The Warmth of Gratitude
Dear Friends, 

At this time of Thanksgiving and much dislocation in the world at large, we wanted to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors — and also provide an update on the nunneries and projects supported by Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives. Without all of you, our mission of supporting Tibetan Buddhist female monastic communities would not be possible. 

We are happy to report that all of our nunneries have been able to provide a safe enclave for the nuns, and none have been adversely affected by the virus. For many of us, the pandemic has provided the impetus to reflect and cultivate spiritual practice, as well as offer support to others in need. We received numerous prayer requests this year, enabling many donors to feel buttressed. Our nuns have undertaken the requested pujas and prayers with great joy and reverence. 
With a significant uptick in followers on our various social media platforms this year, we were able disseminate Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s teachings and inspirational quotes to a larger audience. We are grateful to the volunteers who oversee our social media and the other volunteers who work in various ways to bring the mission of DGL Initiatives into form. 

We are very pleased to be able to report the receipt of a number of grants, including from the Tides Foundation, RSF in partnership with Mobius, and the John Brockway Huntington Foundation. The latter is earmarked for the Yushu Orphans Study Fund (part of the Gebchak Gonpa community) for school tuition fees. A brief report on each nunnery/project follows. 

Photo: Despite being in lockdown, the nuns continue their studies at DGL Nunnery in India.
Nuns are full of gratitude after receiving a disbursement of donors' kindness (through Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives). Tayul Gonpa nuns shared their donations with these nuns from Peukar in the Gahar Valley.
Dongyu Gatsal Ling (DGL) Nunnery: While DGL has been closed to all visitors since March, the nuns have been able to continue with their studies and spiritual practices. The pandemic circumstances enabled the nuns to begin their summer retreat earlier this year and for Jetsunma to also do a month-long retreat. See the latest DGL newsletter, Gatsal, for more information. Enjoy an album of photos here.

Alliance of Non-Himalayan Nuns (ANHN): ANHN continues to gain more support and recognition, and is appreciative of how generous donors have been in their support. Read more about ANHN here.

Tayul Gonpa: Many of the nuns at Tayul are elderly, a number in the 80s, but remain strong in spirit. They are extremely grateful for your donations, which also help to cover their medical care. They have chosen to share their funds with other nuns in the Gahar valley, i.e., Lama Gonpa and Lapchang Gonpa, and the nuns from Peukar village. Enjoy an album of photos here.
Laphag Nunnery: The main event this year was the completion of the temple. The nuns are extremely happy to be able to perform pujas and practice there. 

Enjoy an album of photos and a video of Laphag Nunnery here.

Photo: Interior shot of the beautiful new temple.
Gebchak Gonpa: Donations support the nuns’ food and healthcare expenses, though they are able to grow some vegetables in the summer months. This enabled them to undertake 19 annual drubchens — extended group sadhana practices. The nuns continue their intensive yogic practices with the aspiration that all beings experience inner peace and wellbeing. Enjoy an album of photos and videos here.

Nyerma and Chilichan Nunneries: Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives is honored to partner with the Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns in The Netherlands to provide assistance to these nunneries in Ladakh.

As you can see, the nuns supported by Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives are flourishing and have been able to continue their dharma activities this year. We hope that you and the extended Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives community enjoy a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We are very grateful for your support. 
With heartfelt gratitude,

Linda, Caterina, Chrysanne, May Ling and Lindsay
DGL Initiatives Board of Directors
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The nuns at DGL Nunnery and Gebchak Gonpa continue to receive your prayer requests for those who have recently passed away or for the removal of obstacles and the pacification of negativities.

Read more about specific prayer request options on our past email campaign here.

You may make a prayer request offering directly on the DGL Nunnery page or the Gebchak Gonpa page.
Detail from a stained glass window of Green Tara at
DGL Nunnery.
Created by Tsunma Jamyang Donma at Yulokod Studios.
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