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"The Secret Garden" Cast List Revealed
40 students from Marquette, four partner schools begin preparation for March 8th opener

Marquette Catholic theatre director Amy Crane released the cast list for the school's spring musical.

The collaborative cast of "The Secret Garden" is comprised of 40 students in total - 24 from Marquette, seven from Queen of All Saints, five from Notre Dame Elementary, three from Nativity, and one from Liberty Intermediate School. 

Role                                    Student
Lily Craven                        Cassidy Downs
Mary Lennox                    Molly Neary
Archibald Craven              Javante Blakely
Dr. Craven                         Wil Crane
Mrs. Medlock                    Kate Zientarski
Martha                               Quinn Larkin
Dickon                               Sam Salyer
Ben                                     Joey Henrich
Colin Craven                     Mary Cate Neary
Mrs. Winthrop                   Scout Steinhiser
Jane (maid)                        Ava Zientarski
Betsy (maid)                      Annie Larkin
Ayah                                   Kenzie Losinski
Albert Lennox                   Cal Larkin
Rose Lennox                     Natalia Ruiz
Lt. Wright                          Mason Hervey
Claire Wright                     Grace Murphy
Lt. Shaw                             Aaron White
Alice Shaw                         Marissa Delgado
Mj. Holmes                        Jake Zientarski
Mrs. Holmes                     Kacey Marovich
Mj. Shelley                         Cody LaRocco
Mrs. Shelley                       Zoe Kolosci
Dreamer                             Pam Keehn
Dreamer                             Aurora Grott
Dreamer                             Jorden Goodwin
Dreamer                             Scout Steinhiser

Children's Ghost Chorus

Elaina Balling                   Rosalie Johnston
Livia Balling                      Seph Kolosci
Ella Crane                          Liam Neary
Mason Crowell                  Ella Rucinski
Xander Henrich                Aine Rudzevicius
Ally Henrich                      Ella Taylor
Remy Hernstrom              Rosemary Yurechko

"The Secret Garden" opens Friday, March 8th inside the Rudy Hart Theatre.