May 12, 2017
Happy, Happy Mothers' Day!
Eastern Virginia Has Voted!
For the fifth year in a row, Chesapeake Academy has been voted TOPS in the Best of Virginia contest by Virginia Living Magazine! 
  • #1 Independent School 
  • #1 Charity Event -- Community Oyster Roast 
  • #2 Summer Camps
Thanks for your support of our gem of a school!
The Head's Heads Up
WOW! What an auction! The excitement and energy under the big top was palpable. The 2017 Cirque du CA was a huge success thanks to so many who volunteered! Special thanks to Catherine L. Emery, parent of Tayloe '21 and Thomas '22 whose tireless energy and inexhaustible creativity changed a plain tent into a colorful--indeed, magical--event space. Thank you to the class parents who designed, built, and/or assembled the class auction gifts. They were a hit! Thank you to those who procured auction items, assisted with set-up, and my personal favorite, helped with clean-up. Special gratitude to Marie and Cedrick Sanders for baking the delicious cupcakes, Specials Wine Seller, and Horsley Real Estate for their huge contributions. Once again, the school and greater community rallied to support the children and program of Chesapeake Academy.

As I prepare to leave Chesapeake Academy, I have taken a little time to reflect upon those beliefs that I think are important to meet professional success. The list could be much longer, but in my humble opinion, it comes down to four things. First, find something that you truly enjoy doing. This might take some time and several different positions, but keep your mind open to lots of opportunities. Second, with integrity and dedication, work hard. Set goals and make a plan to meet them. As a colleague used to tell me on a regular basis, "plan your work and work your plan." When you know where you are going, you can better plan to get there. Third, as you go about your work, stay humble. Realize that it takes a team of equally dedicated professionals to meet the mission and goals of the organization. The pronoun "we" is much more powerful than the pronoun "I." And lastly, be kind. Be kind to the people you work with. Appreciate them for the very individuals they are.

Chesapeake Academy teaches the skills necessary for our young people to learn these traits for success. Through our annual school themes, teachers' academic and behavioral expectations, the unbelievable on- and off-campus experiences, and by permitting our students to try on lots of differing roles, these traits are steadily developing. The Auction this past weekend demonstrates how very fortunate we are that our school community models these traits so beautifully as well. The enthusiastic volunteerism and dedication to a common purpose set a glowing example for our students!  

What a gem of a school!

Scholastic's Spring Bookfair is BOGO!
Opening Monday, May 15 and running through Thursday, May 18, the Spring Bookfair is always an exciting event. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on great summer reads!  Children will shop with their classes and compile "wish lists" which will be sent home. Just annotate the wishlist with what you would like to buy and send in a check! Simple and fun!  If you want to shop with your child, the Bookfair will be open in the mornings until 9:00 a.m and in the afternoons until 4:00 p.m.  The Bookfair will close early on Thursday May 18, so be sure to have your shopping fun before then!

Virginia Living Magazine votes CA camps top rated in Virginia!

CA Summer Camps are filling up fast!  Call today to reserve your spot!
I Spy....a Load of Fun!
Chesapeake Academy is delighted to annnounce that the popular Camp Chesapeake for four to six year old children will run for nine weeks from June 19 to August 18 from 8:15 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. Campers will enjoy weekly field trips to exciting venues such as Geocaching at Westmoreland State Park, the Richmond Metro Zoo, Belle Isle State Park, the Dinosaur Discovery Trail at the Virginia Living Museum, visiting community helpers around the area, Pope's Creek Plantation, and to see "The Little Engine that Could" at the Virginia Reperatory Theatre at Willow Lawn. Designed around a versatile "I Spy" theme, this summer camp promises a dynamic experience for young campers, exploring new activities, discovering new interests, and meeting new friends.

Each week builds on a different "I Spy" theme (treasure; animals; red,white and blue; fossils; trains; wetlands; community helpers; colonial days; and gardens) so no two weeks are the same! Arts and crafts, silly competitions, games, and more join the weekly field trips to round out the camp day.

Space is limited, so sign-up soon! Registration information on all Chesapeake Academy Summer Camps is at or call 804.438.5575.

Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
With a common purpose, paddles ascended to support Chesapeake Academy!  What a night!
Cirque du CA
What a fabulous evening! With so many hands, minds, and able bodies pitching in to make our 40th Annual Auction a success, it's hard to know who to thank first! So let's just throw the gratitude around like confetti! Without steady direction of Catherine Emry keeping us all on track Cirque du CA certainly wouldn't have been possible. From pounding the streets seeking donations for the silent auction to mailings to volunteer coordination, this woman does it all! 

Our CAPPA President Michelle Ritter and volunteers Rosetta Struse, Janet Smith, Diana Wolfson, Lara Brown, Kate Carey, Devon Liner, Margot Angstrom, Marie and Cedrick Sanders and our wonderful faculty and staff kept tedious tasks fun right up until the end with joyful attitudes and willing hands. So many local businesses contribute to the vitality of our auction--Rappahannock Rentals, Isabell K. Horsley Real Estate, Specials Wine Cellars, Entertainment Systems Inc. just to name a few! Please be sure to thank a local business person for supporting our amazing school. 

Finally, thank you to all who came to Cirque du CA and participated in our silent and live auctions! There's no greater pleasure than coming together for a common purpose. For Chesapeake Academy, the annual auction is a mighty purpose indeed. As the school year comes to a close, think ahead to next year and resolve to join the effort to keep our school strong with your help! You won't regret a single moment.  Check out this slideshow from a magnificent evening!

Kindergarten learned the history of El Cinco de Mayo and then made celebratory windsocks to capture the Cinco de Mayo winds.
CA teachers have all the moves!
PALS Presents, Flumpa!
Flumpa, a nationally acclaimed, award winning, high energy interactive musical science assembly featured Wendy Whitten, the singing scientist and Flumpa, the tree frog delighted young audiences at Chesapeake Academy this week. Science Rocks--Exercise Your Mind and Body rolled music, fitness, and fun into an epic science adventure while the prekindergarten through fifth grade students learned the life cycle of a frog, the visible light spectrum, and what is swimming in the oceans. Thanks to the Nettie Lokey Wiley Foundation for its support of the Performing Arts and Lecture Series.

First graders learned the history of El Cinco de Mayo, then danced the Mexican National dance.

"Man!  You worked long and hard to get here!"
Life Cycles Sometimes Surprise!
First grade has been digging deeply into life cycles with birds as well as butterflies. Last fall Mrs. Somers brought in some milkweed that was full of little black caterpillars. We watched them turn into large, green caterpillars, and then morph into chrysalides. Those chrysalides have been on a bookshelf in our room all winter. In the past couple of weeks, students have released more than five butterflies!

While first grade's chicks are quickly growing and changing, students wrote about what it would be like to be a baby chick/chicken as entries for their "Diary of a Chick" journals after reading the famous book  Diary of a Worm.

Landon Reihs Head of School for the Day
Landon Reihs, Head of Chesapeake Academy for the day, opened the morning faculty meeting with announcements (and donuts!), information sharing, and words of encouragement before he rushed off to greet students at arrival, ensuring each day began with a smile. 

The traditional six sounds of the bell fell to him as did presiding over assembly.  A benevolent and generous leader, Reihs offered an extra ten minutes of recess in addition to the free tag day that won him an affectionate round of applause.  In the afternoon he visited classrooms with candy.  He treated his own class to a special lunch of pizza, lemonade, and ice cream with Mrs. Cook. 
Every Child Must Swim

Getting in and out of the water safely. 
It may seem like common sense to adults, but entering and exiting the water safely is one of the first skills a child must learn. In order to avoid injury and build confidence, young children are taught how to sit and ease themselves into the water. Even more importantly, children are taught how to easily get themselves out of the water. In our community, we quickly learn that barnacled pilings are not good tools, and we need to be able to paddle to shore!

Putting his or her face into the water and controlling breathing. 
For small children, the thought of putting his or her face under the water and not being able to breathe can be quite scary. By teaching your child to control their breath, blow bubbles, and put his or her face under water without swallowing it, you are teaching your child an essential survival skill.

Floating on his or her back. 
Especially for little people, being in the water can be exhausting. As children are learning to swim, it is important that they understand what to do if they have exhausted all of their energy before reaching the wall or shore.

Swimming with forward motion. 
Young children begin swimming forward with the "doggy paddle" because they have yet to learn how to be in the prone position. When a swimmer puts his or her face in the water, the legs naturally rise to the surface, creating a more efficient swimming position. With the face out of the water, the feet drop, creating significant drag. Teaching your child to swim in the prone position allows them to experience more forward movement with less energy--an important skill as they move toward being self-sufficient in the water.  

Treading water.
As children become stronger in the water, treading water becomes an essential skill for independence in the water. This skill not only makes the child safer in the water, but it develops incredible amounts of confidence.

Becoming safe around the water is a long process. It is not accomplished with six weeks of lessons. It is important to practice, practice, practice and find a great teacher to guide the process! Lessons are available at both the The Northern Neck Family YMCA's indoor and outdoor pools, in Northumberland at the YMCA, and Indian Creek offers swim team!

Brennan Williams Says, "My School Rocks!"  
Chesapeake Academy is a school.  It is a place to learn and get smart like your parents.  There is a big, fun playground outside. There are swings, slides, and the monkey bars.  Sometimes we get extra recess when it's warm.  You have to wear a uniform to school. You can wear whatever you want on tag day. PE is one of the activities you will love.  Mini economy is where you have to make something to sell to other people for fake money. On Wednesday you pay for lunch, and you'll get a hamburger and a hot dog.  It comes with lemonade. The other days your parents pack you a lunch box with food from your house.  I am in third grade this year.  Every morning we do math and the calendar.  Then we do language arts and then a little break outside.  Brain buckets are fun.  Brain buckets are when you pick something to research, and then you make a presentation. You can do a taste test, bring something in, or make a bloom ball or a puppet show.  You'll make a lot of friends here at Chesapeake Academy.

Ambrose Bierce, The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary

The fourth graders just finished their Language Arts book, The Eleventh Hour. This book is filled with codes for readers to solve, including hidden clocks that offer clues. To end our unit on this book, the students created their own water clocks. 
During the Month of April, fifth graders dove into the world of poetry. The final project for them was working with the first grade to create a poem dedicated to their mothers for Mothers' Day. 

Audubon Presentations
Chesapeake Academy Science Teacher Mrs. Robin Blake addressed the Northern Neck Audubon Society at the Lancaster Public Library, offering an overview of her participation in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Teachers on the Bay program and outlining the impact of the program on Chesapeake Academy's curriculum and practice. Blake's professional development was funded by the local Audubon Society chapter. Chesapeake Academy seventh and eighth grade students who have recently returned from the Seacamp Field Study also presented interactive Seacamp Symposium workshops for the audience that were engaging, authentic, and focused on conservation of estuarine areas. "Creating a model of erosion buffers to protect a sand beach helped participants to understand the real world problem solving involved in service projects that Chesapeake Academy students are doing around the area," Blake explains. "Everyone learns best with authentic problem-based projects!"
Depression Era Speaker in Literature 6
George Frayne, one of the founders of the Reedville Fishermen's Museum  shared stories of his childhood in the Great  Depression  with Chesapeake Academy sixth graders to help students form a context for Mildred D. Taylor's  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry . Prior to Frayne's visit, sixth graders studied the history and economics of the  Depression  and began the novel, preparing questions they would like to ask Mr. Frayne. 

George Frayne shared anecdotes from the period such as traveling into the city with his father and hearing the apple sellers sing out the constant refrain of "make it last."  Some of Frayne's recollections surprised students such as receiving such a wonderful education in his country school that he skipped a grade in NYC schools. Students also enjoyed hearing about the time period--an icebox rather than a refrigerator, leather-soled play shoes that had to be resoled frequently, produce brought through the neighborhood on farm trucks, etc. 

Hillary Smith, Sixth Grade Lit Teacher, comments, "It was an honest and well-rounded hour of insight into a time period, and the students asked questions ranging from "Did the Dust Bowl affect your family?" to "Did you know anyone in the Civilian Conservation Corps?". Mr. Frayne took the time to answer each one. Even when we were out of time, several students hung back to shake his hand or ask one more question.  Not only did it help students make a personal connection with Mildred D. Taylor's  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry , but it also helped them to remember the diversity of experiences within any one time period. It was a wonderful affirmation of the importance of stories!"

Jefferson Labs
Chesapeake Academy eighth graders went to the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facilty, known as Jefferson Labs for a Physics Fest that ran the gamut from the parts of the atom, the states of matter, freezing points and melting points, to chemical changes in states of matter. Students were able to experience liquid nitrogen, explore static electricity with a Van de Graaf generator (hair raising thingy), investigate insulators and conductors, and learn about circuits and conductivity. Eighth graders even heard an explanation of the electrons accelerator and how magnets make the electrons move!

Jefferson Lab is one of 17 national laboratories funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The lab also receives support from the City of Newport News and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The lab's primary mission is to conduct basic research of the atom's nucleus using the lab's unique particle accelerator, known as the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF). Jefferson Lab also conducts a variety of research projects using its Free-Electron Laser, which is based on the same electron-accelerating technology used in CEBAF.

In addition to its science mission, the lab provides programs designed to help educate the next generation in science and technology, and to engage the public. 

Robin Blake, Science!
Why Chesapeake?
I taught in a public school for many years, and even though I
loved it, the testing and the standards were frustrating. Curriculum  and student interest seemed constricted to only what the state  standards deemed important. There was rarely time to explore, to  imagine, to plan, to create, to build, and to investigate subject matter  thoroughly due to time constraints. It was frustrating to me,  especially with my STEM background.

When I came to CA, I was so pleased to find that the students
actually embrace the entire STEM/Project-Based Learning concept, and love  researching, creating, building, and improving their solutions! They  work well collaboratively, and never balk at any challenge I throw  their way! I was surprised to find the science curriculum more  challenging than the state standards, but I was delighted to find that it allows the children to  explore more!   I love creating lessons that embrace hands-on learning, and allow  students to discover the answers themselves, instead of providing answers  for them. Given the time, and the resources, every student benefits  from this type of learning, and it is so much more meaningful to them! 

Those who know me, know how much I really care about nature  and erosion, so I found my dreams answered this year when grants  were awarded to Chesapeake Academy for my students and myself to help stop the erosion at  Windmill Point Beach. We also are working on removing invasive species  from our nature trail, and having our Wetlands Nature Trail become a  sanctioned wetlands habitat. Working with the Chesapeake Bay  Foundation, the Master Gardeners, the Friends of the Rappahannock,  and Lancaster County officials, my students are working to better our  CA Community, as well as the public beach at Windmill Point.

Why Chesapeake Academy? Because at this point in my career, I want to enjoy  teaching! Thanks CA for giving me the opportunity to once again  find my love for teaching!

"My mother... she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her."

Watershed Management Project in Kilmarnock
Thanks to an invitation from the Friends of the Rappahannock, Chesapeake Academy seventh graders toured an area in dire need of watershed management. The next steps will be to collaborate with the Friends of the Rappahannock to craft a solution to stabilize the ecosystem and minimize runoff. 
Jordan Abbott '17 Cub Reporter
Algebraic Antics
In eighth grade algebra, students have been working to master radicals, monomials, and polynomials. They have been using their knowledge of perfect squares and square roots to solve problems with more than one term. They have learned how to multiply, divide, subtract, and add equations with multiple variables and exponents, all under a radical symbol. Eighth grade mathematicians will finish the year out strong, one radical day at a time! 

Intel on the End-of-the-Year Ceremonies:
Closing Assembly:  June 2 at 11:00 a.m.  
Parents are invited to attend our Closing  Assembly on June 2 at 11:00.  We will recognize Middle School academic awards for the fourth marking period and athletic awards for Kids on the Run and tennis in the spring season.  The new Student Council officers will be inducted, and we will announce all our summer birthdays. Dismissal is at  noon following the assembly. There will be no extended care.

Graduation:  Tuesday, June 6 at 5:30 p.m. 
Graduation is particularly special! Graduation is a community event, in which we honor our graduates, as well as recognize special award winners and Middle School academic awards for the year. All students in grades kindergarten through grade eight are required to attend.  It is a "state occasion" so all kindergarten through seventh grade students should wear dress uniform and dress shoes. 

Graduation Day Schedule
9:00 a.m. All eighth grade students are expected to arrive at school  at 9:00 a.m. for set-up and rehearsal. We will not begin until every person is here, so please be on time!  Set-up and rehearsal generally take about two hours. Parents should plan on picking up students following the rehearsal.  

4:45 p.m. All eighth grade students should arrive in the library no later than  4:45 p.m. for pictures.  

5:15 p.m. All kindergarten through seventh grade students should arrive in their homeroom classes.

5:30 p.m. Graduation ceremony begins.  The ceremony generally lasts one hour.  Following graduation, we will hold the eighth graders for additional pictures on the stage.  Students will be released when photos are done.

6:30 p.m.  It is our tradition for seventh  grade families to "pay it forward" by taking down the chairs and cleaning up following graduation .  Seventh graders are not dismissed from graduation until the venue is clean.  

Love Chesapeake Academy?  Help it thrive!  
Donate to the Chesapeake Academy Annual Fund! 

Tuition only covers a percentage of the actual cost of a CA education. The annual fund and our major fundraisers fund the gap. This means participating in the annual fund and adding some elbow grease to the school's major fundraisers is up to each of us!

CAPPA Update!

Coach's Corner
On May 5, twelve members of the Chesapeake Academy tennis program went to the McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center at the College of William and Mary to train and compete against some of the tennis players who train there on a regular basis. 

The McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center is a beautiful facility with six indoor tennis courts as well as the Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame. Upon arrival, we were given a tour of the facility and the hall of fame before hitting the courts. Donald Widener, the tennis pro, put the kids through several drills before mixing our players with some of theirs to do singles and doubles matches. The kids had a great time meeting new friends and playing in such a great facility. After our time on the court, we had a pizza party with the other kids who played with us. It was a great opportunity for everyone! 

An Attitude of Gratitude
  • The Rowe campus sparkled for our Cirque du CA Auction thanks to a band of people who whipped it into shape for the event.
  • Good friends expand horizons and the Fredericksburg-based Friends of the Rappahannock fall neatly into that category! Thanks to their input, our students are putting what they have learned about watershed management to authentic use in Kilmarnock!  Love this!
  • "Thank You" just does not cover the gratitude we feel for the vendors, volunteers, patrons, sponsors, donors, etc. from the school's largest fundraiser, the annual auction.  Even some of the children got involved! Thanks especially to Maddie Ritter and Jackson Latell for their help.
  • For many years, the Bell Tower has been at the heart of our campus.  But time takes its toll on all of us, and the structure needed some love. Thanks to Grover Branson and Richard Abbott for power washing and painting the bell tower!
  • What are the odds that two dynamos of party planning expertise could have such similar names! Thanks to Catherine Emery for chairing the auction and bringing her creative joy to life under the tent. And just as importantly, thanks to Catherine Emry for bringing all the essential details together so beautifully and gracefully!  
  • Ms. Courtney brings so many smiles and little pick me ups to each day! Her kindness often spills over from Early Childhood and touches others.  
  • Thanks to Head of School for the Day, Landon Reihs, who offered a free tag day, candy, extra recess and some fine leadership!
  • To Anne Mattheisen, substitute extraordinaire, for bringing delicious hot dogs to the Farmer's Market team! What a kind gesture!  Way to win fans!
  • CAPPA takes great care of CA! Thanks for the teacher appreciation snacks this week. The week after a hullaballoo is the perfect week for a pick me up!
  • Thanks so much to Northern Neck Burger Company and Burke's Jewelers for their thoughtful tributes to teachers.

Dates to Remember
5/15 Revolutionary War Center field trip, second grade
5/16 Student Council speeches due
5/18 Artstravaganza, 5:15 p.m.
5/19 Student Council Elections
5/19 Student Council Bubble Soccer, Maymont Field Trip, kindergarten
5/22 Field Day, 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
5/29 School Closed, Memorial Day
5/30 through 6/2 Exams for seventh and eighth grades
5/30 Williamsburg Field Trip, third grade
6/2 Academics and Athletics Awards/Closing Assembly, 11:00 a.m., noon dismissal
6/5 Eighth Grade Board Dinner, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m
6/5 Faculty Workday
6/6  Graduation


CAMP CHESAPEAKE  Ages 4-6 June 19 - August 18, (8:15 - 5:30) 
c ost 250.00 per week
I spy a fantastic camp!  Led by Chesapeake Academy teachers Susan May, Hillary May Smith, and Katie Parker, this camp promises a dynamic and fun experience for young campers!  Camp Chesapeake is the perfect place for campers to explore new activities, discover new interests, and meet new friends. This full-day program for children 4 to 6 nurtures campers' curiosity and offers a wide variety of activities on and off campus -- weekly trips, arts and crafts, silly competitions, games, and more! Each week builds on a different I Spy theme, so no two weeks are the same!

MYSTERY TOUR: June 26-30 and July 24-28  cost: $375
This camp is so popular that we offer two sessions a summer!  Each week of the Mystery Tour has completely new destinations and activities. Adventure and mystery are at the heart of this unique camp, which combines creative exploration with an exciting daily road trip. Journey with friends to five different destinations throughout the week. All activities and park entrance fees are included.

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS: ARTS EDITION: July 3-7  cost: $275 (includes art materials)
Find adventure and creativity throughout the natural wonders of the Northern Neck! Campers enjoy daily trips to seek out interesting vistas and inspiring locations as they build and create their own art pieces.  Visits with local artists are sure to spark campers' imagination!  In addition, campers participate in the July 4 Irvington town parade.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS CLINICS: July 31 - August 4  cost:  $150 each clinic
The Sports Clinics are designed to focus middle school athletes on improving their skills in lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer. Working with high school and middle school coaches, athletes will hone strategy, teamwork, communication, and fundamentals in each of the intense and fun 2 ½ day clinics.  Beginners and experienced players welcomed! 
Coed Lacrosse OR Girls' Volleyball: July 31, August 1, August 2 (am only)
Coed Soccer:  August 2 (pm only), August 3, August 4

FARM TO TABLE: July 10-14 cost: $250
This is far more than a cooking camp! Campers travel to local farms, oyster companies, and visit with fishermen and other food source locations to see first-hand where our food comes from. In between picking berries and catching crabs, campers will learn how to prepare delicious meals with local foods with the advice of local chefs.  An exciting and delicious week is guaranteed!

SPORTS: July 17-21 cost: $250
Love to compete? Campers enjoy action-filled days of sports and sports related activities that emphasize the fun-damentals. This recreational program emphasizes sport specific fundamentals, fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and strategy. Campers acquire skills through daily practice and gain confidence in their abilities as they discover their individual potential. Sports include soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and more. 

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS: July 31-August 4  cost: $250
Find adventure by foot, bicycle, and paddle!  Campers enjoy all of the great outdoor activities the Northern Neck has to offer.  Daily journeys throughout the Northern Neck include fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking, and more. Each week of NNK Explorer Camp has unique destinations and activities.

Chesapeake Academy Philosophy...
Located in historic Irvington, Virginia, where the Rappahannock River meets the Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Academy is a school dedicated to preparing each student for future academic, ethical, social, and physical endeavors in an intellectually challenging environment.

Bound by common goals and aspirations, Chesapeake Academy students experience an academically challenging, traditional liberal arts curriculum taught by teachers who model creativity, commitment, flexibility, teamwork and a love of learning. Intellectual curiosity is valued, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning, growth, and achievement. Our caring and supportive environment guides children to develop confidence in their abilities. In all aspects of school life, teachers know their students well. This relationship allows teachers to address differences in learning styles and teach in ways children will experience their greatest achievement. 
In keeping with our heritage, Chesapeake Academy students are an interconnected community of learners. 

 Our school, guided by a purposeful social and ethical curriculum, is a place where friendships and consideration for others thrive and responsibility and leadership develop. We embrace each other's beliefs and differences and discover that our diversity enriches us. The school's community, formed by a unique partnership of parents, students, teachers, alumni and neighbors, works together to help children achieve academic excellence and personal growth. We believe students learn best when teachers, parents, and children work in harmony.

From age 3 through grade eight, Chesapeake Academy students develop and articulate ideas. The inclusion of visual and performing arts in the curriculum encourages self-discovery and creative expression. The physical education and athletic programs promote life-long personal fitness and character development. School-wide experiences and community service opportunities encourage students to be comfortable expressing their ideas in front of others as well as assuming future leadership roles.

Chesapeake Academy believes that an enriched and challenging academic curriculum, within a nurturing, child-centered environment, provides the foundation for future successes.

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