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Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak with a couple of the builders and look at a few model homes here at Gateway Parks. I heard some very positive news from them regarding the continued growth of the community. Sales are continuing to stay strong and they are excited about coming opportunities.

I have asked builder sales staff to reach out to me if prospective buyers have questions about the community or association. I would also ask that current residents do the same. Be assured that association staff will be able to share current information for the community. I know out-of-date or inaccurate information has occasionally been shared from sources outside of association staff, and I would like to ensure that the correct information is relayed from official sources.

Thank you all for you help and I hope you have an amazing weekend!
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Community Manager
Brandon Norman, CMCA
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September 25 - 27 participate in the Community Garage Sale and be included in the official Community Garage Sale map.

The dog days are gone....or are they?
Check out the cutest pups in town, living right here at Gateway.
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Lifestyle Director
Shonna Camacho
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