"These guys are geniuses!"
We appreciate the kind words of our customers and distributors. And we’re far too humble to disagree with someone as knowledgeable about flooring as Mike Blasek, vice president of sales for Spartan Surfaces, USA.

“As a company in general, their service is second to none. In terms of ESD, a lot of people talk the talk. But these guys are geniuses. They really know what they're talking about. Others regurgitate some of the data and the science behind ESD. SelecTech understands and they are a true resource…You want to represent a company where the people behind the scenes understand how to manufacture well, and they know how to get it out the door, but are also quick to answer questions. They certainly understand a very technical product.”

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Tips on Maintaining AntiStatic Flooring
Cleaning ESD flooring is a little different than cleaning most surfaces. It requires a little more just any all-purpose cleaner and mop as your flooring is now vital aspect of managing your static-sensitive work environment. Thus, cleaning and maintaining with the wrong products can impact the effectiveness of your static control capabilities.

To begin, it is important to note that many static control floor options are much easier to maintain if treated with an ESD finish.

Aerospace and Defense
Electronics in the Aerospace and Defense industries are only becoming more sophisticated, and as a result, face challenging demands in the environments in which they are utilized. Making these products in a properly designed ESD Protected Area (EPA) is critical.

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