And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church..." 

Matthew 16:18 

Volume 32 
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 "From The Pastor's Desk"

Rev. Cory Britt
Rev. Cory Britt
     "Saying 'No' frees you up to say 'YES'". That, at least, is what I was taught in my Family Systems Counseling class in graduate school. It is true, saying "no" does free you up to say "yes". However, we long to hear "yes" in our life when we ask certain questions. It was the summer before my Junior year in High School when I fell "in love" with a girl named Rebecca. We were on a youth trip Choir Tour called "Friends Forever". Our youth group was traveling state to state via a tour bus and Rebecca and I were sitting next to each other. As Lady Macbeth encouraged, I stuck my courage to the sticking place and reached out to hold Rebecca's hand. She gently grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye, and said, "Cory, what's the name of our musical". Ah, yes, "Friends Forever". Like the rest of that Shakespearean play, romance ended in tragedy. 
     The problem with "no" is that it is so uneventful. It means nothing changes. The day might be sadder, but life is still the same. I will say, I tried again a few months later and this time Love's Labour's Won; she said yes. 
     The beauty of this word! There is a reason "Yes" fills the world of the poet. Because in "Yes", life happens. Books and Movies and Plays are all filled with the word "Yes". It moves the plot along.
Genesis 1:1-5
     God simply is. The only original creator hovering around the beginning of God's own creation. A command is given, a declaration to be responded to with zeal. 
     Perhaps the angels waited in anticipation and curiosity. The ancients aligned with possibility. What is this that can be? Will there be an answer? How will the un-created respond?
The Holy Uncreated One speaks with action, speaks with joy, speaks with goodness, speaks with a YES!
     YES, there is light. YES, there is form. YES, there is vegetation, creatures of the sea, air and land. YES, there is you and me.
     Life, unexpected, adventurous, unknown, unpredictable, and YES is the door to it all. We are looking for a life of connection with God. When we say YES! To Jesus we are saying Yes! to reconciliation, Yes! to forgiveness, to justice, mercy, grace, love, peace. We are saying Yes! to transformation. If our Yes! is contrary to those things, then it is possible we are saying NO, to God. 
     Now, saying YES, can be quite frightening. It took courage for me to say YES to the idea of holding Rebecca's hand and it took courage for her to eventually say YES to me. "Yes" does mean we are saying NO to other things. We are saying NO to comfort, the norm, habits, lifestyles, patterns, etc. 
     When, in the book of Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah encountered God in the temple, he said "Woe is me for I am wrecked, for I am a man of unclean lips"! Wrecked is a strong word. He was saying that in contact with the Holy God he became keenly aware of how small, weak, and broken he really was. He must have been aware of how many times he said "no" to God and how his comfort, norm, habits, lifestyle, and patterns were not enough. The goodness and greatness of God made him tremble. But in that moment a seraphim come to Isaiah, touched his lips with a hot coal and pronounced him clean by God. Then the Lord asked, 
"Whom Shall I Send?"
     Isaiah didn't know the task, didn't know the direction, but he knew the Lord. He knew God was about reconciliation with God's self, with others, with self, and with creation.
He said Yes to God and life was changed.
     When God shows up in our life, or when we become aware of God's presence in our life; our life is disrupted. We have a choice to say, Yes, or No. No means that you go on the same. But Yes... it may disrupt your life, you may tremble at the task, you may even fear the unknown, but you can trust the One who calls you to lead you to life.
     What is God asking you to Say Yes! to today?
This series we have begun is about saying Yes! To God. We will be providing guides and tools along the way, our hope is that as we say Yes! to God as individuals and as a body, we may see life change in our lives and community! Say YES!

Pastor Cory                                                                                                      
What To Expect In Person Worship 

We are opening our doors with restrictions. Here is what we are doing to prepare. 
  1. Masks are optional for those fully vaccinated
  2. We have sectioned one side of the sanctuary that requires masks and 6ft
  3. There are hand sanitizers at every door
  4. Pews have been sectioned off 
What You Need to Do 
  1. Stay home if sick or with sick symptoms
  2. Keep 6ft from others that don't come with you
  3. No Touching
  4. Observe Pew sections - 

What To Expect 

  1. The pews are marked with red rope, 6ft apart, front and back and side.
  2. There is family seating available
  3. Please maintain 6ft when entering building
  4. Offering is placed in White Offering boxes attached at exit
  5. There are no bulletins at this time
  6. Some music is pre-recorded
  7. Pre-packaged communion elements will be available to pick up when entering building
  8. The presence of Jesus Christ

 Join us for SEASON 15!!

Boys and Girls of all skill levels are encouraged to join us for an exciting season of playing a sport while learning the love of Jesus!

Volunteers are always welcome!
Assistant Coaches
Time / Score Keeper

Contact Jennifer Klinkowitz at 
                            UPWARD SPONSORSHIPS

Are you a business and would like to support our league?

We are currently accepting sponsors to add to our wall in the gym!

We provide the banner (created by you or us) and you get to make a difference in the life of a child!

It is only $300 to sponsor our league!  Your banner hangs in the gym for a year!  We include you in our newsletters, 1/2 time devotions, and church information.  Join our team of dedicated sponsors and become a sponsor today.

If you would like more information, please contact 
Jennifer Klinkowitz at
Adult Ministries
rachel lever
Rev. Rachel Lever


The following persons joined our church family on June 20:
Shirley Bratt, Don Harder, Jack Kazee, Melody Kazee, 
Barry Shrode, Donna Shrode, Doris Walker, Pinky Williams

Contact Rachel, to register for a study
Beyond the Sermon
 Meets each Monday, 11:00 AM ~ Zoom
This is a new, ongoing small group
You are invited to discuss the Sunday sermon on Monday mornings
Life and Ministry of the Messiah
Leader:  Rosanne Brandt
Begins Tuesday, August 31, 7:00 PM ~ Zoom
In this DVD based study, historian/teacher, Ray Vander Laan, will take you back in time to discover how the events of Jesus' day impacted 
his life and ministry and how it affects yours today.  6 sessions
Knowing God 
Leader:  Rev. Cory Britt
Begins Wednesday, September 1, 6:30 PM 
This is the first of a three part study that will help participants answer the question, "How can you know, love and serve God in a life-changing way?"  Attendees will discover tools to deepen their understanding of God 
and the scriptures.  6 sessions
Cost of the book:  $6.00
CalledHearing and Responding to God's Call
Leaders:  Cindy Johnson, Rev. Rachel Lever
Begins Wednesday, September 8, 11:00 AM ~ Zoom 
This is a study of six of the Bible's most iconic characters ~ 
Abraham, Samuel, Esther, Jonah, Mary Magdalene, and John.  
Through their lives, we will discover that the same God, who called them, 
calls us to bring hope and transformation to the world.  6 sessions
Cost of the book:  $10.00
Jesus in the Gospels
Shared leadership
Begins Wednesday, September 15, 9:30 AM  
This is a Disciple Second Generation study, which means it is different from but related to Disciple Bible Study.  Jesus in the Gospels focuses on the portraits of Jesus found in the four Gospels - 
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 
This is an in-depth study with Bible reading each day.  30 sessions
Cost of the materials:  $56.00 
(Includes study manual and Gospel Comparisons)
Building Better Moms
Co-leaders:  Carrie Sellari, Melanie Hooks
Begins Thursday, September 23, 9:15 AM
BBM is for women who have children, infants through high schoolers.
There will be six meetings before Christmas and six meetings 
after Christmas.  Registration is required by Thursday, September 9.
Contact Rachel,, for a registration form.  
Registration fee:  $20.00  (See article below)
Building Better Moms begins its 9th year at St. Peter's.  After a year off, due to Covid-19, we are excited to bring the program back.  Here is some important information for 2021-2022:
---In order to comply with church and denominational guidelines, and in order to allow more moms to participate, masks will be required at BBM.  As the pandemic evolves, we will continually review the policy and adjust when appropriate to do so.
---Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare this year.
---The BBM leadership wants the program to be accessible to as many moms as possible.  Therefore, the registration fee, for this year, has been reduced to $20.00. 
---The registration deadline is Thursday, September 9.  Contact Rachel Lever,, for a registration form.

Friday, September 10

ALL adults are invited to attend Movie Night at St. Peter's.  We will show the film, Greater.  Description:  Told he wasn't good enough to play Division 1 football, Brandon Burlsworth took a risk and walked on in 1994.  This film is meticulously modeled after the true life story of the player from Harrison, Arkansas.  There is no cost and no need to make a reservation.  This event is sponsored by Women of St. Peter's.


                                      JULY FELLOWSHIP SUNDAY

The Welcome Back Committee prepares for 
Fellowship Sunday and Pastor Cory's birthday
Chuck Hardy presents Pastor Cory with a bag of cards and a box of gifts


Fellowship, Prophets and Kings and Prayer Shawl Ministry
provided backpacks and school supplies for needy children at West Gate.
This is a bilingual school with a grade of C.
L:  Pencils, crayons, and markers ... Oh, My!
R:  Thumbs up!  Two West Gate staff greet Rosanne Brandt
Below:  15 backpacks with mandated age level supplies


Dear Barbara Mendez:

On behalf of the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation of 20 shawls.

It is through the efforts of community partners like you that allow us to continue the quality care and services that we seek to provide our deserving Veterans.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Voluntary Service at 561-422-7373.  Thank you for your continued support and advocacy.


Heather Murphy
Chief, Voluntary Service
Special thanks to everyone who donated food to CROS Ministries. 
The following amounts were given:
    June ~ 329.8 pounds
  July ~ 349 pounds
August ~ 587.4 pounds
Please place your non-perishable food items in the bin in the foyer of the sanctuary.  Marianne and Mark Forrest will transport the food to the Lake Worth food pantry each week.

See Barbara Otto on Sundays after each of the worship services 
$48.00 ($45.00 participation fee plus $3.00 processing fee)
Make checks payable to CROS WALK
St. Peter's UMC
Barbara Otto ~ 561-793-3730 ~
DONATIONS are appreciated!


++ Denotes groups meeting by way of Zoom
**Denotes short term small groups

AM - Fellowship Class - Meets at St. Peter's   
AM - Small Group for Parents of Young Children
AM - Small Group for Parents of Youth
PM - Abundance of Joy Reunion Group++
PM - Salty Sisters Reunion Group++
PM - Men's Book Study++
AM - Beyond the Sermon++
AM - Ruth Circle (1st Monday)
PM - Men's Reunion Group++
PM - Women's Reunion Group++
PM - Zoom Prayer Gathering++ 
PM - Women of St. Peter's (2nd Monday)
PM - United Methodist Men (3rd Monday)
AM - Men's Breakfast Group 
PM - Life and Ministry of the Messiah**++
PM - Women's Small Group++
AM - Women's Breakfast Reunion Group++
AM - Called**++ - Begins September 8 
AM - Jesus in the Gospels - Begins September 15 - Meets at St. Peter's
PM - Knowing God** - Meets at St. Peter's 
PM - Prayer Shawl Ministry - Meets at St. Peter's 
AM - Building Better Moms - Begins September 23 - Meets at St. Peter's
PM - Men's Bible Study - Meets at St. Peter's
PM - Women's Lunch Reunion Group++
AM - Men's Breakfast Reunion Group++
**Contact Rachel,, for more information about these groups.


Jenn Morgan, Coordinator of Children's Arts & Shelly Albright, Director of Children and Youth Ministries

Our children have had A GREAT summer from VBS to camp to mission trips!
We have a calendar filled with activities for children, youth and families this fall.
Make sure to go to the end of the article to so you read all about what's in store!

We feel it is really important to get our children back in church on Sunday mornings. Not only are we missing them, but they are missing Jesus in their lives. Now is the time to recommit to weekly attendance!

If you haven't been in a while, some things might look different. This fall we are integrating both elementary aged children and youth into our 9:30 Contemporary worship experience. They will have a separate place to sit in community with one another (parents will still be able to enjoy a kid free experience), activity bags related to the sermon, and roles in our service. Research shows that adults who attended church regularly as children are much more likely than their unchurched peers to be involved in church-based and personal spiritual activities. 

Our little ones will still be able to attend the Nursery and Sunday school. We are super excited to have Vivian and Hannah Hutchins leading our PreK program at 9:30am. And of course....the nursery wouldn't be the same without Ms. Jennifer! Childcare is available for babies through PreK for both the 9:30 & 11am worship services. Drop-off is 10 minutes prior to service. Age-appropriate lessons, crafts and activities will be provided. FYI, children are always welcome in church too!

At our 11am service, we will be hosting a large group Sunday school experience for the children. We haven't brought back our children's chats due to COVID, but hopefully soon. At this time, there is no Sunday school for youth. However, it will be coming soon. Stay tuned for more information.

OUR BIGGEST NEED is volunteers to lead Sunday school. You do not need to be an expert on the Bible, develop your own curriculum or have  special skills in arts & crafts! You just need to love Jesus and children. 

I would love to talk to you about ways to serve. Please reach out, even if you cannot commit every Sunday. We can create a flexible schedule for you. 


Children's Choirs are up and running! However, we are always welcoming new children into our program. If you have a child interested in singing and dancing then children's choir is for them! 
Ms. Jenn holds practices Friday afternoons for ages 3-6th grade. Follow this link for this year's schedule: Children's Choir Schedule

Youth Praise Team performed beautifully at our Youth Open House. Practices are held on Sundays at 3pm right before youth group. Singers and instrumentalists are always welcome. Just come as you are on Sunday and we will put you on stage!


Join us on Monday evenings for Tea Time or Gourmet Guys,
on Tuesdays for Girl Talk, or on Wednesdays for Bible & Basketball.







For information on how to get youth involved in our programs, 
please contact Shelly Albright at  
Lori Maxwell


     September is traditionally a month of beginnings. New children have joined our program, replacing the graduates we said goodbye to. Over the summer we have transitioned our children into their older groups and higher learning demands...they are ready!  We look forward to sharing our excitement and enthusiasm with you as we progress through the year! 
     Our main emphasis this month will be on self-awareness and self-esteem. We will be learning about our unique and special bodies, families, and names. We will share things that each of us can do and things we can learn to do, things that we like and dislike, and many other things that make us unique. The children are settled in their new classes and we look forward to another rewarding school year filled with the excitement and discovery of early childhood.  

     We extend a warm welcome to all our new families and little ones joining us at St. Peter's Child Enrichment Center.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to share these very precious years with you.
  Have a Sensational September!!!
What do you do when you are tired? Rest? Sleep? What about when you are just mentally tired...exhausted. Do you read The Word? or some other inspirational writing? Me? I listen to His music...all styles...contemplating on His word. I enjoy scriptural songs and hymns. I enjoy songs that have text that speaks of who we are and what we are going through, that speaks of healing and growing. I enjoy instrumental arrangements of songs where I can sing the lyrics and be lifted.
What are your songs? In the 11am worship service, don't be surprised when I visit with you before service and ask that question...and don't be surprised if your song becomes part of the worship service.

See you Sunday.
One For Israel- Eitan  Bar
 One For Israel saw 190 million views of their videos all over the world. Over half of these views have occurred within the past two years. Many Jews are turning to Jesus.  Every donation helps them reach even more with the Gospel, blessing believers and helping seekers to find the truth.  Through their efforts many Moslems are also converting leading the way for possible unity in Israel.
Liberia- Johannes and Lena Ebner
How difficult it is to try to spread the Gospel among people who practice witchcraft and have sacrificial killing. There is a lot of chaos and fear.  This is although these missionaries have worked with these people for the past 3 years. They are asking for prayer as they must experience evil as only seen in movies. Many details what is happening there have been left out since this is an ongoing investigation and lives are still in danger.  We were asked not to forward the details.
Zambia- Kafakumba- Nate Steury
Much has happened since their last newsletter.  The physical remodeling of the clinic building is complete.  They were able to move in the contents of the container from Project CURE! They are still waiting for government approval before they can open, but this is a huge step.   Since they have great weather in Zambia, they have been able to meet outside for church for 8 months. However, they are experiencing their third wave of Covid which is keeping the Christian school closed and the pastor's school also closed.
The Aloe Vera crop was very low because they lost their water supply.  They have paid all their debt and have downsized to only one employee.  They have had to start new fields in a new location. They have to wait till April 2022 to see if the fields are sustainable.
Bee Sweet Honey production is good.  The first container of honey is on its way to the USA.  Please pray that this business continues to bless local farmers.

Cuba - Pastors Eduardo Murga and Arturo Silot Labacenol
The struggle with Covid continues.  There is very little food; they have been locked in their homes with penalties of heavy fines if they even go out on their porch. Electricity is turned off several hours each day.  And there is no medicine, not even in the hospitals. After a long wait, they were given permission to send a driver to pick up the medicines in Havana that St. Peter's sent in December. Half of them were stolen.
If we send money down to help, 25-30% is lost in the transaction.  This is socialism in action. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in our sister churches.

In His service,

Carol Walters Curtis and Ann Lewis
Worship Services
 Worship Sunday Morning
9:30 am
and 11:00 am
In person or
view online at 

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Make a difference here at
home! Help us alleviate
hunger in Palm Beach
County. Help us stock the
CROS Food Pantry in Lake
Worth by bringing non-
perishable food items with
you to worship. Demand is
heavy and often the 
supply is limited.
United Methodists have
"The Upper Room 
Living Prayer Center"
prayer ministry with a 24-hr,
toll-free Prayer Line at:

Here at St. Peter's, we have an intercessory prayer group called
The Pathway to God
Prayer Ministry.

Michelle Knevelbaard is our new coordinator.  You can send your prayer concerns to and she will forward them to the rest of the prayer team.


UMC 2008 Book of Discipline
Contact Information


Phone: 561-793-5712           

Fax:     561-793-5848


Senior Pastor:

Rev.Cory Britt

Ext. 11


Assistant to Pastor:

Rev. Rachel Lever

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Director of Children & Youth 

Shelly Albright

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Coordinator of Fine Arts & Multi-media

Jenn Morgan 


Director of Praise and Worship

Copeland Davis


Director of Traditional Worship

Jim Sheldrake

Ext. 30


Financial Secretary:

Debbie Ferrugio

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Director of CEC:

Lori Maxwell

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