“This individual will kill and he will rape.”

Those words were spoken by Acting Commissioner Rich Worley of the Baltimore Police Department at a news conference on Wednesday, 9/27/2023, following the brutal killing of 26-year-old Pava LaPere.

I covered so many murders in Baltimore during the 6 years I was at WBAL, and it never gets easier. While each victim is unique and leaves behind their own devastating void in the lives of family and friends, unfortunately the murderers tend to have several similarities. The depraved suspect in this case, like so many others, has a history of violence.

We will never completely eradicate crime, but we can minimize the carnage of repeat violent offenders. However, it will take holding politicians and government officials accountable for policies that enable violent offenders to roam our streets.

PEACE exists to create big changes through ballot initiates, and we will continue that mission. Baltimoreans deserve a safer community.

We also exist to give residents a voice, which is why we started a podcast focused on current events. New episodes will be available on our YouTube channel and Facebook page by 10 am every Monday. We have been holding Power Up meetings in communities all over Baltimore, and we want you to hear what people are saying.

You can hear us on Spotify (click here), as well as YouTube.

Please let us know if your community is holding a meeting that Jovani and I can attend. We can only build a better Baltimore if we work together. Email us at [email protected] and [email protected].

PEACE was created to keep government and elected officials accountable, and help you stay engaged. Together we will build a safer Baltimore.

-- Yuripzy Morgan, PEACE

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