Condemning the Violence, Praying for Healing
CIR joins national interfaith bodies such as the National Council of Churches (NCC) and Religions for Peace USA (RFPUSA) in denouncing the violence and destruction carried out at the U.S. Capitol.

NCC issued a statement repudiating the "outrageous, unacceptable, shameful" actions of the mob: "History will eventually tell this story and judge all involved in scorching our democracy, but all those responsible must be held accountable today."

RFPUSA says: "We raise our voices, as representatives of diverse faiths across this — the world’s oldest democracy — to demand peace and reconciliation for and from all peoples."

CIR shares these sentiments, and at this time, we look to our own mission and core values for guidance as we work toward a healthier, stronger society where diversity, interconnectedness and compassion are celebrated.
Seeking Young Authors!
Sacred Essay contest open to writers ages 13-18
Our inaugural Young Authors Sacred Essay contest is open!

We're seeking submissions that are inspired by the changes to the world in the past year. It's FREE to participate and easy to submit online.

Know any youth or educators who might be interested? Please spread the word by sharing this link, which provides all the details.
"The people of the world are desperately crying out for signs of hope. They are longing for new leaders who can address the social, economic and spiritual needs of the world in humane ways. Many of us wonder what our leaders are saying and doing in the midst of massive turmoil. I believe the contemplative message of Merton can help us identify the root of our contemporary problems by asking the right questions."

Click here to read more of our latest Reflection, My Personal Ruminations on Thomas Merton, by Cristobal Serran-Pagan y Fuentes. This work first appeared in the collection "We Are Already One."
Thomas Merton
'When we extend our hand to the enemy...'
Every Monday, we share a bit of Thomas Merton's wisdom to get the week started. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be among the first to see #MertonMonday. You can find past installments on the CIR blog.
Wisdom Wednesday
Pico Iyer on the change that lies within
In this #WisdomWednesday from the 2016 Festival of Faiths, author and travel journalist Pico Iyer reminds us that “change lies within” and that we hold the power to evolve — a powerful message as we enter a new year, especially for those who are making resolutions. “The only problem is in me,” he said, “and therefore, the solution is in me.”

Click here to watch the Wisdom Wednesday clip, or check out the full talk on YouTube.
Common Action
Volunteer with Louisville's vaccine effort
Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness needs volunteers to work with health department staff to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine. The city is recruiting both non-medical and medical volunteers, and those who serve 40 hours or more will be eligible to receive a COVID vaccination from LouVax.

  • Non-medical community volunteers will assist with scheduling and confirming appointments, collecting documents, temperature checks, and restocking supplies.

  • Medically trained volunteers (specialized training and licensing required) will assist with administering the vaccine, medical screening and triage. There will be three different shifts available each weekday.

Blood supplies remain dangerously low due to the pandemic, so please consider donating through CIR's nationwide #SleevesUp campaign, now through Jan. 31. You can participate no matter where you live — simply click here, then make (and keep) an appointment to give blood at an American Red Cross site near you.

As an additional service to donors, the Red Cross will test all donations for COVID-19 antibodies. Click here to learn more.
(In 280 Characters or Less)
Sometimes wise words appear in the most unexpected places — like Twitter. Check out this week's enlightening tweet...
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