You Have the Power to Transform Lives!
For kids like Carla who live in hardship, the school year means structure, safety, healthy lunches, and learning.
But when the last bell of the school year rings, all that stops. There may be no more meals or smiling faces to greet them at home, no camps, family trips, or engaging activities to fill their days and expand their horizons.

For 5 years, United Community Ministries has stepped in to offer our Forward Steps summer and after-school program . Forward Steps provides children growing up in poverty with field trips, educational programming, social skills and leadership development, healthy meals and snacks -- and most of all, a safe, fun place to go in the summer or after school.
What do kids say they love most about UCM’s Forward Steps Program? Gymnastics, acting, games, and the “help they receive to get smarter.” They also say they are grateful for what they don’t find: trouble. For many, Forward Steps is one of the few places they can find support and inspiration during out-of-school hours.

But this year, a major funding source for Forward Steps has unexpectedly run out.

Our youth need your help to keep this program running this summer and then after school when classes resume. Without your support, many kids whose parents or caregivers must work and who can’t afford camps or child care will leave school facing an uncertain future.

Please join us to support a child in our community with
your gift of fulfillment and hope.

We are here for children like Carla, because you are here for us.

If you have already donated, thank you on behalf of the many children we serve!
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