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The Heart Set Free: The Venus Transit ~ An Oracle's Prophecy


Jennifer Luna Posada, June, 2012  



This time, if you lean over the waters on your night-walk your heart will pour out into them...everything will finally be released that you have so long carried, and you will see new stars reflected then. And you will walk away, light...


In all truth, even those of us who have a life of love and beauty may have hearts that are also very weary by now...


Those of us who are more consciously aware have walked a thousand miles, taken countless journeys into heavens and underworlds, carried more than our share at times, faced karmic encounter after karmic encounter, been painfully awake through so many dark nights of the soul that we almost have it down, and have been willing to stand at the brave edge...the brilliant frontier of our soul's pain and glory, without fail. We have accepted having our hearts broken in such succession that it may feel as if they have never had the chance to fully heal from any one single break...but we have trusted...we have had faith, okay...not always perhaps, but often enough to know that the near-constant breaking had a reason. Often enough to know that we were breaking not apart, but open.


We may have grown so used to this type of spiritual growth, pain and work, that we have sort of forgotten that there might be a reward. A day the long-labored-over vines finally bore incredible, abundant, endless grapes. A day the wine had aged to perfection. That moment...the moment of tasting that perfect wine born of endless days of sunshine and heartache, effort and failure, loss and beauty...full of your stories and fermented in your heart and coming...


And it is going to be


On June 5th (as of the pacific time zone, for many in the world it will take place on the 6th) there will be what is referred to as a "Venus Transit," when Venus will pass over the sun. The "heart" will pass over the outwardly-expressed "personality"...and though Venus will look like a dot passing over the sun rather than blotting it out in the style of a full solar eclipse, it will be as if a powerful love washes over everything about the way we know and share ourselves with the world.


This event will cause what I would describe as involuntary contractions of the heart, energetically speaking. (I don't mean you will feel them physically.) Before you jump to the conclusion that this must involve pain, remember that orgasms are also made up of contractions, (so they might just be pleasurable,) and keep in mind that multiple contractions also inherently involve multiple levels of release...


Indeed, release is at the very heart of what I wish to share with you today. For your heart has been burdened and heavy for such a long time. You have held so much there that all the old fibers have split, and all the old beams have given way. You have also held back so much of your passion, and desire, and the largeness of who you are so extensively that you may not even remember it, because there seemed to be no room for it in this world. Well, not only is this world changing, but your heart is about to spill forth out from all its containment regardless. In fact, the world will change most powerfully because your heart has become free.


Unless you are one who has already had the flame re-lit in your heart, then you may feel as if you have simply spent years rubbing sticks together there, until the soft tissues became so sore and you yourself so defeated-feeling that you gave it up entirely. It only gave you splinters. But I am here to promise you that all your heart needs to be set aglow once more, since you have plenty of fuel in your soul, is you are about to get as much of it in your heart as you could possibly want.


It's as if, in the coming few weeks, as the energy of this transit and the concurrent eclipses ripples throughout our lives, your heart will shed its skin, and a great portion of its contents that are no longer of use to you. The old pains that have come up again and again like unwelcome plants in your garden will finally cease to return, or you will suddenly see them as gifts...medicine rather than poison. The sore places you have done so much to try to heal will suddenly reach the breakthrough point you have so wished and waited for.


More aptly perhaps, there will be a flood in your heart and everything that isn't rooted in the new, fresh fertile soil of your being will be washed away. It won't be a flood you can control, which will make it most powerful. It will crush the old dams you had given up on ever being able to deconstruct. It will take down the old cities of hurt and sorrow. It will be apocalyptic within you in the most liberating and exquisite way imaginable. And you will be left sending out a dove into the new sky to find out whether there is any land left to stand on. And when you do find that place it will be new. It will be the new land of your heart, and life, and eventually the new world.


Though the major initial impact of this will come with this Venus Transit, this whole process won't all unfold in the next few weeks. It is part of what will take place throughout the rest of this year and into next year. And yes, some of the contractions may hurt, though many will be outright blissful...but even the painful ones will begin to feel different...more connected to their healing outcome, and that healed outcome will arrive more swiftly and fully each time. There will be such joy that follows. For we are speaking of the great liberation of the heart.


And the heart knows.


The heart knows everything. It knows what we need to lead nourished, joyous, thrilling lives, and what we need to create that kind of world around us. First we have to live that life ourselves...then the world will follow suit. I know, sometimes we wonder how we could live that life in a world that is often so unsupportive to those energies, but just wait until you can hear the voice of your freed-up heart. It will know just how to direct you. It's like everything will finally click back into place inside of you. The connection and navigation you were always meant to have will finally be online again.


Perhaps it seems like it has been so long since you felt truly free in your heart that it never occurred to you that you could return to that state. Perhaps it has been so hard, at least at times, that ease seems alien. All you have to know how to do to smooth this transition a bit is to wrap yourself in soft fabrics and nestle into your sofa, energetically and perhaps to be very gentle with yourself and take times of respite. This new space in your heart, freed up by all the release that occurred like a cleanse that moved out old toxins, can be felt and explored with great tenderness. There is no hurry to occupy it or to fill it up. The best way, indeed, to discover this new space will be to treat it like a love-making. Let yourself enter into it in the most pleasurable way. Let yourself really feel it, enhanced by the fact that you will be able to feel again so much more powerfully. Taste it...a little bit at a time. Feel the lightness, and yet how grounded you are, and how each energy elevates and uplifts the other. Sense what it is like to just have space there anticipate, and, more specifically, to anticipate pleasure. It may even feel awkward to even consider this at first, but if so trust me, it will grow on you...especially when your heart is more free.


Strangely enough, some of you may wonder if there has been some mistake made. You may think it wasn't time for you to be freed yet...that you surely had some penance left to do for some past transgressions of some kind. But that is just because you have been holding the pose of apology, down on your knees for so long that you can hardly remember why or what it feels to hold your head up high and your chest open. It is done. It is time for redemption, release, trust, surrender, renaissance, absolution, completion, return, relief, liberation, freedom, renewal, revelation...rebirth of the heart...


Just as I shared in my recent Eclipse Prophecy Message, there won't be any right way to "do" this heart will just happen like an exhale. This will be like one, giant, delicious exhale from your heart. When that stress is relieved, your heart can simply do what it was meant to do over and over again...blossom.


Just breathe. Let trust wash over you whenever it comes, like a welcome, fragrant breeze. Linger. Notice the sunsets. Write about the things pouring out of you if you'd like, or tell someone. Or just notice what it is like to wake up one morning knowing that you have let go of something in the night that has changed everything, without even needing to know what it was.


Feel what it is like to suddenly be able to stretch your heart as you never have before. Feel the new give, the new flexibility, the new openness. Feel the new fire that has been lit and begun to glow...the new desire...the new love you can't ignore and wouldn't want to. The new freedom that is about to change everything you have ever known.


You don't have to know what to do with it all yet. You will know with each new step. You will feel your inner guidance again soon more powerfully than ever. Just let the exhale happen. Cocoon whenever you need to in order to nurture yourself, and then enter out into the wild, wide open fields when you are ready. Soon they will beckon, with their rare flowers and soft sunlight, and you just won't be resist...





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