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March 2018 Build Progress Update #.0025

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March Progress
It might sound cliché, to say every nut and bolt is important, but the statement is 100% accurate when building race cars, trucks, bikes etc... This also applies to the transporter, shop tools and other race-day equipment. (Drivers & crew too)

We enjoy building our equipment, but we are eager to take on the new challenge of wrenching, tuning and driving nostalgia nitro funny cars. This isn't our first time building racers, for any of our team members, but it is our first time building nitro funny cars. So, patience is important. The waiting is the hardest part!
This month, Rod designed, fabricated and completed installing the Mustang rear wing, hood burst panel, driver parachute control mount and front weight bar. He also installed the firewall fire windows, made modifications to the body pole and finished installing the front body latch. Jill continued working on the truck's 'RV' upgrades, marketing tasks, Mustang side window trimming and assisted Rod when needed.
The next and final Mustang body-detail, before flipping it for understructure/tin fiberglass work, is to plot and drill the rocker support fastener locations.
Video Link Below:
The original 'real nostalgia' body poles are being used, but they had to be slightly modified to work with the new bodies.
This short video shows Rod welding the Mustang pole.
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March Build Components Made by:
S&W Performance Group ~ Tubing, Sheet Metal, Body Latch Kit, Fire Windows
Pro-Werks ~ Silver Jacket Parachute Cables
STROUD Safety ~ Parachute Levers

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Rod Fazekas & Jill Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova & 1971 Mustang
~ Ella will be the Featured Team Member in the April e-News ~
  Joe Nimm Groundskeeping Services
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