Issue #35 | October 29. 2020
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"Blessings Always"
Rev. Daniel Busch
Association Minister
October 28, 2020

SAINTS. This week-end there are two events on the calendar that seem to have conflicting interests. Halloween seems so secular/worldly and high energy especially for children as they put on costumes for trick or treating. The other is All Saints Day that is a liturgical remembrance service for those who have died and remembered on the church calendar on November 1st. From pagan traditions on All Hallows Eve (Halloween), the souls of the dead came back to earth and walked among the living. Christian tradition soon included All Hallows Eve as the time to prepare themselves by praying and fasting in preparation for the next day that has become All Saints Day. SAINTS of the past have inspired us, mentored us and loved us. Often at services of celebration for the life of one who has died, we often say the person was a SAINT. In many ways they still do walk among us, their spirit is very much alive in our memory and we do give thanks to God for granting us blessings through them.
     One of my favorite hymns comes from the Anglican tradition that I learned about while being an organist for an Episcopal Church while in seminary. “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God” was written in 1929 by Lesbia Scott of Britain and was first included in her “Everyday Hymns for Little Children.” SAINTS, she writes were “patient and brave and true, who toiled and fought and lived and died for the Lord they loved and knew.” She includes many SAINTS who were historical figures, but in the last verse she writes that SAINTS are alive now: “They lived not only in ages past, there are hundreds of thousands still; the world is bright with the joyous SAINTS who love to do Jesus’ will. You can meet them in school, or in lanes, or at sea, in church or in trains, or in shops, or at tea; for the SAINTS of God are just folk like me, and I mean to be one too.”
     We can thank God often for all the SAINTS who have blessed us with their love, humbleness, generosity, compassion, respect, honesty, and sincere reflections which have shaped our faith and life. The hymn reflects that SAINTS loved God and God’s love was shared through them. It is God’s love that makes them—and us—strong. To become a SAINT does not depend upon some ecclesiastical council for verification, for SAINTS are those you and I know, and for someone else we may be SAINTS because we live God’s love in all that we do. Let us “sing a song of the SAINTS OF GOD…and we mean to be SAINTS too.” Thanks be to God. BLESSINGS ALWAYS.

Changes and Celebrations
On October 1, 2020 Rev. Robin Keating began as Interim Minister at First UCC, Marion. Welcome Rev. Keating!
Prayer Concerns/Request

Continuing prayer for : Keith Huizenga, Rev. Joy Skeel, Rev. Steve Voelker, John Cox (husband of Rev. Kay Mooney Cox), Rev. Diane Christopherson, Rev. Don Corbin, Rev. John Miller, Pastor Dee Schroer

Rev. Bob Bottoms, Bellevue was in the hospital recently but is now home recovering. Please remember Bob during this time of recovery.

Pastor Bill Kerr, Congregational UCC-Wauseon was hospitalized recently and would appreciate prayers.
Travel with Rev. Daniel Busch, Association Minister

Nov. 8 - Preaching Lytton Zion UCC, Delta 9:15 am
Nov. 15 - Preaching Spencerville UCC, Spencerville
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*Please provide a written letter from the Local Church Leaders stating information you think is relevant to your request and will make your application stronger.
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The Parkvue Community, Sandusky is looking for a Supply Minister beginning November 22, 2020. For more information, please contact Mr. Dan Miller, Senior Executive Director.

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