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April 2019
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  • Are you prepared if you lost your data?
  • Is it time to replace your Wi-Fi?
  • Windows 7 to be retired January 2020
  • What you may have missed in our news feed
  • Tell a friend about us - get a $25 service credit
  • Never worry about updates again with our Computer Maintenance Plan
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Are you prepared if you lost your data?
Accidents and disasters happen. Hard drives fail. Portable devices get lost or stolen. New viruses encrypt data then charge ransom to unlock it. Fortunately data backup is not expensive anymore, so there’s no excuse for your data not being backed up.

If you don’t know how to backup, we can setup a solution based on your needs.
A backup means that your important documents, pictures, music, emails, contacts, etc. exist in more than one location, in the event that the primary data is lost.

For more information about your backup options, click here to read the article...
Is it time to replace your Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi enables your computing devices to wirelessly communicate throughout your home. When Wi-Fi was first introduced wireless devices used to just include computers, then later came smartphones, internet video streaming devices and speakers. In recent years the amount of wireless devices in your home may now include “smart home” devices such as  wireless security cameras , digital assistants, internet-connected thermostats, light bulbs, garage door openers, sprinkler systems and kitchen appliances – just to name some of the more common devices.

If your Wi-Fi router or internet gateway (provided by your internet provider) is over a few years old, it’s time to replace it with newer, faster and more secure technology that can accommodate the dozens of wireless devices that connect through it and onto the internet.

In the past few years  security flaws have been found in the Wi-Fi protocol  that’s used in all routers and gateways, and patches have been released as firmware updates for only the newest routers manufactured in the past few years.

A benefit of replacing your Wi-Fi not only fixes current known security vulnerabilities, a new Wi-Fi router can increase the range and reliability of your Wi-Fi. Read more...
Windows 7 to be retired January 2020
If you purchased a PC between 2009-2012 it most likely came with Windows 7. The operating system was released nearly 10 years ago and has since been replaced with Windows 8 and Windows 10. Microsoft has decided to retire support for Windows 7 effective January 2020, thereby no longer releasing important security and reliability patches. Read more...
What you may have missed on our news feed

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Tell a friend about us - get a $25 service credit
If you’re happy with our service, please let others know by recommending us to your friends and family, and/or by writing a review about our service. If you personally recommend us to a friend or relative and we help them, you get $25 off your next service call.

Why trust someone who “knows” computers and works on them in their spare time? Why trust someone who you called from a pop-up ad on your computer? You shouldn’t! Computer Techs is a local business that works with computers and related devices on a daily basis and has been doing so since 2003. When you need help with your computing devices, you can trust Computer Techs to be there when you need us, and stand behind our service.

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Never worry about updates again with our Computer Maintenance Plan
Many of our clients don't have to worry about the seemingly constant barrage of updates, security patches and computer hackers - thanks to the peace-of-mind that our Computer Maintenance Plan provides.

With websites getting hacked on a daily basis, and the increasing chance of your personal information being compromised, it’s more important than ever to keep your computer up-to-date and maintained.

Now you can have Computer Techs maintain, update and check the security on your computer on a convenient schedule. Service takes about an hour and can be performed via a Remote Support session or on-site. Services include: