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The Twig - June 2022

Official Newsletter of Infant Toddler Family Day Care

New Executive Director Announcement! 

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The Infant Toddler Family Day Care of Northern Virginia, Inc. Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Lisa Farinholt-O’Brien as its new Executive Director. Lisa will begin her training and leadership succession in June 2022 and will take over fully from Wynne Busman in July 2022. Wynne is retiring in July after serving as the Executive Director since 2011.  


Lisa Farinholt-O’Brien has been the Workforce Development Director at Infant Toddler Family Day Care (ITFDC) for over 16 years and has over 20 years of experience within the organization. Her combination of experience in early childhood education and as a social worker gives her the skills needed to work with the diverse population at ITFDC. Lisa has worked extensively with each new family child care educator by guiding them through the process to open their family child care home. Lisa’s training and experience includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Longwood University and a MSW degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2009 Lisa became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has a variety of experiences working with children of all abilities including working as an intern at Key Center (Fairfax County Schools). In addition, she spent four years working in residence life as an administrator at Longwood University and George Mason University and also worked as a counselor at Planned Parenthood.

“This opportunity to follow in the footsteps of all three previous Executive Directors is an honor. I learned so much from each of them and will keep all of that close as I guide our dedicated staff in their work with our family child care educators and the families they serve. I look forward to keeping our traditions and starting new ones.”


           Under Ms. Busman’s leadership the organization built on its strengths, developed new relationships and strengthened existing relationships with partners and supporters. Infant Toddler anticipates that Ms. Farinholt-O’Brien will leverage these achievements to help the

organization expand its services in the Northern Virginia community.  

From the ITFDC Board Chairperson, Christel Gopin: “We are very excited to have Lisa taking on the role of the Executive Director of Infant Toddler Family Day Care working to provide high quality child care in Northern Virginia. She brings experience, enthusiasm, passion for the mission, and great communication skills to the organization. Her long history with Infant Toddler brings consistency and continuity for our staff, family child care educators, children and families.” 

Congratulations, Lisa!



Upcoming Closings

Juneteenth Day

Monday, June 20

Independence Day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

July 4,5,6

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2022 Holiday Calendar

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Upcoming Trainings:

Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:30pm

Provider Advisory Meeting- Topics of interest to all providers will be discussed, including: Professional Development, Marketing, Rates Review, Advocacy, Co-Agents

June 2022: Virginia Infant and Toddler Specialist Network list of trainings:

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We are happy to congratulate the following providers that completed their Infant Toddler Career Studies Certificate from Northern Virginia Community College. Here is the list of our graduates:

Frozan Yousufzai, Shagufta Khan, Candy Berte, Seema Khan, Sajida Rashid, Anam Jahan, Veronica Rodas-Lopez, Afrin Hossain, and Zakia Yousuf.

College Graduation Party for our Providers!

In May, we had our picnic luncheon to celebrate our provider's graduations.

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Congratulations to our Child Care Provider, Mary Barry! She was a finalist for the 2022 Child Care Aware of Virginia Heart of Service award!

Thank you Mary Barry for all that you do and to all our providers, we appreciate your dedication that you give to all children in your care!

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