" 2021 The Year of Unlimited Possibilities"
The Envision Course: How To Manifest God’s Greatest and Highest Good In Your Life?

This 4 week webinar will introduce you to the envisioning process which empowers you to manifest God's greatest and highest good in every area of your life; Health, Wealth, Career, and Relationships. This is the course that anyone using the "Vision Boarding Process" should complete prior to taking on that activity. Facilitated by Gregory A. Stanton, Pastor & Strategic Life Consultant. This course is for those who are ready to manifest in a more excellent way!

This Course will

  •  Take you beyond traditional goal setting and vision boarding exercises
  •  Connect you to the pulse of God for your life
  •  Assist you in identifying your soul purpose “your why”
  •  Actualize God’s highest and greatest good in every key area of your life

5 Things That Make The Envision Course Unique

  1. Facilitator, Gregory A Stanton has been studying and teaching the Word for over 40 years and is referred to as a “Spiritual Scientist”. He has a thorough understanding of the scriptures at a metaphysical level combined with training in the mind science of psychology. 
  2. Addresses the essential steps a believer should take prior to establishing goals, setting intentions, visualizing or engaging the vision boarding process.
  3. Learning to manifest without external cues, unpleasant life experiences, social norms, strategic marketing influences such as social media, television and radio.
  4. The approach is oriented inside of Kingdom Theology and the Dominion mandate for mankind. 
  5. Intensive study designed to help you identify God’s greatest and highest good in the area that is most concerning to you through teaching, coaching and group participation.

What you will learn:
  • How to uncover your life Purpose “Your Why”
  • To embrace your Authentic Self
  • How to implement a spiritually based approach that transcends the carnally driven (traditional) approach use by believers in their quest to live their best lives
  • How to implement the Envision Process immediately to know and live God’s greatest and highest good concerning your life.

When You Join The Envision Course You Will:
  1. Receive “Manufacturers Plan” that leads to living authentically
  2. Be inspirited to pursue proper steps to achieve God’s greatest and highest good
  3. Learn to live from the unseen world to the seen world
  4. Embrace the L.U.C.K. principle of life.
  5. Establish a Christ Consciousness 
  6. Gain access to the Universe's Commonwealth

Course Logistics:
  • Tele-Seminar: Each week there will be a live 50 minute teaching followed by a 15 minute group engagement process. (6 hours of facilitated interaction)
  • Weekly assignment, inclusive of viewing of recommended youtube teachings and or additional readings
  • Weekly 15 minute power coaching session with the facilitator
  • Unlimited text messaging for clarity or direction
  • Discount on Coaching Offers (i.e., Destiny Consultation)
  • Accountability Partner ( Will be assigned unless you register with one)

  1. Thursday’s Class Commences on 01/14/2021, from 7-8:30 cst for 4 consecutive weeks

  •  Time: Total commitment to 21 days
  •  Cost: $49.00 *FREE IF YOU COMPLETED THE 2019/20 COURSE!

*Webinar Information Will Be Provided to Registrants