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February 25, 2014

Volume  6, Issue 1





Lighthouse Inn
  Lighthouse Inn
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 Bay Fishing with Bait 101

 5 illustrated articles




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About Me

Name: Capt. Scott McCune

Location: Rockport, Texas


I want to search for big fish and put them in the boat! I want to keep my vessels and equipment in excellent condition as I feel that is a professional and sportsman's ethical responsibility. I want to bring the average person closer to the real world of fishing by presenting an enthusiastic and helpful attitude in my business whether through videos, online store or straight face to face communication!



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2014 Spring & Summer Fishing time is HERE!
Book Now for the Best Days!              
We've had a great year and once again booked more trips last year than ever before!  We were very lucky fishing in 2013 with multiple major tournaments wins, let us show your family the enjoyment of Catching and not just fishing!  Email: scott@fishntexas.com



 (361) 563-8862

The same as last year the bite will be really taking off soon, even with winds and weird weather!  The weather has been a little funny but that's why the fishing is so good and the temperatures will be awesome!

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Real time posts while we are Fishing and Hunting for your entertainment!  If you can't be on the water at least you'll have a picture!  See you there!


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Watch our videos on YouTube!  We have many Fishing and Hunting Videos, enjoy!

 Email: scott@fishntexas.com

The Lighthouse Inn 


Fish on the pier or take a nice after dinner

 walk enjoy the beauty of the Bay! 

The Palm Room Bar in the Inn

The Palm Room Grill Inside the Hotel 


Ask About Our Discounts, Making The Lighthouse One Of The Most Affordable In Town!


FISH & HUNT on the same day with a Spring Time Catch & Shoot!

(361) 563-8862

texas hog eradication 

Kids are welcome too! 

texas hog eradication

Capt. Scott - Your Guide 

texas hog eradication

Trigger - Your Tracker! 

  Multiple Ranches available!

Telarana Ranch Hog Hunting - Death from Above!
Death from Above!


We know Hogs, We have the Technology and the Weapons to Take Them DOWN!

Our Tools Range from Knives & Bows to Pistols & Night Vision!




Free Lodging For Repeat Customers Only!

Limit 2 people


The accommodations are a shower, sink, toilet, BunkBed inside with a twin up top and a full size futon bed on the bottom.  There is also a mini-fridg, coffee pot and microwave for your convenience!

fishntexas lodge

The "BUNKHOUSE" is an inexpensive place to stay for a Father-Son Fishing Trip!

fishing lodge


The "BUNKHOUSE" is FREE lodging just leave a tip for clean-up and washing.  Try to keep the place as clean as possible too while you are visiting!




Use Them For Fishing Trips, Deposits, Online Store Items, Company Invoices, the date never expires!


With FISHING BUCKS Companies can pre invoice to save the budget

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Custom Certificates 


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Conveniently Pay for any Fishing or Hunting Trip Gift Certificate!


Just click on add the item to the cart, then click on view cart and update the quantity fielded until you reach the amount you want to pay!


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Fishing Reports
Check our websites www.thesaltwatercowboy.com, www.fishntexas.com & www.huntntexas.com to keep abreast of current events, reports and more details about Newsletter issues! 




A Great Gift for Clients and Friends

 Who Love Fishing!


This is a great fictional Novel about Big Game Fish and being free!  I did most of the technical writing, novel, so unlike many movies and novels it is realistic, enjoy!



To purchase from fishntexas.com (Click Here) 


I'm Looking Forward to a Great Spring & Summer!

Capt. Scott McCune

Take Your Children Fishing & Hunting...Kids Fish & Hunt Half Price! 


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