In light of the Second Coming, God's mission mandate for the Naples Seventh-day Adventist Church is to connect people to Christ, enabling them to be transformed into His likeness and equipped to serve Him. 
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Happy Sabbath! We pray your week was full of blessings.  We look forward to coming together in worship with you!

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Worship Message:
"The Whispering Crowd"

Message Provided by: 
Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.

Text:  John 7:25-52

Throughout the Book of John the question of who Jesus was is consistently raised.  It was not only an issue for the crowds that followed Him, but also included doubts within His disciples.  The Pharisees and Jewish rules were relentless in attacking Jesus and His statements about Himself.

In John 7, we find just such a discussion happening among the crowd of people who were gathered to listen to Jesus.  His words comforted some, alarmed others, and still others wanted to remove Him permanently.

Jesus' response to the challenges from the people, priests, and rulers gives us a quick look as to who He was and is today.

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The miracle of shortwave broadcasting. Pastor James Hoffer well remembers his first radio contact as a young intern in southeastern Ohio in 1964, having just received his FCC amateur radio license. A signal he sent out with his transmitter over a bare wire up in the trees reached all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee; in his receiver, he heard a gentleman responding to his call in Morse code. It seemed truly miraculous. As his adroitness increased, it became common to talk with others as far away as Australia or the South Pole, right from his home. Two-way conversations using shortwave frequencies are well known among "ham operators." But the miracle lies in the fact that shortwave transmissions can travel around the globe, bouncing back to earth from energy fields in the ionosphere. A message sent forth in this manner knows no international boundaries. It is "out there" for all to hear, regardless of local politics or religions, if they have the right kind of receivers. Adventist World Radio has been employing this phenomenon for years now and has met with huge success, as attested to by the correspondence it receives from faraway places. And nowadays, of course, AWR is using many digital means, such as Internet, to enlarge their broadcast ministry. They deserve our solid support.

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March 16 &17 -Alumni Homecoming Weekend
Our Story Continues - Celebrating The Journey
Join us for a weekend of celebrating our past. 
Friday evening registration and reception begins at 6:30 pm. 
Sabbath prelude begins 9:45 am.
Saturday evening 20th ANNIVERSARY VARSITY Alumni vs. Panthers basketball game 8 pm
Register online at
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2018 Rob Fulbright Panther Classic - Friday - March 16
Business Sponsors and  Golfers, here's your opportunity to support our students of FLA! Forest Lake Academy's  Golf  Tournament is Friday, March 16 at RedTail  GolfCourse. Breakfast & Registration at 7:30 am. Shot-gun Start at 8:15 am. Entry Fee: $125.00 (includes: green fees, cart & catered lunch). Format: Scramble with 4-person teams. Individual  golfers are welcome. 
Register online at golf or contact the Tournament Director Larry Campbell 407.361.0251 or Melissa Keller, Development Director at:  407.748.8888 or Email:

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March Birthdays

1  Leonora Akins
3  Juan Moreno
3  Derge-Lynn Honore
4  Sandy Akins
4  Lee Lyons
4  Leah Banas
7  Michael Clotaire
9  James LeBrun
9  Joanne Gamache
11  Frankie Flores
11  Marlene Jean-Philippe
11  Bryan Mejia
13  Amariah Akins
14  Daniel Francis
15  Steve Kirby
17  Edmund Francis
18  Heather Edwards
19  Bob Staeheli
22  June Kosky
22  David Tomlinson
24  Cheryle Lee
25  Lucia Francis
25  Deanne Matthew
28  David Besser
30  Kai Flores


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