I love helping my family.  It is something I love to do."  What a wonderful outlook on pulling together for a common cause! We're proud of these two Ospreys!

The seventh and eighth graders took their performance mash-up of Cinderella and Robin Hood, "Cinder Hood," on the road to Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury! Despite the distraction of a squirrel (yes, a squirrel) who inadvertently joined the proceedings, the show was a hit with the folks at RWC!

Eighth graders learned about thermal energy by making ice cream!
Faces and Our Culture Touches Lives
This note from the Carranza Solis family about Nacho's time at Chesapeake Academy is just too good not to share.  It takes a  village to make an impression like this.  Well done, Chesapeake Academy!  

If your child is in rising 6, 7, 8 for 2017-18 and you are interested in finding out more about this sort of cultural exchange,    contact Mrs. Hilary Scott .

Hello Julianne, 
Sorry to write until now! We are Ignacio Carranza's (Nacho) parents. He was at your school last October-November as an exchange student from Guatemala. We like to have the opportunity to thank you and all of CA members, including teachers, students, etc. They were all such good people to our son. He came so excited telling us all his adventures and perfect moments he lived with all of you. He enjoyed being part of some place he felt belonged, as if he studied there since long time ago. He loved the system, his classmates, the friends from other classes and specially how everybody accepted and treated him. We really appreciate all of this! Thank you very much again, we wish you all the best things in life, as you made our son live for some days! This adventure was the perfect experience as Nacho landed on the Bransons house, another place full of love and respect. We are so grateful that they were Nacho's family, they are great too!! We are expecting them to come to visit our house on summer, we hope this happens! So thanks again Julianne, we hope we can collaborate somehow in the future with any CA member, we would be very pleased to do it! Have a nice year! 
                                                                                                     Carranza Solis family

Does this CA decal look like the one on your vehicle? We are aware that the current supply of decals seems to have an issue with the adhesive! Please let us provide you with a fresh decal while we work on correcting this problem later in the spring. During morning carpool next week, we will have decals to handout as you drive through. Just tell Debbie, Julie, or Hilary how many you need!

Special Note:  We know kids can't wait to get to school each day, but school begins for students at 8:15 a.m. While the front office staff understands that occasionally students need to be dropped off a little early, it is important to call and let someone know ahead of time so we can ensure children are properly supervised.
What is Discovery Day at Chesapeake Academy?
Discovery Day is a fun and creative hands-on experience for community children on cold Saturday morning's in January and February. These events are offered as a means to bring together early childhood and elementary school families in our community with enriching, age-appropriate art, science, math, movement, and music activities centered on popular children's literature.

Chesapeake's second Discovery Day, on Saturday, February 25, will feature teacher-guided activities centered around the book, Mouse Count, by Ellen Stoll Walsh . Discovery Days are sponsored by the Early Childhood and Lower School teachers at Chesapea ke Academy and the Wiley Foundation and are free to all children ages 3 - 6 in our community. 

While these events are not for current Chesapeake Academy students, we encourage our families to share this opportunity with families with young children between the ages of 3-6. If you know of a family that may have interest in attending our second Discovery Day (HINT: you could submit a referral form to begin the process and earn a $1000 tuition credit!) , please have them contact Hilary Scott at 804.438.5575 or hscott@chesapeakeacademy.org to reserve a spot!  

Athletic Boosters Update:

Dear Chesapeake Academy Families and Friends,

I am excited to announce the upcoming fundraising event to raise money for the athletic department!  For those of you that are familiar with Butter Braid pastries--you'll be glad to know that they're back!  Butter Braid pastries are delicious! They come in different flavors, and can be stored in your freezer until you are ready to use them. They will be delivered on Thursday, April 6, in time for the Easter holiday. 
The proceeds from this fundraiser support the physical education and athletics department.  Items that were purchased last year include: dodgeballs, soccerballs, volleyballs, pop goals, stat books, field paint, and a new backboard and rim for the basketball hoops on the playground.  
We are so fortunate to have a strong physical education program for the students of all ages at Chesapeake Academy, and it is important that we all continue to support the program.   Coach York has talked to the middle school students about the upcoming fundraiser, and the order forms will be sent home with them this week. An order form is included at the end of this week's Head's Up.

Order forms and checks need to be returned by Wednesday, March 15. They can be turned in  to Ms. Connie.   Please contact me,  fuller@kaballero.com  or Coach York  iyork@chesapeakeacademy.org   if you have any questions.

                                                                                                              Thank you,
         Alissa Fulmer 
         Parent of Andrew '19, 
         Alex '24

Love Chesapeake Academy?  Help it thrive!  
Donate to the Chesapeake Academy Annual Fund! 

Your gift supports the depth and breadth of the school program. And every gift matters--no matter the size.

Athletic Director, Ian York
Coach's Corner
The JV boys won their last game of the season against Ware Academy on Tuesday, February 7. Martin Smith led all scorers with 9 points, and Andrew Fulmer had a strong game on defense pulling down 6 rebounds to go along with 1 block. 

The girls' basketball team also won their game against Ware Academy. Adair and Elizabeth Stanley had 8 and 11 points respectively. Emma Smith pulled down 6 rebounds as the girls led from start to finish.

In the final game of the night, the Varsity Boys fell 3 points short in a back and forth contest that went down to the final buzzer. Orie Bullard led the way on offense with 10 points. Rock Wolfson had a monster game on defense with 9 rebounds and 6 blocks to go along with 4 points. The varsity basketball teams will wrap up their season next week with the ISAC tournament  on Tuesday at Aylett Country Day School and then  on Thursday at Christchurch School. 

Tuesday, February 14 AT ACDS
2:30 -  girls ACDS vs. SCW
3:45 -  boys SCW vs. CA
5:00 -  girls CA vs. Ware
6:15 -  boys ACDS vs. Ware
Thursday, February 16 AT Christchurch
3:00 - girls' consolation
4:15 - boys' consolation
5:30 - girls' championship
6:45 - boys' championship

CAPPA Update
Congratulations to Mrs.Antonio's first grade class for winning the January Box Tops competition!

CAPPA will be offering soccer, golf, and sailing for Lower School after school activities beginning in late March. Please be on the look out for more information via email about each activity.

We will be selling snacks at the  Saturday PALS program on March 11. So come out for an amazing show and bring some popcorn money!

And please remember, if you would like to find out how to get involved with CAPPA....Just ask!

Michelle Ritter 
CAPPA President

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." 
 Albert Camus

Student Council Scoop
Next week, beginning on  Monday, February 13 , the
Basketball Tournament  Spirit Week will take place! P articipating students will be asked to pay $1 to support Student Council community service projects, and that $1 entitles students to participate all week! 
  • Monday will be pajama day. Remember that the pajamas have to be modest enough to wear to school. Also, if your child's homeroom teacher has said it is okay, students are allowed to wear slippers in the building, but regular shoes must be worn outside. 
  • Tuesday will be Valentine's dress-up day. Students can wear pink, red, purple, or other Valentine's Day attire. 
  • Wednesday is wacky tacky day. Students are free to wear whatever kind of crazy clothes they want, as long as it is school appropriate. But we ask no face or hair paint. If they do not want to wear wacky tacky, Wednesday is also a tag day, which is included in the $! spirit week fee. 
  • Thursday is blue and white day, where students are encouraged to sport their school colors. 
Please go all out in support of the Osprey basketball teams! 

"Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves." 
  Horace Mann
The Cooks welcome their newest granddaughter! Perhaps the definition of gratitude.....

An Attitude of Gratitude
  • For everyone who came to the auction planning meeting, you are wonderful!
  • Thanks to Margot Angstrom, Lara Brown, and Becca Sterrett for agreeing to lead procurement for our upcoming Cirque du CA! Be sure to thank these ladies when you see them!
  • Though this may be the least of Grover Branson's deeds, many thanks for removing the lemon from the Pre-K 3&4  teapot. These things matter.
  • Thanks to the seventh and eighth grades for taking their "Cinderella Hood" show to Rappahannock Westminster Canterbury.
  • Thanks to the first and second grade for taking "House for Hermit Crab" to Little Spats!  What fun!
  • For the faculty members who care enough about sustainability to take the recycling to the center each week and to the fifth graders who collect and sort it, many thanks.
  • Thanks to the Friends of the Rappahannock River, the Master Gardeners, and Lancaster County administration for working together to make great educational possibilities come to life.
  • Thanks to Molly Vanderpool, Kenzie Manetz, and Kelly Antonio and Julie Keesee for a very successful Discovery Day on January 28!
  • Thanks to fourth and fifth graders for a wonderful presentation of Charlotte's Web! And thanks to their intrepid director, Robin Blake!
  • Thanks to CAPPA and Grover Branson for providing lunch for the faculty on the workday!
  • The faculty sends a fond nod of thanks to Julie Keesee who works the kinks out of the electronic report card process. 
  • Thanks to the Wiley Foundation for their support of the Performing Arts and Lecture Series!  We can't wait for "Three Little Pigs" next week!
  • The Mindstorms have arrived!  Thanks to the Mason and Lula Cole Trust for supporting this initiative. 
  • A huge thank you to grill master Grover Branson and parents Kelly Denton, Esther Glover, and Rosetta Struse for serving lunch to our middle schoolers after a long week of exams and ERB's.
  • Thank you to Catherine Emery and Catherine Emry for hitting the ground running and getting us organized for our Spring Auction!
  • Thank you to Chris Cammarata for keeping our door wreath updated with pretty decorations.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does." 
 William James

Dates to Remember
2/13 Spirit Week, Pajama Day
2/14 ISAC Bball Tournament @ ACDS, Spirit Week, Valentines Dress-up Day
2/15 PALS, Virginia Opera presents 
       "Three Little Pigs," 9:30 a.m., Tag Day, Faculty Professional Development 3:30 p.m.
        Spirit Week, Wacky Tacky Day
2/16 ISAC Bball Tournament @ CCS, Spirit Week, Blue-White Day
2/17 through 2/20 President's Weekend, no classes for students, office closed 2/20
2/20 through 2/26 seventh and eighth grades go to 
2/24 Interims out via RenWeb
3/1 Athletics Awards Assembly, 10:05 a.m.
3/2 Read Across America
3/11 Saturday PALS, Galumpha
3/15 Faculty Professional Development, 3:30 p.m.
3/17 Third Marking Period Ends
3/21 VCEE Market Days Hosts Mini-Economies
3/22 Tag Day
3/24 Richmond Symphony K-4
3/27 - 3/31 Spring Break

"Smile at strangers and you just might change a life." 
 Steve Maraboli

CAMP CHESAPEAKE  Ages 4-6 June 19 - August 18, (8:15 - 5:30) 
c ost 250.00 per week
I spy a fantastic camp!  Led by Chesapeake Academy teachers Susan May, Hillary May Smith, and Katie Parker, this camp promises a dynamic and fun experience for young campers!  Camp Chesapeake is the perfect place for campers to explore new activities, discover new interests, and meet new friends. This full-day program for children 4 to 6 nurtures campers' curiosity and offers a wide variety of activities on and off campus -- weekly trips, arts and crafts, silly competitions, games, and more! Each week builds on a different I Spy theme, so no two weeks are the same!

MYSTERY TOUR: June 26-30 and July 24-28  cost: $375
This camp is so popular that we offer two sessions a summer!  Each week of the Mystery Tour has completely new destinations and activities. Adventure and mystery are at the heart of this unique camp, which combines creative exploration with an exciting daily road trip. Journey with friends to five different destinations throughout the week. All activities and park entrance fees are included.

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS: ARTS EDITION: July 3-7  cost: $275 (includes art materials)
Find adventure and creativity throughout the natural wonders of the Northern Neck! Campers enjoy daily trips to seek out interesting vistas and inspiring locations as they build and create their own art pieces.  Visits with local artists are sure to spark campers' imagination!  In addition, campers participate in the July 4 Irvington town parade.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS CLINICS: July 31 - August 4  cost:  $150 each clinic
The Sports Clinics are designed to focus middle school athletes on improving their skills in lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer. Working with high school and middle school coaches, athletes will hone strategy, teamwork, communication, and fundamentals in each of the intense and fun 2 ½ day clinics.  Beginners and experienced players welcomed! 
Coed Lacrosse OR Girls' Volleyball: July 31, August 1, August 2 (am only)
Coed Soccer:  August 2 (pm only), August 3, August 4

FARM TO TABLE: July 10-14    cost: $250
This is far more than a cooking camp! Campers travel to local farms, oyster companies, and visit with fishermen and other food source locations to see first-hand where our food comes from. In between picking berries and catching crabs, campers will learn how to prepare delicious meals with local foods with the advice of local chefs.  An exciting and delicious week is guaranteed!

SPORTS: July 17-21  cost: $250
Love to compete? Campers enjoy action-filled days of sports and sports related activities that emphasize the fun-damentals. This recreational program emphasizes sport specific fundamentals, fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and strategy. Campers acquire skills through daily practice and gain confidence in their abilities as they discover their individual potential. Sports include soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and more. 

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS: July 31-August 4  cost: $250
Find adventure by foot, bicycle, and paddle!  Campers enjoy all of the great outdoor activities the Northern Neck has to offer.  Daily journeys throughout the Northern Neck include fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking, and more. Each week of NNK Explorer Camp has unique destinations and activities.

Chesapeake Academy | | chesapeakeacademy@chesapeakeacademy.org
 Post Office Box 8   107 Steamboat Road    Irvington, VA 22480